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Measuring Network Performance in Mobile Safari

CSS Wizardry

So far this year, all but one of my clients have been concerned about Google’s upcoming Web Vitals update. The client who’s bucking the trend is great, not least because it’s given me something a little different to focus on—they’re more interested in how their site fares on iOS.

A look behind the scenes of AWS Lambda and our new Lambda monitoring extension


Dynatrace news. Since its introduction by AWS in 2014, AWS Lambda has revolutionized the compute space and boosted the entire serverless movement.

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Beyond REST

The Netflix TechBlog

Rapid Development with GraphQL Microservices by Dane Avilla The entertainment industry has struggled with COVID-19 restrictions impacting productions around the globe.

6 Common Pen Testing Myths


Pen testing is crucially important significant to assess and help enhance any company’s safety. As of 2020, the standard expense of a data breach in the healthcare industry mounted to 7.13 million USD. On the flip side, the average rate of a data breach worldwide in the measured phase was 3.86 million USD. Data spill, theft, and breaches in the public sector ranked very last, estimating an average of 1.08 million USD during the estimated period.

Climb the automation engineer career ladder: 6 roles, requirements

TechBeacon Testing

A frequently asked question I hear often is"What is the career ladder for a test automation engineer?" That's a great question, as this role is often perceived as a flat one that makes it difficult for managers and practitioners alike to determine how a team member can grow within it.

SRE vs DevOps: What you need to know


Dynatrace news. The events of 2020 accelerated the trend of organizations shifting to cloud-native technologies in response to the dramatic increase in demand for online services. Cloud-native environments bring speed and agility to software development and operations (DevOps) practices.

DevOps 204

Packaging award-winning shows with award-winning technology

The Netflix TechBlog

By Cyril Concolato Introduction In previous blog posts, our colleagues at Netflix have explained how 4K video streams are optimized , how even legacy video streams are improved and more recently how new audio codecs can provide better aural experiences to our members.

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30 test automation leaders to follow on Twitter

TechBeacon Testing

Test automation plays a critical role in software delivery today. There are emerging open-source tools, native mobile tools, and new binaries for web apps. AI and high-volume automation are beginning to enter the mainstream as well. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation

What is synthetic monitoring?


Dynatrace news. To give your customers a top-quality digital experience, it’s important to make sure your applications are always working properly.

What programming languages does HammerDB use and why does it matter?


HammerDB is a load testing and benchmarking application for relational databases. All the databases that HammerDB tests implement a form of MVCC (multi-version concurrency control). This helps to minimise locking allowing multiple sessions to access the same data at the same time.

What Is Huffman Coding?


Huffman Coding: Why Do I Care? Have you ever wanted to know: How do we compress something, without losing any data? Why do some things compress better than others? How does GZIP work? In 5 Minutes or Less. Suppose we want to compress a string (Huffman coding can be used with any data, but strings make good examples). programming computer science

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Web Performance for Product Managers

Speed Curve

I love conversations about performance, and I'm fortunate enough to have them a lot. The audience varies. A lot of the time it’s a front-end developer or head of engineering, but more and more I’m finding myself in great conversations with product leaders.

Private Synthetic Monitoring locations now also supported on Ubuntu 20


Dynatrace news. Just because all your web applications are accessible from your office and run great on your laptop doesn’t mean that your customers around the world and your colleagues in other company offices around the globe are having the same experience with them.

Deprecated features to take out of your toolbox – Part 1

SQL Performance

Microsoft is not in the habit of deprecating things these days, but when they do, it's for a reason – and it's certainly not because they want to make your life harder. On the contrary, it is almost always because they have developed better and more modern ways to solve those same problems.

Types Of Performance Testing and When to Use Them


Today, every business wants high-performing and high-quality software. But usually, it is seen that most of the applications fail to deliver expected performance under peak load or fluctuating network conditions. To ensure that users get high-performing software that works seamlessly under all load conditions, performance testing is necessary. This test helps to measure the speed, scalability, reliability, and stability of software under varying loads, thus it ensures stable performance.

