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Protractor Tutorial: Handle Mouse Actions and Keyboard Events


At times, while performing automated browser testing, you often have to deal with elements, which reveal only after you hover on the menu or after you click on them. In such cases, you can opt for using the action class for keyboard and mouse actions in Selenium Protractor.

Ensure great customer experience with fast analysis of mobile app crashes


Dynatrace news. Mobile apps have taken over—they make life so much easier in so many ways.

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How TripleLift Built an Adtech Data Pipeline Processing Billions of Events Per Day

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Eunice Do , Data Engineer at TripleLift , a technology company leading the next generation of programmatic advertising. What is the name of your system and where can we find out more about it? The system is the data pipeline at TripleLift.

10 portfolio projects for aspiring automation engineers

TechBeacon Testing

Those looking to break into the test automation field have difficulty doing so because of lack of experience. One way to gain experience is, of course, to study and practice on your own. But how do you demonstrate your newfound knowledge to employers?

Heap Memory In Java Applications Performance Testing


Does every performance engineer need to know about how memory in Java works? To completely fine-tune the java performance bottlenecks for high performance my answer is YES.

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Eliminate inefficiencies and innovate faster by optimizing hybrid mainframe environments on IBM Z


Dynatrace news. IBM Z systems power billions of transactions each day and are used by most Fortune 500 companies. Over the years however, classic mainframe environments have been transformed, with their services frequently linked to distributed systems or an enterprise cloud.

Does SSL Slow Down My Site?


For too long, many bloggers and site owners who weren’t handling credit card transactions on their sites resisted adding an SSL certificate to their sites. Among the reasons for this was the common myth that using SSL may slow down your website.

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Understanding When to Use a Test Tool vs. a Test System


Testing is a mission-critical aspect of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). You'd be hard-pressed to find a software development professional who disagrees.

Massively automate enterprise operations using Dynatrace information discovered with the Monitored entities API v2


Dynatrace news. The world is moving faster than ever. To drive productivity and boost efficiency, enterprises are increasingly automating their critical business processes.

Selenium Vs Testsigma | Which is the Best Automation Testing Tool?


Introduction. As Agile methodology was introduced, the need for fast and continuous delivery of software applications increased. Fulfilling this need, automation testing within organizations increased. Various free open source and paid automation testing tools were introduced.

End to End Testing – What is it?


What is End to End Testing? End to end testing is an important technique used to validate the flow of an application from start to finish. The main objective of this testing is to simulate user behavior and thoroughly test components to identify any integration issues.

9 Free Best Code Editors for Windows and Mac In 2020


It is always exciting for developers from all over the world whenever they get to showcase their best code editor at computer expos and tech conferences.

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Top AIOps vendors and platforms 2020 ranked by users


Dynatrace news. As the complexity of application and cloud environments increases exponentially, ITOps and DevOps teams are increasingly turning to AI to automatically monitor, analyze and report on the data that is collected.

5 Tips to Begin Simplifying Traceability in Enterprise Software Delivery


When it comes to traceability in enterprise software delivery , there’s no beating around the bush: It’s always going to be a challenge. It is, after all, a complex adaptive system that comprises a huge evolving web of people, disciplines, teams and processes. .

SLA Compliance for SaaS Businesses


SaaS businesses are built upon the simplicity of computing, storage, and networking they provide to their users. Web and mobile applications provided by SaaS businesses are meant to be straight forward to consume for users.

XUnit Testing Tutorial: Environment Setup For Selenium Testing

DZone (also referred to as xUnit) framework is a popular open-source unit testing framework for the.Net platform. The framework is built with a community focus. Since there is a focus on the community, it is easier to expand upon than other popular Selenium test automation frameworks.

Identify issues faster with enhanced visibility into your TIBCO EMS resources (Preview)


Dynatrace news. One key requirement of a microservices architecture is the ability to make information of all kinds available wherever and whenever it’s needed, without putting undue traffic on corporate and public networks.

What is Network Error Logging?


