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Did You Know That Background Tabs in Your Browser Load 20+ Times Slower?


What happens when you page loads too slowly. Recently we troubleshooted a performance issue, reported by one of the customers of Plumbr who was using our Real User Monitoring solution.

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11 top open-source test automation frameworks: How to choose

TechBeacon Testing

If you're thinking about building your own test automation framework, think again. In most cases, you'd do better to consider one or more of the open-source options available. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation

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Best Practice for Creating Indexes on your MySQL Tables

High Scalability

By having appropriate indexes on your MySQL tables, you can greatly enhance the performance of SELECT queries. But, did you know that adding indexes to your tables in itself is an expensive operation, and may take a long time to complete depending on the size of your tables? During this time, you are also likely to experience a degraded performance of queries as your system resources are busy in index-creation work as well.

Data Compression for Large-Scale Streaming Experimentation

The Netflix TechBlog

Julie (Novak) Beckley, Andy Rhines, Jeffrey Wong, Matthew Wardrop, Toby Mao, Martin Tingley Ever wonder why Netflix works so well when you’re streaming at home, on the train, or in a foreign hotel?

Human Behavior in Software Development

Professor Beekums

I find behavioral economics fascinating. Many economists assume rational behavior among all people and it results in economic models that seem good in theory, but end up being completely inaccurate. Humans aren’t 100% rational and the real decisions we make are difficult to account for.

Cross-Browser Testing Is Not Only About Browsers


What else goes into Cross-Browser testing?

Making Ops Life Easier: Automating SLA Monitoring for Deployed Services on Kubernetes


Dynatrace news. Kubernetes automatically validates the health of your pods within your k8s cluster, by continuously evaluating the health end-points (livenessProbe and readinessProbe) of your deployed services.

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Efficient lock-free durable sets

The Morning Paper

Efficient lock-free durable sets Zuriel et al., OOPSLA’19. Given non-volatile memory (NVRAM), the naive hope for persistence is that it would be a no-op: what happens in memory, stays in memory.

How to Test the Graphical User Interface: a Comprehensive Guide


Learn how to test your Graphical User Interface. Most people interact with software applications daily, whether it’s on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, because of the rapid growth in mobile technology, the web, and app development industry is more competitive than ever before.

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Filtered Indexes and Forced Parameterization (redux)

SQL Performance

After blogging about how filtered indexes could be more powerful , and more recently about how they can be rendered useless by forced parameterization , I'm revisiting the filtered indexes/parameterization topic. A seemingly-too-simple solution came up at work recently, and I had to share.

Open-Sourcing Metaflow, a Human-Centric Framework for Data Science

The Netflix TechBlog

by David Berg, Ravi Kiran Chirravuri, Romain Cledat, Savin Goyal, Ferras Hamad, Ville Tuulos Continue reading on Netflix TechBlog ». machine-learning data-science python open-source productivity

Benchmarking spreadsheet systems

The Morning Paper

Benchmarking spreadsheet systems Rahman et al., Preprint. A recent TwThread drew my attention to this pre-print paper. When spreadsheets were originally conceived, data and formula were input by hand and so everything operated at human scale.

Testing With Spring Cloud Contract


Learn how to test with Spring Cloud. With many industries transforming to a microservices architecture, testing these microservices is a challenge. Different teams own different services, so testing and validating the API communications between these microservices is important.

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BPF: A New Type of Software

Brendan Gregg

At Netflix we have 15 BPF programs running on cloud servers by default; Facebook has 40. These programs are not processes or kernel modules, and don't appear in traditional observability tools.

Data Compression for Large-Scale Streaming Experimentation

The Netflix TechBlog

Julie (Novak) Beckley, Andy Rhines, Jeffrey Wong, Matthew Wardrop, Toby Mao, Martin Tingley Ever wonder why Netflix works so well when you’re streaming at home, on the train, or in a foreign hotel?

Declarative assembly of web applications from pre-defined concepts

The Morning Paper

Declarative assembly of web applications from predefined concepts De Rosso et al., Onward! 2019. I chose this paper to challenge my own thinking. I’m not really a fan of low-code / no-code / just drag-and-drop-from-our-catalogue forms of application development.

How Plume Handled Billions of Operations Per Day Despite an AWS Zone Outage


Learn how Plume problem-solved. You may also like: Top Areas to Automate in AWS to Avoid Overpaying Cloud Bills. In this post, we are going to look at how Plume , survived a recent AZ outage without any application impact.

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Technical Debt

Allen Holub

The notion of technical debt is not well understood, so let’s start there. Agile is all about fast feedback loops. Deliberately lengthening your feedback loop in pursuit of the chimera of perfection destroys your agility. The cost of that delay is a real cost. It usually exceeds development costs by a large factor. Deliberately delaying… The post Technical Debt appeared first on Allen Holub

Audit and Alert SQL Server Jobs Status Changes (Enabled or Disabled)

SQL Shack

In this article, we will talk about how to track enabled or disabled SQL jobs in SQL Server using T-SQL. Users with the Sysadmin role have the default permissions to modify the information of any jobs in SQL Server. If a user is not in this role and wants access to this activity, then the […].

