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Scaling indexing and search - Algolia New Search Architecture Part 2

High Scalability

What would a totally new search engine architecture look like? Who better than Julien Lemoine , Co-founder & CTO of Algolia , to describe what the future of search will look like. This is the second article in a series. Here's Part 1.

Introduction to auto_explain: How to Log Slow Postgres Query Plans Automatically


Do you want to know why a PostgreSQL query is slow? Then EXPLAIN ANALYZE is a great starting point.


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What is? OpenTelemetry??An open-source standard for logs, metrics, and traces


Dynatrace news. OpenCensus, OpenTracing, and OpenTelemetry. These are just a few of the open-source technologies you may encounter as you research observability solutions for managing complex multicloud IT environments and the services that run on them.

Contention, Coherency, and Math Behind Software


Today I want to tell you a few words about how you can describe your system through mathematical equations — at least to some degree. You will get familiar with terms like Contention, Coherency, and Coherency Delay.

Fundamentals of Table Expressions, Part 12 – Inline Table-Valued Functions

SQL Performance

This article is the twelfth part in a series about named table expressions. So far I covered derived tables and CTEs , which are statement-scoped named table expressions, and views , which are reusable named table expressions.

Cache 114

CAMBI, a banding artifact detector

The Netflix TechBlog

by Joel Sole, Mariana Afonso, Lukas Krasula, Zhi Li, and Pulkit Tandon Introducing the banding artifacts detector developed by Netflix aiming at further improving the delivered video quality Banding artifacts can be pretty annoying. But, first of all, you may wonder, what is a banding artifact?

What is Google Cloud Functions?


Dynatrace news. In recent years, function-as-a-service (FaaS) platforms such as Google Cloud Functions (GCF) have gained popularity as an easy way to run code in a highly available, fault-tolerant serverless environment.

Google 181

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Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges

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Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges. Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges. Cosima Mielke. 2021-10-14T12:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-14T16:11:06+00:00.

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Revisiting BetterTLS: Certificate Path Building

The Netflix TechBlog

By Ian Haken Last year the AddTrust root certificate expired and lots of clients had a bad time. Some Roku devices weren’t working right, Heroku had problems , and some folks couldn’t even curl.

What is AIOps? Everything you wanted to know


Dynatrace news. Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is an IT practice that uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to cut through the noise in IT operations, specifically incident management. But what is AIOps, exactly? And how can it support your organization?

Spring Cloud Sleuth Makes Distributed Tracing Simple


As requests go through a distributed software system, Spring Cloud Sleuth allows you to aggregate and track log entries. In a monolithic system, you can generally use the thread ID to filter the log, because all requests are simply logged to the same log file.

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The Autofill Dark Pattern

Smashing Magazine Graphics

The Autofill Dark Pattern. The Autofill Dark Pattern. Alvaro Montoro. 2021-10-11T10:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-11T11:05:07+00:00. A newspaper sign-up form had fields for name, email, and password. So, I started typing on the name field, and the autofill suggested my profile. But there was something funky.

SQL Server Extended Events Causality Tracking

SQL Shack

This article explores the Causality tracking option in the SQL Server Extended Events session(XEvents) and its usefulness in troubleshooting performance issues.

Automatic intelligent observability into Envoy-proxied services of your Istio service mesh (GA)


Dynatrace news. The popularity of microservices and container platforms like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry is in large part due to the associated benefits of faster deployment cycles, more flexibility in resource utilization, and reduced technology/vendor lock-in.

Free Jira Plugins To Use in 2021 (Updated Guide)


JIRA is a popular software created by the Australian company Atlassian, which was created in 2002. There are many reasons why JIRA is a popular task management and issue tracking software. This post will highlight the best free Jira plugins available.

Composable CSS Animation In Vue With AnimXYZ

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Composable CSS Animation In Vue With AnimXYZ. Composable CSS Animation In Vue With AnimXYZ. Ejiro Asiuwhu. 2021-10-09T10:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-09T11:06:18+00:00. In this article, you will learn how to use the AnimXYZ toolkit to create unique, interactive, and visually engaging animations in Vue.js

Media 100

Cross Browser Testing: Some tools for enterprises


Did you know that an average user takes only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on a website? Yes, Sweor’s study on website statistics shows that users decide whether they want to use a website or not in a fraction of a second.