What if there was a way for you to know whenever a visitor had trouble connecting to your website? Imagine that whenever someone anywhere in the entire world experienced a DNS timeout, encountered an expired SSL certificate, or received a 502 Bad Gateway error when accessing your site, you instantly.

The Great Firewall of China: Obstacles to Monitoring Performance


The entire country of China’s internet connectivity is shielded by the Great Firewall (GFW). There are three state-owned ISP providers, China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile , that control internet in China.

Top 13 Challenges Faced In Agile Testing By Every Tester


Even though we strive for success in whatever journey we undertake, sometimes failure is inevitable. But in most cases, if we just avoid a few blunders and get through major challenges hampering progress, the path to success won’t seem so challenging.

Are your JavaScript long tasks frustrating users?

Speed Curve

When it comes to long JavaScript tasks, how long is too long? The general consensus within the web performance community is that any JS scripting task that takes more than 50ms to execute can affect a user's experience.

Solving Common Cross-Platform Issues When Working With Flutter

Smashing Magazine

Solving Common Cross-Platform Issues When Working With Flutter. Solving Common Cross-Platform Issues When Working With Flutter. Carmine Zaccagnino. 2020-06-18T10:30:00+00:00. 2020-06-18T11:06:06+00:00.

Using Real-Time Digital Twins for Aggregate Analytics

ScaleOut Software

Maintain and aggregate dynamic information for. thousands of data sources.

Building an Observable Enterprise App — VMWare Cloud Community


Once an app is launched to market, it's up to the engineering team to ensure that it continues to meet its SLAs. See how we use VMware Tanzu Observability (Wavefront) and Sentry to proactively monitor and fix issues before they become production problems.

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Block Referrer - Blacklist Unauthorized Requests


The feature Block Referrer is now available! This allows the blacklisting of domains that are hotlinking content. Previously, only referrer whitelisting was available, which required all necessary domains related to the Zone to be added.

A Faster Blog, Faster

Alex Russell

Moving this site to Eleventy and Netlify has been a great way to improve the performance of the deployed end-product, which was reason enough to make the switch. During the port from Wordpress I've also been pleasantly surprised at how quick the build process is, particularly given the ways build-time work has grown as I've added features like comment imports.

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Prefetching? At This Age?

Tim Kadlec

Awhile back, I wrote about using Netlify and SpeedCurve to A/B test performance changes. The one I specifically mentioned was testing out Instant.Page on my site. While the bulk of the post is about the A/B testing setup (which I am very happy with), I did note at the end that I was seeing some small improvements from Instant.Page, though the results were far from conclusive yet.

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How Do You Run a Unit Test in Apex?


To facilitate the development of robust, error-free code, Apex supports the creation and execution of unit tests. Unit tests are class methods that verify whether a particular piece of code is working properly. Unit test methods take no arguments, commit no data to the database, and send no emails.

Usability enhancements in ServicePulse 1.25

Particular Software

One of the challenges in building a distributed software system is that with so many processes doing their own thing, it can be hard to get the bird’s-eye view of what’s going on. Is everything healthy? Is the performance ok? Is there anything going on that could cause a problem?

How to Test Mobile App Performance: 3 Key Factors


You’ve probably interacted with an app on your phone or tablet that’s slow, takes a long time to load, freezes, or even crashes on you altogether. Frustrating, right? tutorial performance mobile apps load testing mobile testing mobile app performance client side performance

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Design Systems and Testability With Applitools


May 2020, Applitools had the pleasure of hosting Tyler Krupicka from Intuit for an hour-long webinar discussing design systems and testability. Tyler works at Intuit, a 9,400 employee company headquartered in Mountain View, California, that specializes in accounting and tax preparation software.

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Windows Apps GUI Test Automation Using PyWinAuto


Overview. In this article, we will understand how to create test automation script for Windows application using simple Python Scripting. We will walk through a scenario of automating a desktop application using PyWinAuto. Scenario. Amy is an automation tester working XYZ project.