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A guide to event-driven SRE-inspired DevOps


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Edgar: Solving Mysteries Faster with Observability

The Netflix TechBlog

Edgar helps Netflix teams troubleshoot distributed systems efficiently with the help of a summarized presentation of request tracing, logs, analysis, and metadata. by Elizabeth Carretto Everyone loves Unsolved Mysteries. There’s always someone who seems like the surefire culprit.

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Best File Sharing Apps for Startups in 2020


Every type of organization requires the ability to share and collaborate on the same information to get things done, and that is where file-sharing apps come into play.

Please stop using this UPSERT anti-pattern

SQL Performance

I think everyone already knows my opinions about MERGE and why I stay away from it. But here's another (anti-)pattern I see all over the place when people want to perform an upsert (update a row if it exists and insert it if it doesn't): IF EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM dbo.

What is AIOps? A Software Intelligence Approach


Dynatrace news. AIOps is the terminology that indicates the use of, typically, machine learning (ML) based artificial intelligence to cut through the noise in IT operations, specifically incident handling and management.

Key Challenges with Quasi Experiments at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Kamer Toker-Yildiz , Colin McFarland , Julia Glick At Netflix, when we can’t run A/B experiments we run quasi experiments !

Reasons Why Startups Must Invest in Cross-Browser Testing


Hassle in a startup is not a new thing. Most startups struggle to grow. They try everything and make sure to deliver the best things on time, however, some things are underrated or are confused to be of less importance. Cross-browser testing in a startup is one such thing.

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Dynatrace wins spot on Constellation ShortList™ for DPM for Q3 2020


Dynatrace news.

DevOps 201

HDMI?—?Scaling Netflix Certification

The Netflix TechBlog

HDMI?—?Scaling Scaling Netflix Certification Scott Bolter , Matthew Lehman , Akshay Garg ¹ At Netflix, we take the task of preserving the creative vision of our content all the way to a subscriber TV screen very seriously.

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Building an Automated Testing Framework Based on Chaos Mesh and Argo


Chaos Mesh ® is an open-source chaos engineering platform for Kubernetes. Although it provides rich capabilities to simulate abnormal system conditions, it still only solves a fraction of the Chaos Engineering puzzle.

The Easy Ones – Three Bugs Hiding in the Open

Randon ASCII

I write a lot about investigations into tricky bugs – CPU defects , kernel bugs , transient 4-GB memory allocations – but most bugs are not that esoteric.

Code 90

End-to-end request monitoring for popular Python frameworks with OneAgent SDK


Dynatrace news. As part of the Platform Extensions team, I’m one of those responsible for services that include the Dynatrace OneAgent SDKs, which are libraries that allow us to extend end-to-end visibility for technologies and frameworks for which there is no code module available yet.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? has hours of system design content. They also do live system design discussions every week. They break down interview prep into fundamental building blocks. Try out their platform. T riplebyte lets exceptional software engineers skip screening steps at hundreds of top tech companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart. Make your job search O (1), not O ( n ). Apply here. Need excellent people? Advertise your job here! Cool Products and Services.

Guide To Cross Browser Testing On Older Browser Versions


“How do I perform website testing on older browser versions? Is it even necessary?”. Have you ever wondered about these questions? If you did, you’re not the only one. At some point, every web tester or web developer ponders on these. And it is logical to do so.

Configure SQL Server replication for a database in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

This is the 16th article for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups series and explores SQL replication integration with AGs. Introduction Recently, I received a requirement to configure the SQL Replication for the availability group database. The specific requirements were as below.

Simplify cloud operations with automated observability into your Azure Automation service


Dynatrace news. Azure Automation provides an extremely powerful set of tools for automating operations within enterprises on hybrid cloud.

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How Tech is Shaping the Logistics Industry in Chicago


Chicago is a well established global shipping hub. The city houses plenty of logistic giants that move goods around the world. However, the dawn of new technologies in the field of logistics has stirred up things in this city.

Planning Your API Roadmap


Introduction. APIs — the current “big thing” — offer the opportunity for modern organizations to unlock new and lucrative business models. The article below covers some tips on how to spin the API flywheel and leverage its possibilities. In the API economy, a successful service can gain popularity and be utilized in ways unpredicted and often inconceivable by its original owners.

Fast page labelling in Chrome for Android

Addy Osmani

Chrome on Android will begin to highlight high-quality user experiences on the web, starting with Fast page labelling of fast links via the link context-menu


Smart and intuitive time-traveling for intelligent observability with our new warp-speed, lingual input


Dynatrace news. The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform delivers precise answers about the performance of your applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of your end-users.

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Explore Cross-database MSDTC for distributed transactions in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

In the 18th part of the SQL Server Always On Availability Group series, we will discuss the cross-database MSDTC support in an availability group.

Cumulative Layout Shift, The Layout Instability Metric


Have you ever started reading an exciting news article but then lose your line because all the text shifted downwards?

Output-based OKR vs Outcome-based OKR for a Product Organization


Most companies are trying to adopt an OKR-based business model, but some of us might have experienced that this is not easy at all. . It is very tempting to divert your attention (and business strategy) to close a new sparkling deal that has come in.

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Dynatrace and TechCrunch reveal why AI-powered observability and continuous automation are crucial for digital transformation


Dynatrace news. For many organizations, digital transformation has escalated from an important business strategy to an essential survival strategy.

Configuring SQL Server replication for distribution databases in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

In this 17h article of the SQL Server Always On Availability Group series, we are going to explore the SQL Server replication for the distribution database in the availability group.

Now Go Build - Season 2

All Things Distributed

I have always been very fortunate to meet our AWS customers where they have most impact, at their customers. Many of these AWS customers are solving really hard human problems, in ways that is extremely inspiring for any builder, like me.

How to thrive as a QA pro in an agile organization

TechBeacon Testing

As the adoption of agile practices has increased in the last few years, the relationship between QAs and developers has evolved. The increasingly nebulous distinction between the two roles is a good example of this evolution. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Careers, Agile, Quality Assurance (QA

Image Processing Insights


Optimization and delivery of images play a key role in web development. KeyCDN has significantly simplified the way images are transformed and delivered with our Image Processing service. Our solution doesn't require any change on the origin server.

How to prevent hidden images from loading on responsive designs


Responsive design is an absolute necessity in today’s web. More users are visiting websites from their mobile devices than ever before , and if your website doesn’t look good on when viewed from that device, they’ll bounce.

What's new in NServiceBus 7.4

Particular Software

At Particular Software, we don’t believe in packaging all the cool new features into major versions that make it hard to upgrade.

How to close your testing talent gaps in the remote work era

TechBeacon Testing

Six months ago, no one anticipated that the way we work and do business would change so drastically.

Legacy Modernization

The Agile Manager

I've worked with quite a few companies for which long-lived software assets remain critical to day-to-day operations, ranging from 20-year-old ERP systems to custom software products that first processed a transaction way back in the 1960s.

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