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How Does the Internet Speed Test Work?


Everyone deserves the right internet speed and everyone wants the best bang for a buck. To ensure our internet bandwidth, we all run speed tests from our Internet Speed Provider or public speed test tools like or and more.

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Juneteenth: A personal reflection


Dynatrace news. Photo by Javardh on Unsplash. A little over 157 years ago, a history-making event took place that changed America and especially the lives of black Americans. In 2021, the U.S. recognized that event, Juneteenth , as a Federal holiday.


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Software Engineering - The Soft Parts

Addy Osmani

Today I will share some of the software engineering soft skills I have learned from my first 10 years on Google Chrome, where I am a Senior Staff Engineering Manager

How Netflix Content Engineering makes a federated graph searchable (Part 2)

The Netflix TechBlog

By Alex Hutter , Falguni Jhaveri , and Senthil Sayeebaba In a previous post , we described the indexing architecture of Studio Search and how we scaled the architecture by building a config-driven self-service platform that allowed teams in Content Engineering to spin up search indices easily.

Automation Testing vs. Manual Testing: What's the Difference?


Before we get into automation testing vs. manual testing, let's define testing. To begin, what exactly is testing? Testing is a method of evaluating a system to see if it meets the specified requirements

InfoSec 2022 guide: How DevSecOps practices drive organizational resilience


Dynatrace news. As organizations transition to the cloud and adopt DevSecOps practices, they can move more quickly and flexibly.

Top 10 Serverless Frameworks for Deploying Serverless Applications


Serverless frameworks make FaaS deployment easier, allowing you to spin up serverless architectures quickly. But a pool of frameworks is available today, each with unique features, pros, and cons.

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How to overcome parameter sniffing problems in ad-hoc queries

SQL Shack

The purpose of this article is to provide insights into how parameter sniffing occurs for an ad-hoc query and how it affects their performance. Case Study: Untouchable legacy code Users are beginning to complain about the performance of the e-mail send module of the purchase application.

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Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.243


Dynatrace news. We released Dynatrace version 1.243. To learn what’s new, have a look at the release notes. The post Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.243 appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Product news Release notes


SaaS Tech Stack- A Concise Guide for Decision Makers


Today, there’s an app out there for almost anything. Spotify, Zoom, Netflix, Google Docs, and Hubspot are some widely used apps. But have you ever thought about what is common in these apps? All of them are popular SaaS-based products.

Enabling Offline Inferences at Uber Scale

Uber Engineering

Introduction. At Uber we use data from user support interactions to identify gaps in our products and create better, more delightful experiences for our users.

Unrevealed tips of SQL Server Statistics

SQL Shack

In this article, we will explore some internal working principles of SQL Server statistics. What is Cardinality Estimator (CE)? The Cardinality Estimator (CE) is the core subunit of the SQL Server query optimizer and its responsibility is to predict how many rows will be returned from a query.

What is RASP? Why runtime application self-protection is important, and how to do it right


Dynatrace news. Runtime application self-protection (RASP) is one of the newer approaches to protecting web applications. Currently, RASP is undergoing a significant evolution with the rise in web attacks and new application deployment models.

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SaaS Architecture: Types, Tenancy Models, Benefits, and more


SaaS adoption has skyrocketed, with organizations and enterprises shifting their business applications to the cloud and adopting subscription-based services.

June 2022 product update: Performance recommendations on Vitals dashboard, RUM path filters & more

Speed Curve

We've been busy here at SpeedCurve HQ! Here's a roundup of our recent product updates. Performance recommendations on your Vitals dashboard.

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Dynatrace named a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability, received highest scores in 4 of 6 use cases in the Critical Capabilities for APM and Observability


Dynatrace news. Gartner evaluated 19 vendors in its 2022 Magic Quadrant for APM and Observability. It positioned Dynatrace as a Leader, with the furthest position for Completeness of Vision.

AWS Fargate vs. Lambda: Comparing Two Serverless Solutions and their Use Cases


Despite being fundamentally different as serverless compute engines, there has been an ongoing comparison between AWS’s Fargate and Lambda.