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Setting MySQL Configuration Variables – MySQL 5.7 vs MySQL 8.0


MySQL configuration variables are a set of server system variables used to configure the operation and behavior of the server. In this blog post, we will explain the differences in managing the configuration variables between MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0.

Site-Speed Topography

CSS Wizardry

A couple of years ago, my first few days on a new web performance project were always slow going. So many false starts, tedious workflows, and a complete lack of efficiency really made it difficult for me to find momentum.

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Keeping Netflix Reliable Using Prioritized Load Shedding

The Netflix TechBlog

How viewers are able to watch their favorite show on Netflix while the infrastructure self-recovers from a system failure By Manuel Correa , Arthur Gonigberg , and Daniel West Getting stuck in traffic is one of the most frustrating experiences for drivers around the world.

Java vs. Python Comparison: The Battle of Best Programming Language in 2021


Comparing two programming languages is similar to a comparison between two cars, where two different individuals may have different opinions on both of them. Well, as starters, computer programming languages have come a long way since their inception. Today, everything we dwell upon has to have a programming language behind it, easing away our troubles. Two great examples to support the same statement would be the following.

Java 176

What is Azure?


Dynatrace news. Cloud computing skyrocketed onto the market 20+ years ago and has been widely adopted for the scalability and accelerated innovation it brings organization.

Azure 166

ShiftLeft on Refactoring a Live SaaS Environment

High Scalability

This is guest a post by Preetam Jinka , Senior Infrastructure Engineer at ShiftLeft. Originally published here. ShiftLeft NextGen Static Analysis (NG SAST) is a software-as-a-service static analysis solution that allows developers to scan every pull request for security issues.

The JavaScript Self-Profiling API

Addy Osmani

Measuring costly JavaScript with the JavaScript self-profiling API


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Simplify observability for all your custom metrics (Part 1: StatsD)


Dynatrace news.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For November 6th, 2020

High Scalability

Hey, no power outages this week, so it's finally HighScalability time! Stunning: Tycho Crater Region with Colours by Alain Paillou. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this Stuff won't happen. Know someone who could benefit from becoming one with the cloud? I wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 just for them. On Amazon it has 189 mostly 5 star reviews.

Grüezi Schwiiz! Bonjour la Suisse! Buongiorno Svizzera! An AWS Region comes to Switzerland

All Things Distributed

Today I’m happy to announce our plans to open a new AWS Region in Switzerland in the second half of 2022.

[CSF] LogViewer: A New Tool for Monitoring Logs


The project is located on GitHub: [link]. Introduction. There are many tools in the world for analysis logs, but most of my colleagues used the simple text editor or “less” command in the terminal.

Find and analyze your web frontend errors faster


Dynatrace news. In a world of accelerating deployment cycles, understanding and fixing web front-end errors quickly can make or break your business.

BPF binaries: BTF, CO-RE, and the future of BPF perf tools

Brendan Gregg

Two new technologies, BTF and CO-RE, are paving the way for BPF to become a billion dollar industry.

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Effective Skeleton Screens

Tim Kadlec

When I first stumbled on the idea of skeleton screens, thanks to Luke Wroblewski talking about them back in 2013 , I latched onto them pretty quickly. I have never been a fan of progress bars and spinners, and skeleton screens seemed like a smart step in the right direction.

Is the Manual or the Third-Party Tool Way Better To Merge PST Files?


Microsoft Outlook is one of the prevalent email client, which is used universally. Microsoft Outlook serves the user-centric features, relaxed to use work in a user-friendly interface, and up to date security improvement. Outlook data files (PST) cover all the mailbox data and its features such as contacts, emails, calendars, etc. Microsoft’s Outlook has enhanced connectivity with other progressive technology.

What is infrastructure monitoring and why is it mission-critical in the new normal?


Dynatrace news. IT infrastructure is the heart of your digital business and connects every area – physical and virtual servers, storage, databases, networks, cloud services. We’ve seen the IT infrastructure landscape evolve rapidly over the past few years.

4 elements of a highly effective continuous testing strategy

TechBeacon Testing

Often, when organizations plan and implement an effective test automation strategy, they believe that they are implementing continuous testing. They are wrong. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Agile + DevOps Conference, Special Coverage: Agile + DevOps Virtual, Continuous Testing

Helios: hyperscale indexing for the cloud & edge (part II)

The Morning Paper

Helios: hyperscale indexing for the cloud & edge , Potharaju et al., PVLDB’20. Last time out we looked at the motivations for a new reference blueprint for large-scale data processing, as embodied by Helios. Today we’re going to dive into the details of Helios itself.

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The Broken Promise of Test Automation: Why Are We Still Hand-Cranking Tests?


Remember when test automation was being peddled as a silver bullet for testing bugbears? Of course, those vendors really meant test execution automation. Automating test execution was going to increase coverage, minimize testing time, and overall reduce the amount of money being spent on testing. It would even butter your toast in the morning. Well, those days are long gone. Organizations have now reckoned with implementing test automation and have grown wise to their challenges.

Leverage the new Problems API to resolve Dynatrace-detected issues faster in your third-party tools


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace v2 APIs transform your entire organization by making it easy to get started with monitoring automation and to solve your business problems with data-driven answers.

The Role of DevOps in Enterprise Software Testing


Brands across the globe rely on various enterprise software for achieving their diverse business goals. The IT spending on various software like CRM, ERP, HRMS, DevOps Test Management Continuous Delivery Continuous Testing DevOps Consultants DevOps Implementation

The 5 Most Underrated WebPageTest Features


WebPageTest is one of the best website speed auditing services for any designer or developer concerned with site speed (which should be all of them). We use it as the engine for our automated testing services at

Quality Sense Podcast: Mike Lyles — Testing and Leadership


Season two of Quality Sense is here and in full swing! In the second episode, Fede chats with Mike Lyles, a speaker, author-director of QA, and Project Manager with over 25 years of IT experience. He’s recently published a book called The Drive-Thru Is Not Always Faster in which he focuses each chapter on a different idea or life lesson, making it a light, yet uplifting read for leaders and anyone who wants to accomplish their dreams. Episode Highlights.

World Quality Report 2020-21: QA is integral to digital transformation

TechBeacon Testing

QA is evolving from serving as an independent function within software delivery organizations to become an integral and inclusive part of the team and delivery lifecycle as digital transformation efforts expand.

Playing the Cards You're Dealt

The Agile Manager

Some years ago, I was working with a company automating its customer contract renewal process. It had licensed a workflow technology and contracted a large number of people to code and configure a custom solution around it.

NServiceBus on AWS Lambda

Particular Software

The NServiceBus.AwsLambda.Sqs preview package makes it easier than ever to host NServiceBus endpoints in Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS Lambda is Amazon’s serverless technology for running your code in the cloud with zero administration.

How to choose the right software quality metric

TechBeacon Testing

Metrics run the world. Businesses need effective benchmarks to measure success, to see where changes need to be made, and to determine which projects have had the greatest impact. Within individual teams, too, metrics play a vital role in tracking success. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Quality Assurance (QA), Special Coverage: EuroStar 2020 Online Conference, Application Testing