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Why DevOps Underscores the Importance of Software Testing


According to the latest studies, a wide array of business organizations are adopting DevOps on an immense scale and they have found a rise in. DevOps Test Management Continuous Testing DevOps Consultants DevOps Implementation Test Automation Why DevOps gained popularity

Innovation Can’t Keep the Web Fast

CSS - Tricks

Every so often, the fruits of innovation bear fruit in the form of improvements to the foundational layers of the web. In 2015, HTTP/2 became a published standard in an effort to update an aging protocol. This was was both necessary and overdue, as HTTP/1 rendered web performance as an arcane sort of discipline in the form of strange workarounds of its limitations.

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What Is Application Performance Monitoring?


Over recent years, the term APM has become increasingly used by lots of vendors and tools. Some refer to it as Application Performance Monitoring and some as Application Performance Management. But what is the difference?

Test automation tools: Top trends and challenges for 2020

TechBeacon Testing

Test automation tools have been steadily evolving—a trend that shows no sign of slowing down in the coming year.

How to perform Mobile Automation Testing of the UI?


Whether it is a web or mobile application, testing is one of the most important aspects of the web/app development process.

Understand and optimize performance across your entire SAP ecosystem with Dynatrace SAP monitoring


Dynatrace news. When you ask performance management vendors, “Does your solution work with SAP?,” the typical short answer is “yes.” The question, however, should be asked with the entire SAP technology portfolio in mind.

Principles to Handle Thousands of Connections in Java Using Netty


C10K problem is a term that stands for ten thousand concurrently handling connections.

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Real-Time Digital Twins: A New Approach to Streaming Analytics

ScaleOut Software

Real-time digital twins offer a compelling new software model for tracking and analyzing telemetry from large numbers of data sources.

Understanding Flow Distribution – Getting Your Priorities Straight


“ Decision to do one thing is a decision to delay something else” – Dominica DeGrandis, Making Work Visible. Flow Distribution is the proportion of Flow items (features, defects, debt, risk) in a specific value stream that can be adjusted depending on the need to maximize business value.

Selenium WebDriver and TestNG: Find Perfect Match for Automation Testing


Me looking for the perfect match for automation testing. The manual testing process has been replaced by automated testing during recent years. Selenium automation testing increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the testers and allows them to leverage various benefits at the same time.

Seamless offloading of web app computations from mobile device to edge clouds via HTML5 Web Worker migration

The Morning Paper

Seamless offloading of web app computations from mobile device to edge clouds via HTML5 web worker migration , Jeong et al., SoCC’19 [^1].

Daily Routine

Tim Kadlec

Everyone has their vices. One of mine is an unhealthy obsession with other people’s daily routines. I find them genuinely interesting and have probably taken a thing or ten away from a few of them to try to bring into my own routine. But, wow, do they always sound so… neat and tidy. Like: Get up at 4am. Meditate for an hour. Drink coffee and plan out my day. Workout. Etc, etc, etc. I realized I, too, have a routine. A messy one. So here’s how my daily routine stacks up.

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Flow Load – Is Demand Outweighing Capacity?


“ Too much WIP is the enemy of productivity,” – Dominica DeGrandis, author of Making Work Visible , and Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop.

How Can APMs Help Software Teams Create Better User Experiences?


If a whole server becomes unresponsive, you need to know what kind of web activity caused it, and quickly. Application Performance Management, or APM, gives you this visibility, and more. APM tools monitor and manage user experiences in software applications.

Reverb: speculative debugging for web applications

The Morning Paper

Reverb: speculative debugging for web applications , Netravali & Mickens, SOCC’19. This week we’ll be looking at a selection of papers from the 2019 edition of the ACM Symposium of Cloud Computing ( SoCC ).

