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9 Strategies to Improve Your Software Development Process


Are you looking to beat your competitors and win the race in today's market? Well, the ultimate solution would be fast software development. Whether your company is small or big, having fast software development will always keep you ahead of the competition.

RSA 2022 guide: DevSecOps transformation with runtime vulnerability management


Dynatrace news. How to build application security into DevSecOps transformation. As organizations undergo DevSecOps transformation and their IT complexity proliferates, security teams need their vulnerability management approach to be seamless.

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T-SQL Windowing Improvements in SQL Server 2022

SQL Performance

Microsoft recently released the first public preview of SQL Server 2022. This release has a number of T-SQL improvements. In this article I focus on windowing and NULL-related improvements. These include the new WINDOW clause and the windowing NULL treatment clause.

A Survey of Causal Inference Applications at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

At Netflix, we want to entertain the world through creating engaging content and helping members discover the titles they will love. Key to that is understanding causal effects that connect changes we make in the product to indicators of member joy.

Upload Files to AWS S3 in k6


In my last post, we discussed how to upload files to AWS S3 in JMeter using Groovy. We have also seen Grape package manager on JMeter. Recently, k6 announced its next iteration with many new features and fixes. In this blog post, we will see how to upload files to AWS S3 in k6.

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Celebrating game-changing partnerships with the Dynatrace Amplify 2022 Partner Awards


Dynatrace news. Last week we held our first two Amplify events of the year – our virtual sales kickoff across NORAM, LATAM, and EMEA.

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Single threaded DB performance on Nutanix HCI


tl;dr A Nutanix cluster can persist a replicated write across two nodes in around 260 uSec (4KB IO using diskspd) which is critical for single-threaded DB write workloads.

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Top 7 Automated Testing Trends of 2022


In the past few decades, the QA testing world has witnessed great changes. Automated testing has evolved to accelerate speedy software releases at the highest quality. Test automation has always been an eye-catching trend, as it lowers the effort required for testing.

Tech Transforms podcast: Monitoring applications, women in tech, federal news


Dynatrace news. In April 2022, the Tech Transforms podcast explored application monitoring, women in tech, and federal news through our conversations with the following top influencers in government technology: Bill James – President of Federal Business LLC and FedSmarts LLC.

What Adrian Did Next?—?Retire

Adrian Cockcroft

What Adrian Did Next?—?Retire Retire Moonrise?—?photo photo taken by Adrian Cockcroft After a long career working at the leading edge of technology, I retire from full time work on June 3rd 2022.

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Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022

Smashing Magazine

Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022. Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022. Adrian Bece. 2022-05-23T09:30:00+00:00. 2022-05-23T15:33:32+00:00.

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How to Enhance ETA in Logistics?


Customer satisfaction is everything for each business since it directly influences the profit of organizations. The feedback affects each industry differently, depending on various criteria.

AIOps automates DevSecOps workflows to enable self-healing IT


Dynatrace news. Businesses today are fighting fires across the DevSecOps spectrum — from staving off ever-evolving security threats to remediating slowdowns and outages.

What Adrian Did Next?—?Part 1?—?Starting Out

Adrian Cockcroft

What Adrian Did Next?—?Part Part 1?—?Starting Starting Out Adrian playing bass with Black Tiger, 1982?—?Picture Picture by Peter Kostelnik My bio starts with this phrase “Adrian Cockcroft has had a long career working at the leading edge of technology, and is fascinated by what happens next.”

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Understanding Weak Reference In JavaScript

Smashing Magazine

Understanding Weak Reference In JavaScript. Understanding Weak Reference In JavaScript. Frank Joseph. 2022-05-25T09:30:00+00:00. 2022-05-25T14:33:15+00:00. Memory and performance management are important aspects of software development and ones that every software developer should pay attention to.

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Troubleshooting Memory Leaks With Heap Profilers


After a system runs for a long time, the available memory may decrease, and some services may fail. This is a typical memory leak issue that is usually difficult to predict and identify. Heap profilers are useful tools to solve such problems.

Microservices vs. monolithic architecture: Understanding the difference


Dynatrace news. As the pace of business quickens, software development has adapted. Increasingly, teams release software features more quickly to accommodate customer needs.

DevOps Outsourcing: How it Works, Benefits & How to Get Started


Implementing DevOps comes with its challenges such as lack of right talent, increased costs, insufficient expertise, and more. It is where DevOps outsourcing comes to the rescue. This post talks about how DevOps outsourcing works, its benefits, and a step-by-step process to get started with it.

Single threaded DB performance on Nutanix HCI


tl;dr A Nutanix cluster can persist a replicated write across two nodes in around 250 uSec which is critical for single-threaded DB write workloads. The performance compares very well with hosted cloud database instances using the same class of processor (db.r5.4xlarge in the figure below).

When it Comes to Transformation, it’s OK to Break the Rules.


Digital transformations often start with some common rules of thumb: “Start small.”. Lift and shift workloads to the Cloud.”. Create a proof of concept for your Agile initiatives, and then scale.”.

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Dynatrace Amplify Sales Kickoff: 2022 – Digital Transformation is not an event, it’s a journey


Dynatrace news. Over the last week, our Dynatrace team has been busy delivering three-star-studded Dynatrace Amplify Sales Kickoff events to our Partner community across the globe.

SaaS Development: In-Depth Guide For Founders


SaaS products have added fuel to the ever-growing startup world. If you also want to leverage that potential to your advantage, you need to develop a unique SaaS app. This article provides an in-depth guide to SaaS development that will enhance the knowledge base of budding founders and co-founders.

Reactjs vs React Native – Differences, Advantages, and Disadvantages


Quick Summary: Are you confused about choosing between ReactJS and React Native for your upcoming project? Which one is better among them? Let’s explore the answers comparing two most popular frameworks, ReactJS vs React Native.

Miro…. For In-person Talks and Workshops?

Strategic Tech

The global community has largely decided that in-person events are now safe again. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been to two in-person conferences in the UK and one in Portugal. And in the next two months I’ll be attending in-person events in Budapest and Amsterdam.

Here’s How Mobile Apps are Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Tech News Gather

In this mobile-obsessed world, every business is investing in app development to market their products or services and reach a wider audience.

14 Containerization Use Cases: Hit a Home Run with Containers


Whether a startup or a big enterprise, every progressive organization can have great benefits in terms of agility, portability, flexibility, and speed by using containerization technology. Read various use cases of containers for commercial enterprises with real-world examples.

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