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Seven key enablers for continuous testing

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You're not doing continuous testing unless you're doing testing that occurs before, during, and after each software change is made. That's long been a goal for many testers. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Continuous testing, Special Coverage: STARWEST Conference 2019

Organisational Dysfunctions Mirrored as Architectural Complexity

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TCP: Out of Memory — Consider Tuning TCP_Mem


What happens when you're out of memory? You may also like: Java Out of Memory Heap Analysis. Recently we experienced an interesting production problem. This application was running on multiple AWS EC2 instances behind Elastic Load Balancer.

Tuning 193

Evolving Regional Evacuation

The Netflix TechBlog

Niosha Behnam | Demand Engineering @ Netflix At Netflix we prioritize innovation and velocity in pursuit of the best experience for our 150+ million global customers.

Optimize Citrix platform performance and user experience with a new extension (Preview)


Dynatrace news. Citrix is a sophisticated, efficient, and highly scalable application delivery platform that is itself comprised of anywhere from hundreds to thousands of servers. It delivers vital enterprise applications to thousands of users.

Nested Loops Joins and Performance Spools

SQL Performance

Introduction. Performance spools are lazy spools added by the optimizer to reduce the estimated cost of the inner side of nested loops joins. They come in three varieties: Lazy Table Spool , Lazy Index Spool , and Lazy Row Count Spool.

Servlet 3.0 Async Support in Spring and Performance Misconceptions


It is possible to improve the performance of application servers using Servlet 3.0 async, but is it necessary? Before We Start. Spring makes it easy to write Java applications. With Spring Boot, it became even easier.

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SSIS Derived Columns with Multiple Expressions vs Multiple Transformations

SQL Shack

In this article, we will first give an overview on SSIS derived column transformation, then we will run an experiment to check if there is any difference between adding multiple expressions within one derived column transformation and adding a derived column transformation for each expression.

Is AI Really Important In Software Test Automation?


What is AI? In layman terms, AI or Artificial intelligence is the area of computer science that focuses on making machines “intelligent.” And by intelligence, it means making the system capable of learning and taking decisions like humans.

Synthetic Monitoring With Telegraf


This car would definitely require synthetic testing.

50 ways to leak your data: an exploration of apps’ circumvention of the Android permissions system

The Morning Paper

50 ways to leak your data: an exploration of apps’ circumvention of the Android permissions system Reardon et al., USENIX Security Symposium 2019.

Using Database Metrics to Predict Application Problems

SQL Shack

Summary Database metrics can be collected, maintained, and used to help predict when processes go awry so problems can be resolved before they become severe. Understanding when an application or process misbehaves is not always easy.

Microservices Testing Strategies, Types & Tools: A Complete Guide


From time and again, I've worked with several Fortune 5000 startups. The most common problem that we've dealt with is microservices testing. While transitioning to a microservices architecture, I've observed teams running into issues where they haven't planned out which testing strategies they want to use. This is especially true for a team that is brand new to microservices.

Event Monitoring Visibility Made Easy: Sensu Check Metric Extraction With InfluxDB and Grafana


Good luck monitoring an event like this. Monitoring dynamic, distributed environments often results in costly monitoring solution choices for developers seeking scalability, but your monitoring solution doesn’t have to be expensive.

The secret-sharer: evaluating and testing unintended memorization in neural networks

The Morning Paper

The secret sharer: evaluating and testing unintended memorization in neural networks Carlini et al., USENIX Security Symposium 2019.

An Overview of Instant File Initialization in SQL Server

SQL Shack

This article gives an overview of Instant File Initialization and its benefits for SQL Server database creation, restoration and file growth. Introduction As a database administrator, you must ensure database availability, performance, recovery from disaster.

Weekly Platform News: Layout Shifts, Stalled High-Bitrate Videos, Screenshots in Firefox

CSS - Tricks

In this week's roundup: fighting shifty layouts, some videos might be a bit stalled, and a new way to take screenshots in Firefox. Let's get into the news! Identifying the causes of layout shifts during page load.

JMeter Tutorials: Test Better, Build Better


Developers and testers love using JMeter for performance testing. In this post, we go over the best JMeter tutorials that DZone has to offer. We take a look at load testing with JMeter, how to use JMeter to test your APIs (REST or otherwise), and more advanced JMeter turorials.

Frankenstein Migration: Framework-Agnostic Approach (Part 1)

Smashing Magazine

Frankenstein Migration: Framework-Agnostic Approach (Part 1). Frankenstein Migration: Framework-Agnostic Approach (Part 1). Denys Mishunov. 2019-09-26T12:30:59+02:00. 2019-09-26T11:02:12+00:00.

Integrate Atlassian Jira and Micro Focus ALM: Defect reporting and resolution is a business process


By integrating Atlassian Jira and Micro Focus ALM, you can automate the flow of defects between the two tools to eradicate manual overhead and accelerate the speed and accuracy of the defect reporting and resolution process.

Preloading Pages Just Before They are Needed

CSS - Tricks

The typical journey for a person browsing a website: view a page, click a link, browser loads new page. That's assuming no funny business like a Single Page App, which still follows that journey, but the browser doesn't load a new page — the client fakes it for the sake of a snappier transition. What if you could load that new page before the person clicks the link so that, when they do, the loading of that next page is much faster?

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For September 27th, 2019

High Scalability

Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Nifty diagram of what testing looks like in an era or progressive delivery. ( @alexsotob, @samnewman ). Do you like this sort of Stuff? I'd greatly appreciate your support on Patreon. I wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 for all who want to understand the cloud.

Cloud 50

Frankenstein Migration: Framework-Agnostic Approach (Part 2)

Smashing Magazine

Frankenstein Migration: Framework-Agnostic Approach (Part 2). Frankenstein Migration: Framework-Agnostic Approach (Part 2). Denys Mishunov. 2019-09-27T12:00:59+02:00. 2019-09-27T10:38:23+00:00. In this article, we’ll be putting all the theory to the test by performing step-by-step migration of an application, following the recommendations from the previous part.

Vulnerability Management: Dynatrace’s data driven approach to security


Dynatrace news.

Bad Malloc [Comic]


Penguins learning the consequences of too much RAM. Further Reading. Commit Messages [Comic]. performance linux comic ram