Lightning-Fast Web Performance

CSS - Tricks

If you're interested in leveling up your knowledge and skill of web performance, you can't do better than learning directly from Scott Jehl. Direct Link to Article — Permalink The post Lightning-Fast Web Performance appeared first on CSS-Tricks. Link performance

Why negative testing matters: How to avoid your next fail

TechBeacon Testing

Software testing is all about validating whether an application works as expected.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): Executing A Load Plan


What Is Load Plan? A Load Plan is an executable object in Oracle Data Integrator that can contain a sequence of several types of steps and each step can contain a child steps. Depending on the step type, the steps can be executed conditionally, in parallel or sequentially.

Announcing the Project to Product Podcast: Mik + One


Since the publication of Project to Product a year ago, it has been wonderful to witness the impact that the book is having. I have seen it inspire countless people who share a passion for helping their organizations survive and thrive in the Age of Software. The past year has been an amazing one for me, as I’ve had the opportunity to engage personally with so many of you who can see a better path.

SQL Server BDC Hints and Tips: Changing Grafana/Kibana Display Time

SQL Server According to Bob

SQL Server BDC Hints and Tips:​​ Changing Grafana/Kibana​​ Display Time Zone The Grafana and Kibana interfaces default to the ​​ local browser​​ tim e zone ​​ on ​​ a ​​ SQL Server BDC cluster.

5 ways to create faster, more reliable UI tests

TechBeacon Testing

Over the years and at many different companies, I've often witnessed the bad user-interface (UI) automation practice of making an entire automation flow, click, and assert as an end user would do it.

Testing State Machines — The Model-Driven Approach


When developing complex reactive systems, state machines are often used to describe and implement the logic of a software component. Following the model-driven paradigm, state machines are first modeled on an abstract level and in a second step transformed into source code.

How to Hire Angular Developers?


Did you know the average cost of hiring an Angularjs developer is $50,552? And this cost includes management time, overall productivity loss, and the cost of hiring a recruitment agency. That’s almost like buying an Audi S5 Sportback Premium Plus every time you hire someone! .

Lost Productivity or Found Hyperefficiency?

The Agile Manager

Labor productivity creates economic prosperity.

How SeLoger use Dareboost to monitor short-lived URLs


Today, we open the doors of our blog to Antonio Gomes Rodrigues and Benjamin Tournache of, a French group specializing in the publication of websites and newspapers for real estate classified ads.

Why Automated Test Projects Fail


The points discussed here do not generally apply to tech companies or companies that have strong technical leadership. These problems show up where there may be a lack of familiarity with automated testing by leadership. Also, I am referring to end-to-end automated tests here rather than unit testing. You may also like: Getting Started With Automated Testing.

How to Hire Angularjs Developers?


Did you know the average cost of hiring an Angularjs developer is $50,552? And this cost includes management time, overall productivity loss, and the cost of hiring a recruitment agency. That’s almost like buying an Audi S5 Sportback Premium Plus every time you hire someone! .

MSMQ is dead

Particular Software

We gather here today to mourn the passing of a dear friend. Microsoft Message Queuing, better known by its nickname MSMQ, passed away peacefully in its hometown of Redmond, Washington on October 14, 2019, at the age of 22. It was born in May 1997 and through 6.3

Fundamentals of software architecture

O'Reilly Software

Get a comprehensive overview and hands-on training on software architecture's many aspects. There is no single—or clearly defined—path to becoming a software architect. The sessions at the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference reflect this fact.

An Efficient Object Storage for JUnit Tests


One day I faced the problem with downloading a relatively large binary data file from PostgreSQL. There are several limitations to store and fetch such data (all restrictions could be found in official documentation ). To resolve the problem it was suggested to find more suitable data storage. For some internal reasons well known Amazon S3 bucket was chosen for this purpose. The choice affected the project's unit test base.

12 Popular Websites that use React in Production


Do you know that over 243,790 live websites use Reactjs currently? Undeniably, it has become the popular JavaScript library for building small websites to complex web apps. Modern giants like Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter, and Asana have tried their luck with React.

Top Technology Trends for 2020 in Numbers [Infographic]


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