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Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) vs. Dedicated Hosting at ScaleGrid


Where you decide to host your cloud databases is a huge decision. You have to choose your hosting model, a cloud provider, and then your primary and standby regions to deploy to.

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Helping your digital services run optimally for your customers and employees during COVID-19


Dynatrace news. Coronavirus continues to disrupt our personal and professional lives in ways many of us could never have imagined just a few short weeks ago.

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Mutation Testing With SonarQube


In a previous post , we explored the PIT Mutation Testing Maven plugin. This time, we will take a look at how we can integrate the results with SonarQube, our favorite software analysis tool. Introduction. Before reading this post, it is advised to revise our previous post about Mutation Testing.

When scaling your workload is a matter of saving lives

All Things Distributed

On March 16, 2020, at 9:26 PM, I received an urgent email from my friend DJ Patil, former White House Chief Data Scientist, Head of Technology for Devoted Health, a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center at the Harvard Kennedy School, and Advisor to Venrock Partners.

HubSpot Migrating ZooKeeper into Kubernetes

High Scalability

We recently migrated hundreds of ZooKeeper instances from individual server instances to Kubernetes without downtime. Our approach used powerful Kubernetes features like endpoints to ease the process, so we’re sharing the high level outline of the approach for anyone who wants to follow in our footsteps. See the end for important networking prerequisites. Click to read more

AWS and Dynatrace automation hit the jackpot at Perform Las Vegas


Dynatrace news. Have you ever had to provision 2,500 virtual host instances and 120 Kubernetes clusters in two days? Well, that’s exactly what the Dynatrace University team did to support Dynatrace’s hands-on training (HoT) days at Dynatrace’s annual user conference Perform in Las Vegas.

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In Search of Quality: QA Must Be Engaged in Search Engine Development


If you’re reading this, you’re likely already well aware of the value of watertight QA practice and have a good understanding of what it entails. Yet, there is possibly a team delivering business-critical software at your organization that has thus far escaped the forensic focus of your testing.

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SQL Server Hardware Performance Tuning

SQL Shack

SQL Server Performance Tuning can be a difficult assignment, especially when working with a massive database where even the minor change can raise a significant impact on the existing query performance.

An approach to index tuning – Part 2

SQL Performance

In my last post , I started to outline the process I go through when tuning queries – specifically when I discover that I need to add a new index, or modify an existing one.

Misconceptions of the Automated Testing Debunked


Recently, automated software testing has been widely identified as a game-changer for software projects. With artificial intelligence quickly gaining traction, total automation sounds like an inevitable reality.

Adapting #Accelerate to Development

Allen Holub

Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organization is one one the best books to hit the shelves in a long time.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? has hours of system design content. They also do live system design discussions every week. They break down interview prep into fundamental building blocks. Try out their platform. Scrapinghub is hiring a Senior Software Engineer (Big Data/AI).

Bandwidth-friendly Query Profiling for Azure SQL Database

SQL Performance

SQL Server has always provided the ability to capture actual queries in an easily-consumable rowset format – first with legacy SQL Server Profiler, later via Extended Events, and now with a combination of those two concepts in Azure SQL Database.

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In the Era of Social Distancing, Performance, and Scalability Testing Are Critical


The coronavirus pandemic has changed all facets of our lives, ranging from how we work to how we relax to how our children learn. There are countless implications of this, including the potential for long-term and, in some cases, permanent changes to business processes.

4 Most Common Page Speed Testing Mistakes


Using a page speed optimization audit tool like GTmetrix or WebPageTest is a great first step towards assessing how your website loads for visitors. However, you may be making one of the common page speed testing mistakes that often cost website owners engagement, and ultimately, revenue.

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SQL Server Update Statistics using database maintenance plans

SQL Shack

This article explores SQL Server Update Statistics using the database maintenance plan. Introduction SQL Server query optimizer uses statistics to build an optimized execution plan. These statistics contain the histogram that has information about data distribution, number of rows, data density.

New Metadata-Only Column Changes in SQL Server 2016

SQL Performance

The ALTER TABLE. ALTER COLUMN command is very powerful. You can use it to change a column's data type, length, precision, scale, nullability, collation…and many other things besides.

Leveraging The Power Of Testers


If you’re a developer, you probably don’t appreciate the power of testers. In fact, you probably think negatively about some aspect of your testing team. They think of bugs that you haven’t considered. They try doing things you never designed your product to handle.

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Top 7 Ways to Communicate Software Testing Insights Better


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – a famous quote by Hellen Keller is very much valid even in current times, especially in the context of teamwork. The relationship between any two people is considered good when communication between them is healthy.

Inspired Design Decisions With Herb Lubalin: Typography Can Be As Exciting As Illustration And Photography

Smashing Magazine

Inspired Design Decisions With Herb Lubalin: Typography Can Be As Exciting As Illustration And Photography. Inspired Design Decisions With Herb Lubalin: Typography Can Be As Exciting As Illustration And Photography. Andrew Clarke. 2020-04-13T10:00:00+00:00. 2020-04-13T12:35:21+00:00.

How do QA and Development Teams Work Together?


When testers and developers cooperate, do consultation and coordinate on a specific project, the result is beyond expectations. With this kind of interaction, developers can. Application Lifecycle Management Test Management Software development Software Testing

JavaScript Libraries


JavaScript is an integral part of any web application and its importance continues to grow. With the expanded demands, an easier means to interface with JavaScript in web development became increasingly important.

Mundane Improvements, Big Impact

Tim Kadlec

I’m always happy when tooling catches up to the problems we have to solve.

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What is Node.js? Where, when and how to use it with examples


The post What is Node.js? Where, when and how to use it with examples appeared first on Insights on Latest Technologies - Simform Blog. Web App Development

WebPageTest Custom Metrics with Request Data

Tim Kadlec

The other day I tweeted about how much I love snippets in developer tools. If you’re not familiar, snippets allow you to save little bits of code that you can then quickly run in the console. In Chrome, for example, once a snippet is saved, you can quickly execute it within developer tools by hitting Command + P ( Control + P on Windows). This brings up a list of all the sources (files requested by the page).