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4 Software QA Metrics To Enhance Dev Quality and Speed


Introduction. Today, the demand for software is higher than ever. Lines of code govern almost everything we do in our day-to-day activities. The way we buy, the way we sell, even the way we communicate. In 2019, according to Evans Data Corporation, there were 23.9 million developers worldwide.

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Lower total cost of ownership with improved OneAgent and ActiveGate update process


Dynatrace news. If you’re a Dynatrace administrator who’s responsible for installing and updating OneAgent or ActiveGate instances or you’re simply interested in learning how to get new functionality from Dynatrace as soon as possible, this blog post is for you.


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Number series generator challenge solutions – Part 4

SQL Performance

This is the fourth part in a series about solutions to the number series generator challenge.

5 types of tests that can be automated for your iOS


A quote from Tim Cook says- “ When you care about people’s happiness and productivity, you give them what brings out the best in them and their creativity. And if you give them a choice, they’ll say, ‘I want an iPhone,’ or ‘I want a Mac.’

Using Jenkins as Your Go-to CI/CD Tool


Introduction. Everyone loves Agile and the way it is replacing all the older methodologies and development models with a streamlined and sustainable system for faster delivery cycles.

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DynaWine: Transform faster with automation and AI


Dynatrace news. Recently, after an unusual year for most, Dynatrace was joined by Grant Hedley, from Laithwaite’s, and a range of customers and prospects from the financial services and media industries for a return to normality – Drinking wine.

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Configuration Testing – An Introduction


A software tester’s work life includes making sure that systems that have been designed to achieve specific results behave exactly as they should. These systems are a combination of different hardware and software which have been configured to perform the desired task.

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RPA and Automated Testing (Test Automation)


The Relationship Between Automated Testing and RPA. Automated testing is a process of transforming a human-driven test system into machine execution. RPA is developed from automated testing, similar to automated testing, and there is a lot of overlap between the two.

A practical guide to monitoring Python Applications with Dynatrace


Dynatrace news. Monitoring and observability are important topics for any developer, architect, or Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), and this holds true independent of the language or runtime of choice.

Flipr: Making Changes Quickly and Safely at Scale

Uber Engineering

Introduction. Uber’s many software systems require a high volume of changes every day. Because of our systems’ size and complexity, it is a significant challenge to implement these changes without unintended consequences, ultimately slowing down developer productivity.

Top 4 UI Frameworks For Android Automation Testing


Only a good user interface is capable of delivering a good user experience. And people love user-friendly experiences — it’s a no-brainer. Android developers and testers perform mobile tests to deliver apps that drive a high user retention rate through a great user interface.

How To Drag And Drop In Selenium With Python?


Drag and Drop; one of the most beloved and commonly used gestures in the world of GUIs. Many actions are associated with drag and drop, including moving an object from one location to another to creating associations between them.

U-Haul optimizes digital experience with Dynatrace Session Replay


Dynatrace news. Moving to a new house is always stressful. Renting moving equipment should be the least concern. U-Haul , the largest ‘DIY’ moving company in the U.S. and Canada, supplies rental equipment to help more than 10 million customers move every year across more than 21,000 locations.

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Domain Services: The Next (small) Evolution of Microservices

Strategic Tech

The microservices era has been good for software architecture. I remember when the idea of multiple databases was punishable by death. But, the over-focus on micro has detracted from the true benefits of microservices which are about improving the quality and speed of development.

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Understanding Execution Plans of the SQL Server Insert statement

SQL Shack

In this article, we will learn how to interpret an execution plan of a SQL Server insert statement. Introduction When we execute an insert statement, the database engine performs tons of work in the background.

Bootstrap vs Polymer: Let’s Put an End to the Debate!


With the ongoing debate and comparisons between popular front-end frameworks, I have come across this interesting idea of taking an unconventional framework and pitting it against a widely used one - Bootstrap vs. Polymer. You must be wondering, Why Bootstrap and Polymer?

Azure Storage Queues learns some new tricks

Particular Software

Azure Storage Queues is a basic yet robust queueing service available on the Azure platform. In contrast to other messaging services in Azure, it has very few features out of the box.

Node.js vs. Express: Determining the Best Backend Technology


One of the stepping stones to any web app development project is adopting a robust backend technology. While there are naturally a few technology trends gaining popularity in the industry, there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution.