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Understanding APIs: What They Are and Why They Matter


Reading time 4 min People all over the world consume data on a daily basis across a variety of networks, geographies, and devices.

Are Computer Architects to Blame for the State of Security Today?

ACM Sigarch

When it comes to hardware support to mitigate software security issues, there is a significant gap between what is available in products today and known solutions.

6 Types of Bugs Detected During QA Testing


Quality Assurance plays a vital role in software development. It helps the company in two ways: Deliver a high-quality product to your customers. performance qa testing bug tracking

Beyond traceability: From root cause to code-level context in a single click


Dynatrace news. For more than six years now, the Dynatrace Davis AI causation engine has automatically detected incidents within web-scale service infrastructure environments.

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How to Improve MySQL AWS Performance 2X Over Amazon RDS at The Same Cost


AWS is the #1 cloud provider for open-source database hosting, and the go-to cloud for MySQL deployments. As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, it’s important to get in front of performance issues, such as high latency, low throughput, and replication lag with higher distances between your users and cloud infrastructure.

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Open-sourcing Polynote: an IDE-inspired polyglot notebook

The Netflix TechBlog

Jeremy Smith , Jonathan Indig , Faisal Siddiqi We are pleased to announce the open-source launch of Polynote : a new, polyglot notebook with first-class Scala support, Apache Spark integration, multi-language interoperability including Scala, Python, and SQL, as-you-type autocomplete, and more.

Testing for Fragmentation: Understanding Browser and Device Fragmentation


Put your fragments back together. Testing for Fragmentation” is a blog series. It takes a look at the market data on devices, platforms, browsers, etc.

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Achieving Optimized Workflow for Software Development Team


Achieving optimal workflow for software development team is not difficult if you use the ideal development strategies. It equips software development teams with the perfect. Application Lifecycle Management Requirements Management Test Management Software development

Open Sourcing Mantis: A Platform For Building Cost-Effective, Realtime, Operations-Focused…

The Netflix TechBlog

Automating Performance Audit Using Lighthouse


Using Lighthouse. A public-facing website needs to run performance audits regularly to check all the metrics are meeting the requirements. Metrics differ from team to team or project to project. Here the metrics are the performance, accessibility, SEO, best-practices, and paw.

Resolve performance incidents faster with Dynatrace Real User Monitoring for SAP GUI (Preview)


Dynatrace news. If you work with SAP ABAP, you may have noticed that finding information about SAP application and transaction performance involves scaling a high barrier to entry. While powerful, SAP performance management tools like the SAP Solution Manager are also complex.

Task-based effectiveness of basic visualizations

The Morning Paper

Task-based effectiveness of basic visualizations Saket et al., IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2019.

63 Cores Blocked by Seven Instructions

Randon ASCII

I seem to have a habit of writing about super powerful machines whose many cores are laid low by misuse of locks. It’s that again. But this one seems particularly impressive.

Learn Cypress Testing for Free


OMG Cypress is so cool. Cypress is so cool. Seriously. That's what I wanted to write as the blog title, but nobody would search for "Cypress Is So Cool" as a search term.

SQL Mysteries: Why is my SQL Server experiencing lots of 17830 (TCP 10054) errors?

SQL Server According to Bob

I was reviewing a test run this week that had more SQL 17830 (TCP 10054 / 0x2746) errors than I could explain from just kills or login timeouts. I started looking at the output in the connectivity ring buffer and the matching XEvent, error_reported event where error_number = 17830. I thought I would find my answer among the login timing information (Reference: [link].)

Futzing and moseying: interviews with professional data analysts on exploration practices

The Morning Paper

Futzing and moseying: interviews with professional data analysts on exploration practices Alspaugh et al., VAST’18. What do people actually do when they do ‘exploratory data analysis’ (EDA)?

Using the Platform

Tim Kadlec

The other day I was listening to the latest Shop Talk Show podcast while out for my morning run. They had Jen Simmons on the show, talking about (among other things) the standards process. It’s a great conversation, as you would expect—Jen’s super smart and has been doing great, meaningful work for a long time. Among the things that she discussed is the care that has to go into new browser features because once shipped, it’s there for good.