Misaligned Incentives Fuel Organizational Dysfunctions

Strategic Tech

Sometimes we need to stop fighting the symptoms and recognise that there is a more fundamental problem. Commonly, the fundamental problems is a mismatches in incentives between the different individuals and groups involved in achieving an outcome.

Easily migrate to PHP 8 and leverage its power with Dynatrace observability


Dynatrace news. If you’re already using PHP 8.0 or you’re eager to start using it, this blog post is for you. PHP 8 is a major version release of PHP, with breaking changes and excellent features.

SAFe®, Scrum, Kanban Share a Bottleneck and It’s Not What You Think


Even in today’s economic downturn, where U.S. job postings are down overall compared to 2019, tech hiring is showing signs of being more resilient than average. In fact, seven of the ten most in-demand tech jobs are for developers—and none are for QA. .

Top 7 Cross Browser Testing Tools in 2021


In today’s fast-paced market, web apps run on several browsers (Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) on varied desktop or mobile devices with particular screen settings. This is the reason why we need to execute cross-browser tests. Cross Browser Testing scrutinizes the compatibility of a website or web apps on varied operating systems, devices, and browsers.

Joining the SpeedCurve team

Speed Curve

After all the twists and turns of 2020, the unprecedented year ended up with the pleasure of joining the SpeedCurve team and helping to build the tool trusted by so many brands around the world that are striving to improve their customer experience.

Fuel management system: An efficient way to manage fuel consumption using telematics


Managing a fleet is a challenge. You need to take care of insurance, vehicle maintenance, compliance with government regulations, etc. Amongst all these challenges, the biggest one is - monitoring your fuel costs. You may ask, why?

SAFe®, Scrum, Kanban Share a Bottleneck and It’s Not What You Think


Even in today’s economic downturn, where U.S. job postings are down overall compared to 2019, tech hiring is showing signs of being more resilient than average. In fact, seven of the ten most in-demand tech jobs are for developers—and none are for QA. . That’s a bit alarming, because the Flow Metrics of several Fortune 100 companies now practicing value stream management (VSM ) in their software portfolios have revealed an acute resource scarcity in QA.

10 of the Best Chrome Extensions to Find XPath in Selenium


Are you facing problems while trying to find XPath in Selenium? Well, you are not alone! This is among the most common challenges most developers face while using Selenium for web testing. But not anymore, as we have picked 10 of the best Chrome extensions to make it easier for you to find XPath in Selenium. Before we begin, we think it’s a good idea to point out what XPath in Selenium is. performance web dev selenium chrome xpath xpath in selenium webdriver

How To Handle 100k Rows Decision Table in Drools (Part 1)


Introduction. When handling large rows of decision tables, one of the biggest pains is performance. In this article, I prepared a prototype setup to a simple scenario to simulate the large decision table use case and provided three solutions to utilize drools (a rules-oriented application framework). I focus on the decision table rule execution performance.

Software Testing and QA: Learning Through Humor


We all make mistakes. Even the most experienced and professional software developers do let a couple of bugs slip through once in a while. However, it's not making mistakes that is the issue, but having no one to point them out for you to fix them. Instead of getting serious about the importance of software testing & QA for the success of your product or service, let’s rather indulge in a little bug-hunting humor. “QA QA engineers can have little a bug, as a treat.”.

Skeptics Who Recommend Cross Browser Testing


Who recommends cross browser testing to their organizations? In this series, we discuss the results of the Applitools Ultrafast Cross Browser Hackathon. Today, we will explain how those who were skeptics about cross browser testing would recommend that their organizations run Applitools Ultrafast Grid for cross browser testing. testing test automation testing tools cross browser testing cross browser testing tool cross browser testing app

nice CPU Time – ‘ni’ Time in top


CPU consumption in Unix/Linux operating systems are studied using 8 different metrics: User CPU time , System CPU time , nice CPU time , Idle CPU time , Waiting CPU time , Hardware Interrupt CPU time , Software Interrupt CPU time , and Stolen CPU time. In this article, let's study ‘nice CPU time’. What Is ‘nice’ CPU Time? To understand ‘nice’ CPU time, one must first understand ‘nice’. When there is a CPU contention (i.e.,