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Application Scalability — How To Do Efficient Scaling


When you build a great product or application, sooner or later, it will be drawing attention more and more users who will expect a flawless, perfect application as the demand grows in the time it handles more and more requests per minute.

Accessibility and web performance are not features, they’re the baseline

CSS - Tricks

This week I’ve been brooding about web performance and accessibility. It all began when Ethan Marcotte made a lot of great notes about the accessibility issues that are common with AMP : In the recordings above, I’m trying to navigate through the AMP Story.

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Less is More: Engineering Data Warehouse Efficiency with Minimalist Design

Uber Engineering

Maintaining Uber’s large-scale data warehouse comes with an operational cost in terms of ETL functions and storage. In our experience, optimizing for operational efficiency requires answering one key question: for which tables does the maintenance cost supersede utility?

Making Cloud.typography Fast(er)

CSS Wizardry

Disclaimers: I was not approached or hired by Hoefler&Co or Cloud.typography to look into any of the following issues. I disclosed all of the below to Cloud.typography and gave them ample opportunity to work together to solve the issues at the root of the problem.

How to get the most value out of Session Replay: Use cases and examples


Dynatrace news. At Dynatrace, we’re constantly striving to come up with solutions that can help modernize your performance and user experience monitoring strategies.

14 Best Performance Testing Tools and APM Solutions


With All of the Free and Enterprise Tools Available for Performance Testing, There’s No Excuse for Having a System Failure. Performance tests reveal how a system behaves and responds during various situations.

T-SQL bugs, pitfalls, and best practices – window functions

SQL Performance

This article is the fourth installment in a series about T-SQL bugs, pitfalls and best practices. Previously I covered determinism , subqueries and joins. The focus of this month's article is bugs, pitfalls and best practices related to window functions.

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Monitor your OAuth 2.0 protected APIs with Dynatrace Synthetic


Dynatrace news. As microservices and automation continue to drive API usage, most organizations have either already introduced, or plan to introduce, an API testing process. With Dynatrace Synthetic you can easily create API tests with synthetic monitors.

How to Create a Simple and Efficient PHP Cache


When working on PHP websites made from scratch and without a framework, speed can often be an issue. Caching is extremely useful in order to speed up PHP webpages. In this article, I’ll show you how to make a simple PHP caching system for your web pages. tutorial performance cache page caching

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Overview of the Shrink TempDB database in SQL Server

SQL Shack

This article explores the usage of TempDB and different ways to shrink the TempDB database in SQL Server Each instance of Microsoft SQL Server has a system database TempDB. It is a backbone for the SQL Server instance.

Minimizing Switching Costs in Software Development

Professor Beekums

I’ve written previously about the dangers of high switching costs in software development. Being dependant on a third party is a huge risk. You are vulnerable to the whims of another company, including astronomical price increases.

Oracle database insights Early Adopter Release


Dynatrace news. With OneAgent installed on an application server, Davis, the Dynatrace AI causation engine, continuously analyzes all database statements within the context of your applications. In this way, Dynatrace can tell you which statements need your attention.

Service-Oriented Architecture


Service-Oriented Architecture Overview. A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural pattern in computer software design in which application components provide services to other components via a communications protocol, typically over a network.

SQL Server Statistics and how to perform Update Statistics in SQL

SQL Shack

This article gives a walk-through of SQL Server Statistics and different methods to perform SQL Server Update Statistics. Introduction SQL Server statistics are essential for the query optimizer to prepare an optimized and cost-effective execution plan.

PREVIEW : SentryOne Plan Explorer Extension for Azure Data Studio

SQL Performance

Updated August 15th, 2019 for 0.9.6. Last year, I got together with one of my dev teams here – they call themselves the SQL Injectors – to talk about the possibility of replicating SentryOne Plan Explorer functionality inside of Azure Data Studio.

Azure 64

Automated scripted API monitoring with HTTP monitors


Dynatrace news. link]. Lately, we’re seeing that automation is the main focus of IT, and microservice architectures are becoming increasingly common. This means that APIs are becoming more and more important to us and our customers.

Using Selenium Webdriver For Full Page Screenshots


One of the most performed actions of any webpage tester is taking a screenshot of the webpage. Whenever a tester finds and reports a bug, that bug would not be taken seriously without supporting screenshots or even videos of the issue.

Understanding Graph Databases in SQL Server

SQL Shack

A graph database is a type of NoSQL database that is based on graph theory. Graph databases are ideal for storing data that has complex many to many relationships. In this article, we will study the very basics of graph databases with the help of a simple example. Characteristics of a Graph Database A graph […]. DBAtools Graph database Monitoring Reports

QA Mentor Inc. Awarded by for Position Among Top Performing Software Testing Firms


At QA Mentor Inc., we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best. Therefore, we thoroughly test the products our clients receive to ensure our clients are getting top notch products.

Synthetic monitoring of internal applications extended to Windows-based ActiveGates!


Dynatrace news. Having the ability to monitor the performance and availability of your organization’s internal applications—in addition to your organization’s customer-facing applications—from within your corporate network is an important benefit of synthetic monitoring.

How Do You Improve Network Agility?