High-Performance Persistence With MicroStream (Part One)


High-performance? Sign me up! For some time, there has been a new competitor in the field of persistence and serialization. We are talking about Project MicroStream. What is it exactly?

Want effective test automation in DevOps? Manage your test data

TechBeacon Testing

Having access to stable test data is the biggest challenge to effective test automation for most organizations. And now, with the fast feedback required by DevOps, the consequences of a lack of good test data are even worse.

Vega-Lite: a grammar of interactive graphics

The Morning Paper

Vega-lite: a grammar of interactive graphics Satyanarayan et al., IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics , 2016. From time to time I receive a request for more HCI (human-computer interaction) related papers in The Morning Paper.

Why Are Accessible Websites so Hard to Build?

CSS - Tricks

I was chatting with some front-end folks the other day about why so many companies struggle at making accessible websites. Why are accessible websites so hard to build? We learn about HTML, we make sure things are semantic and — voila! @— we have an accessible website.

Top Five Benefits of Mobile App Performance Optimization


Make your apps the best they can be! As of 2019, the number of apps on the Google Play store exceeds 2 million and that on the Apple store stands at 1.83 million. Now, if that is the competition, enterprises looking to cast their mobile apps, ought to do things differently.

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A Guide To Optimizing Images For Mobile

Smashing Magazine

A Guide To Optimizing Images For Mobile. A Guide To Optimizing Images For Mobile. Suzanne Scacca. 2019-10-22T12:30:59+02:00. 2019-10-22T13:06:35+00:00. This is a sponsored article. ) You know how critical it is to build websites that load quickly.

Deploy private Synthetic locations easily and cost-effectively with Dynatrace Managed


Dynatrace news. As an application owner, you need to ensure the continuous availability and performance of your applications from your end-users’ point of view. Sometimes, you need to check the availability of internal resources that aren’t accessible from outside your network.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For October 25th, 2019

High Scalability

Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Is this the PDP-7 Ken Thompson used to create Unix? Our intrepid detective says yes. Do you like this sort of Stuff? I'd greatly appreciate your support on Patreon. I also wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 for all who need to understand the cloud.

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A Plan for Performance Bugs in 10 Steps: When Managers Want Answers Now


Performance bugs are never good. You may also like: The Lifecycle of a Testing Bug. You probably experienced this: you made a new release, everything works, but in production, it turns out much slower than expected. It behaves completely differently. Customers complain.

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 Speaker Q&A: Dominica DeGrandis, Principal Flow Advisor, Tasktop


“One big new “A-ha!” is the emergence of new roles in enterprises transitioning from project to product. Roles with skills that optimize product value streams, such as the Value Stream Architect.“.

New Dynatrace API enhances automatic service detection (Part 2)


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace automatically detects your deployed applications that are monitored by OneAgent.

Apica Helps HBO Deliver Infinite Streaming Scalability


The great about a television network having a hit TV show is that everyone wants to watch it. And while Read More. The post Apica Helps HBO Deliver Infinite Streaming Scalability appeared first on Apica. Digital Experience Load Testing Media and Entertainment Web

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 Speaker Q&A: Nicole Bryan, VP of Product Development, Tasktop


“Don’t just talk about the project to product transition ad nauseam. Pick a forward-thinking part of your organization and literally just start “doing product” – with intention, but not perfection.“.

Product release: What’s new in Tasktop Integration Hub 19.4


Tasktop Integration Hub version 19.4 was released today to make enterprise-grade integration as easy, efficient and impactful as possible, with some exciting new features including: Read-only role for troubleshooting. A visual cue to highlight what environment you’re viewing.

Project to Product: So, what’s next? Tasktop at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019, Las Vegas


For some, October is leaves changing color, pumpkins being carved and bidding farewell to daylight in the afternoon. For us, it’s all about participating in one of our favorite events of the year — DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019.