Vulnerability assessment: key to protecting applications and infrastructure


Dynatrace news. Protecting IT infrastructure, applications, and data requires that you understand security weaknesses attackers can exploit. Conducting a vulnerability assessment is essential to gaining that understanding.

What Is Loop Software Testing


Loop testing is a type of software testing that examines the loop constructs for accuracy. Control Structure Testing has a component for path testing, validation testing for incorrect data, and condition testing for various scenarios. An example of white-box testing is Loop Testing.

Bridging The Gap Between Designers And Developers

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Bridging The Gap Between Designers And Developers. Bridging The Gap Between Designers And Developers. Matthew Talebi. 2021-10-12T10:30:00+00:00. 2021-10-12T12:08:10+00:00. In the past couple of years, it’s no secret that our design tools have exponentially evolved.

Top Tech Companies in Atlanta: A Curated List of Tech Trailblazers


Atlanta has become the Silicon Valley of the South and it currently houses more than 30,000 tech companies. This article introduces you to the top companies that are leading their way in a thriving tech ecosystem.

Product, Domain, and Team Architecture Overview Template

Strategic Tech

A difficult aspect of my job is understanding enough about a client’s purpose and landscape to offer useful advice and propose how I might be able to help. I speak with multiple new companies per month about the possibility of working together so this is an important skill I need to work on.

Useful Decorators and Functions in Python's Functools


The Functools module of Python is a collection of Higher-Order Functions. A Higher-Order Function is one that: Takes function as a parameter. Return a function as its return value from another function.


Useful React APIs For Building Flexible Components With TypeScript

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Useful React APIs For Building Flexible Components With TypeScript. Useful React APIs For Building Flexible Components With TypeScript. Gaurav Khanna. 2021-10-12T12:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-12T16:11:32+00:00. Have you ever used React.createElement directly? What about React.cloneElement ?

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The Tasktop Co-Op: Where Education Meets Experience


During my onboarding days at Tasktop, one of the first tasks I was assigned was to own (and improve) the co-op program.

Software Development Life Cycle Process: Phases and Main Peculiarities


Views: 26 Ignorance of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) complicates the project creation process. SDLC implies a specific methodology with a direct process of creating. Application Lifecycle Management Risk Management Test Management ALM ALM/SDLC

Pros and Cons of the Service Provider Model


One of the more common coordination models is the Service Provider model. When a team is a Service Provider, they: Have valuable skills they offer other teams. Are a dependency for those other teams. They do work for those teams. Do their work per ticket, per project, or per initiative. When their work is over, they either do work for someone else or work on their own priorities. The Service Provider model is one of the least effective coordination models in software engineering teams.

Upcoming Live Workshops On Front-End & UX (Oct 2021–Jan 2022)

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Upcoming Live Workshops On Front-End & UX (Oct 2021–Jan 2022). Upcoming Live Workshops On Front-End & UX (Oct 2021–Jan 2022). Iris Lješnjanin. 2021-10-13T11:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-13T14:08:58+00:00.

How to use SQL Check Constraints

SQL Shack

This article intends to give comprehensive information about the usage and other details of SQL check constraints. What is the SQL check constraint The check constraints are the rule or set of rules that help to check the inserted (or updated) data values to tables based on a certain condition.

Tips And Tricks For Evaluating UX/UI Designers

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Tips And Tricks For Evaluating UX/UI Designers. Tips And Tricks For Evaluating UX/UI Designers. Nataliya Sambir. 2021-10-15T13:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-15T17:06:35+00:00.

Performance impact analysis of enabling Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on SQL Server

SQL Shack

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) encrypts database files to secure your data. It also encrypts the tempdb database to secure your data in a temporary space. The process of encryption and decryption adds additional overhead to the database system.

Monitoring SQL Server blocking problems

SQL Shack

In this article, we will learn how to monitor SQL Server blocking issues with different methods. How does a blocking occur in SQL Server? In relational databases, numerous user transactions are processed concurrently.