Organizations are in search of improving network agility, but what exactly does this mean? Network agility is represented by the volume of change in the network over a period of time and is defined as the capability for software and hardware component’s to automatically configure and control itself in a complex networking ecosystem.

Monitoring SQL Server deadlocks using the system_health extended event

SQL Shack

Performance monitoring is a must to do the task for a DBA. You should ensure that the database performance is optimal all the time without any impact on the databases. Performance issues act like an open stage, and you need to look at every aspect such as CPU, RAM, server performance, database performance, indexes, blocking, […]. Deadlocks

Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery


The only constant thing in this world is ‘change’ and the only industry that makes a quick shift in innovation and technology is IT software. The post Current Trends and Predictions for Software Development and Delivery appeared first on Kovair Blog.

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.173


Dynatrace news. OneAgent. Added support for Play framework version 2.7. Webserver. Introducing support for Tengine , an NGINX based web server. Supported versions are 1.4.3 – 2.2.3. General improvements. OneAgent Version 1.173 for Linux comes with support for RHEL distributions on the IBM Z platform. Read more about OneAgent for RHEL Z-Linux. We’ve completely re-designed the internals of the OneAgent installer for Windows.

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Best Practices for Bug Hunting and Tracking


Software development is a complicated process as it involves five different stages: designing, coding, testing, and maintenance. Among these, testing is the most challenging phase, which is performed by QAs. Quality Assurance plays a crucial role in software development.

Performance Testing - Tools, Steps, and Best Practices


Web performance is a broad subject, and you’ll find no shortage of performance testing tips and tutorials all over the web. Before you begin tuning your website or application, you must first figure out which metrics matter most to your users and establish some achievable benchmarks.

Weekly Platform News: HTML Loading Attribute, the Main ARIA Specifications, and Moving from iFrame to Shadow DOM

CSS - Tricks

In this week's roundup of platform news, Chrome introduces a new attribute for loading, accessibility specifications for web developers, and the BBC moves visualizations to the Shadow DOM. Chrome ships the loading attribute. The HTML loading attribute for lazy-loading images and iframes is now supported in Chrome. You can add loading="lazy" to defer the loading of images and iframes that are below the viewport until the user scrolls near them.

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Which is the Best MongoDB GUI? — 2019 Update


A good UI is an important part of the development experience. The MongoDB Shell works great for administrative actions, but when working with larger amounts of data, the UI becomes fairly important.

Troubleshooting the Performance of Vert.x Applications, Part III — Troubleshooting Event Loop Delays


In the previous entry to this series, we reviewed several techniques that help you to prevent event loop delays; however, even the best programmer makes mistakes. What should you do when your Vert.x application doesn't perform as expected?

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Just-in-time design in software delivery: how to avoid 4 sources of waste in design


Please note: In this post, I will refer to all design practices, User Experience Design, Interface Design, Visual Design, and Design Research as design. Much has been written about Lean UX and the role of design in Agile development. Design’s primary role is reducing the risk that the team is building the wrong thing or building something that is hard to use. Yes, it needs to look good, but that’s the easy part.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For August 16th, 2019

High Scalability

Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Asteroids in our solar system. Only a.001% chance a kilometer-size asteroid destroys humanity. B612 ). Do you like this sort of Stuff? I'd love your support on Patreon. I wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 for people who need to understand the cloud.

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Integrating Dynatrace ONE through Chat at NYCM


Dynatrace news. How can you be a full-time IT Systems Engineer taking care of enterprise infrastructure while also being responsible for enterprise monitoring from an administrative and monitoring as a service perspective?

The Slack Outage Is a Wake Up Call For All IT Orgs


Slack took quite a beating during and after the service outage that happened a few weeks ago. Here’s a small sample of the headlines (before they were updated) that come up on a simple news search of Slack: Slack is Experiencing Worldwide Outage, Degraded Performance. performance slack outage performance problems downtime prevention

Optimizing UX: How to set up your own Usability Testing Program in-house  


Testing Tasktop Integration Hub ’s user experience is a rather complex undertaking. As my colleague Rebecca explained in her blog last week , “ Tasktop suffers from an interesting, almost paradoxical problem: the users who benefit most from our product often have no idea that it exists”.

5 Signs you Need to Migrate from your Legacy Test Management Solution


Contemporary software development processes and tools have reinvented themselves to meet the pace and demands of modern Agile and DevOps practices. Yet, many organizations are. The post 5 Signs you Need to Migrate from your Legacy Test Management Solution appeared first on Kovair Blog.

Performance Analysis of ArrayList and LinkedList in Java


ArrayList and LinkedList are frequently used classes in the Java collection framework. If you know only understand basic performance comparisons of ArrayList and LinkedList , but not the minor details of these two classes, then this article is for you. " ArrayList should be used where more search operations are required, and. LinkedList should be used where more insert and delete operation is needed."

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How Do You Improve Network Agility?


What Is Network Agility? Network Agility — the volume of change in the network over a period of time — the capability for software and hardware components to automatically configure and control itself in a complex networking ecosystem. The rise of innovative efforts made by several vendors to expand and modernize network device interfaces is improving network agility and is seen with emerging technologies such as SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, and intent-based networking.