Focal Point Crop launched


We’ve added a new feature to our Image Processing service called Focal Point Crop ! It’s part of a crop which also allows to zoom in at certain coordinates of the image. The coordinates can be absolute or relative to the image dimensions.

Performance Tuning Java Applications in Linux


Learn how to make your Java applications performance perfectly. You may also like: How to Properly Plan JVM Performance Tuning. While Performance Tuning an application both Code and Hardware running the code should be accounted for.

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Individual Performance Appraisals, Just Say No!

Allen Holub

For some reason, the notion of individual performance reviews comes up a lot. My general feeling is that we should dump them entirely. I’m actually in good company. Almost a third of U.S. companies are dropping individual reviews, including stodgy places like General Electric. See this HBR article. There are books written on the subject,… The post Individual Performance Appraisals, Just Say No! appeared first on Allen Holub. Agility

Query Performance Issues on VARCHAR Data Type Using an N Prefix

SQL Shack

In this article, we’ll discuss data type VARCHAR and query performance issues associated with utilizing the lower level VARCHAR data type. CHAR, VARCHAR and NVARCHAR are data types that support storing information in text format in a SQL Server database.

SQL Server I/O Basics Chaper 1 and 2

SQL Server According to Bob

These documents seem to keep moving so providing the SQL Server I/O Basics Chapter #1 and Chapter #2 here as another source. SQL Server I/O Basics Chapter #1: [link] SQL Server I/O Basics Chapter #2: [link]. Bob Dorr

Using Telegraf on Windows


Learn how to use Telegraf on Windows. Telegraf is an agent that runs on your operating system of choice, schedules gathering metrics and events from various sources and then sends them to one or more sinks, such as InfluxDB or Kafka. For InfluxDB, version 1.x, as well as InfluxDB Cloud are supported.

Centering Data on a Technical Writing Team


We make hundreds of decisions every day at our jobs. Surveys have found that at most companies, the majority of decisions are made based on gut feelings and experience, instead of data and information. As a technical writer, it can be difficult to know what data to use to guide decisions. As you document features, best practices, and getting started guides, you hope that you are making each user’s life easier. But how can you use quantifiable metrics to demonstrate that you have?

Forwarded Records Performance issue in SQL Server

SQL Shack

This article discusses the Forwarded Records and its performance issues for heap tables in SQL Server. Heap introduction and performance issues A page of 8KB is the smallest unit of storage in SQL Server. In each page of SQL Server, we have a 96-bytes header to store the system information.

SQL Server: OS Error 665 (File System Limitation) and Linux

SQL Server According to Bob

I have previously tested and blogged about the NTFS, sparse, file system limitation error 665: [link] when running DBCC or using Snapshot databases with SQL Server. Recently a customer asked me if they would encounter the same limitation if they moved to Linux. The answer is not the same limitation and for EXT and XFS my testing and research confirm that a sparse file on Linux may be able to accommodate more fragments than on NTFS.

Performance Testing With JMeter


Learn how to test your app's performance! Can Your App Handle the Load? When developing complex, high-availability software projects, performance is of key importance. That is especially true in these modern times where anything other than lightning-fast accessibility of real-time data is punished.

Muddling Through

The Agile Manager

British trade in the West was never an instrument of empires. It had no headquarters like the compounds at Montreal and no capitol like the rock-rooted fortress at Quebec.

Easily measure and manage user experience with more flexible Apdex calculations


Dynatrace news. Accelerated delivery is one of the key principles of good user experience, and improved user experience leads to a better bottom line for companies. Customers enjoy using your digital channels more and buy more from your company.

Using SQL Server’s SNITrace to Troubleshoot Networking Issues

SQL Server According to Bob

The following link provides a detailed overview and examples of how to leverage SNITrace to troubleshoot SQL Server networking issues. link]. Networking SNITrace TDS XEvent

Performance Testing of Mobile — How Is This Different?


Do you know how to test mobile performance? Below is a quick start guide on performance testing a mobile application. performance software testing performance testing analysis scripting mobile app testing execution

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For December 6th, 2019

High Scalability

Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Formation of a single massive galaxy through time in the TNG50 cosmic simulation. It traces the simultaneous evolution of thousands of galaxies over 13.8 billion years of cosmic history.

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Is your GUI test automation framework up to snuff?

TechBeacon Testing

Automated UI testing is insanely hard to get right—and extremely easy to get wrong. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation, Open Source

The journey of a Tasktopian from Brazil to Vancouver


In September I joined Engineering Operations at Tasktop as a Senior Software Engineer, helping the company to drive improvements in our builds, monitoring, infrastructure automation, release engineering, and all the other great things the team does. However, like many of my colleagues, my path to Tasktop was anything but conventional. Chapter I: The dream begins… My story begins in 2014 when I decided that I didn’t want to live in Brazil anymore.

How to Automate Appium Java Tests In Parallel Using TestNG


Automate Appium Java Tests In Parallel. The beauty of Appium for mobile testing is that its tests can be written in any programming language including Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and C#.

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