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How to Deploy MySQL on Ubuntu and Fully Managed


In this blog post, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to install and set up a MySQL server both manually on the Ubuntu 20.04 operating system, as well as by using ScaleGrid’s managed database service.

How to Minimize Software Development Cost


One of the typical questions when you look at the project briefing is how to minimize software development costs. Of course, there are many ways of doing it without sacrificing quality; however, don’t forget it is all about trade-offs. Collaborate With Software Experts.


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AIOps for cloud observability: How to simplify complexity and automate CloudOps


Dynatrace news. Cloud observability is fast becoming an imperative as more organizations adopt multicloud IT strategies. To adapt, many are turning to AIOps and other automation technologies to solve the complex issues that accompany cloud-native architecture.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? Close is building the sales communication platform of the future and we're looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to help us accomplish that goal. If you have a passion for databases (both SQL and NoSQL), significant experience building, managing, and monitoring infrastructure, databases, and backend services at scale and want to work with a rag-tag team of hardworking, but humble humans, then come check us out!

Brendan Gregg

I'm thrilled to be joining Intel to work on the performance of everything, apps to metal, with a focus on cloud computing.

Upload Files to AWS S3 in JMeter Using Groovy


I use my personal AWS S3 to store all my personal and confidential documents. There are three primary reasons for choosing AWS S3: affordability, speed, and reliability. If you are working on the AWS cloud, the usage of S3 is inevitable.

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2022 ESG Report: Cloud-native applications lead modern IT, but create observability challenges


Dynatrace news. Cloud-native applications now dominate IT as DevOps teams respond to growing demands to deliver functionality faster and more securely. A new ESG report explores these trends to shine a light on how prevalent these challenges are and how organizations are dealing with them.

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The 7 Dimensions of a Project-to-Product Transformation


Our recently published Project to Product Maturity Assessment gives organizations a framework to assess the progress of this massive undertaking. By answering seven easy multiple-choice questions, they find out where they are in their journey and get recommendations on how to advance. .

Test Plan and Test Strategy: Best Practices That Will Make Your Product Development a Success


Without a crystal clear understanding of the processes when a team works on a software product, it can be tempting to think that all the problems stem from under-qualified QA engineers who click around randomly and ruin the hard work of the whole team. However, the value and purpose of the quality assurance process are not transparent without documentation. That's where a test plan and test strategy can help.

Creating a seamless end user experience with an AIOps platform approach to DEM


Dynatrace news. The ideal end user experience is friction-free: users can access available and functional applications how, when, and where they want. But how do companies ensure they’re delivering this level of omnichannel user experience?

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30+ Leading DevOps Tools for 2022


Adoption of DevOps has increased significantly among enterprise, mid and small-scale organizations. However, you’ll need the help of the right DevOps tools to make this a reality. This article provides a thorough overview of 30+ top DevOps tools and their key features.

Why Go For App Store Optimization? Entrepreneur’s Guide To App Store Success

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You will be mistaken if you think app development and getting listed on app platforms is all to be done from the business owner’s side. Only the best Digital product development company put forward the process after it, which is essential.

AHV Tip: Shutdown multiple VMs in parallel


Often in my lab I want to shutdown a large number of VMs quickly. In the example below I submit the power-off command for a maximum of 50 VMs in parallel. Be aware that we’re using the command line, and in line with true Unix philosophy the OS will assume we know what we are … The post AHV Tip: Shutdown multiple VMs in parallel appeared first on n0derunner. AHV Automation & Administration acli ahv


Has Labor Peaked?

The Agile Manager

I wrote some time ago that labor is enjoying a moment. New working habits developed out of need during the pandemic that in many ways increased quality of life for knowledge workers.

DevOps Automation: Automating Your Way Through the SDLC


The business benefits that DevOps has to offer are all out for the world to see. Automation has transformed IT infrastructures, modernized application development processes, and minimized manual labor across the development realm.

What are the very basic things that you need to know about the iOS app Obfuscation systems?

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