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Continuous Testing – Everything You Need to Know


To know what Continuous Testing is, you should first see where development as a process came from. Earlier in the day, there was a Waterfall. The post Continuous Testing – Everything You Need to Know appeared first on Kovair Blog.

First Contentful Paint (FCP), Start Render, First Paint. How to properly measure the beginning of page rendering?


How to properly measure how fast a web page starts to display its content? Several Web performance metrics exist to answer this question, including First Paint, Start Render and one of the newest: First Contentful Paint (FCP). How does FCP stand out, what are its limitations?

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How IaC helps testers achieve automation awesomeness

TechBeacon Testing

Usually when people think of code, they envision programs executed by computers to do X, Y, or Z. Infrastructure as code (IaC) is different. It is a method you can use to define a configuration model that represents a piece of your server environment.

Reimagining Experimentation Analysis at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Toby Mao , Sri Sri Perangur , Colin McFarland Another day, another custom script to analyze an A/B test. Maybe you’ve done this before and have an old script lying around. If it’s new, it’s probably going to take some time to set up, right? Not at Netflix.

Giving data a heartbeat


Dynatrace news. I love data. I have spent virtually my entire career looking at data. Synthetic data, network data, system data, and the list goes on.

Selenium Automation Testing with Disabled JavaScript Settings — Is It Worth Your Time?


Testing the waters of Selenium Automation Testing. Selenium has been a pinnacle for open-source software in the industry of automated website testing.

T-SQL bugs, pitfalls, and best practices – pivoting and unpivoting

SQL Performance

This article is the fifth part in a series about T-SQL bugs, pitfalls and best practices. Previously I covered determinism , subqueries , joins and windowing. This month I cover pivoting and unpivoting.

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Game changing — From zero to Autonomous Cloud Management today


Dynatrace news. I’m going to revisit the Dynatrace digital transformation in this blog, because it is also an excellent story that began our journey to Autonomous Cloud Management (ACM).

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Java Performance: For-Looping vs. Streaming


How well does your Java perform? Iteration Performance. There are many views on how to iterate with high performance.

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World’s Top Web Performance Leaders To Watch


Reading time 16 min Whether you’re a web performance expert, an evangelist for the culture of performance, a web engineer incorporating performance into your process, or someone new to the web performance entirely, you probably identify as curious, excited about new ideas, and always learning.

Taskbar Latency and Kernel Calls

Randon ASCII

I work quickly on my computer and I get frustrated when I am forced to wait on an operation that should be fast. A persistent nuisance on my over-powered home laptop is that closing windows on the taskbar is slow. I right-click on an entry, wait for the menu to appear, and then select “Close window”.

Fully automatic code level monitoring and extended version support for AIX


Dynatrace news. In April of this year, we released a long-awaited GA version of the full-stack OneAgent for the IBM AIX operating system. This release enriched our family of full-stack OneAgents with an important contribution.

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17 Best Tips To Write Effective Test Cases


A place to write effective test cases. Test cases are the first step in any testing cycle and are very important for any project. If anything goes wrong at this step, the impact gets proliferated in the entire software testing process.

3 ways to get test automation done within your sprints

TechBeacon Testing

Many development teams won't attempt to create features and automate the tests for those features within the same sprint, since these two development activities together can easily take up the entire two-week sprint.

Procella: unifying serving and analytical data at YouTube

The Morning Paper

Procella: unifying serving and analytical data at YouTube Chattopadhyay et al., VLDB’19. Academic papers aren’t usually set to music, but if they were the chorus of Queen’s “I want it all (and I want it now…)” seems appropriate here.

Dynatrace Managed feature update, version 1.176


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Leverage the power of Davis AI with custom time-series events for your specific use cases (Preview). More flexible SAML configuration. Our default settings work well for most SSO servers that utilize the SAML protocol.

Top 5 Challenges of (Web) UI Testing


Figuring out the best ways to implement UI testing. The software and its demand are increasing year over year with no predictable end in sight.

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Optimize Images for Web


When it comes to marketing your website, there are a lot of different aspects to consider, such as speed, SEO, conversation rates, bounce rate, and many others. We normally focus solely on the performance aspect, but today we want to dive into additional ways you can optimize images for the web.

SQL Server Index Fill factor with Performance Benchmark

SQL Shack

In this article, we will study in detail about the how SQL Server Index Fill factor works. Index Fill factor SQL Server Index Fill Factor is a percentage value to be filled data page with data in SQL Server. This option is available in index properties to manage data storage in the data pages.

Dynatrace proactively keeps you informed of service incidents and outage resolutions


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace announces all service-related incidents that occur within our infrastructure on our service status page. To be notified of such incidents automatically, you can subscribe to outage notifications via email. But how can you know when an incident has been resolved?

Beginning Fuzz Cycle Automation


Did someone say fuzzy? Improving Testing and Fuzz Development with Coverage Analysis. In my previous post, we covered using bncov to do open-ended coverage analysis tasks to inform our testing.

Declarative recursive computation on an RDBMS

The Morning Paper

Declarative recursive computation on an RDBMS… or, why you should use a database for distributed machine learing Jankov et al., VLDB’19.

Execute SQL Task in SSIS: SqlStatementSource expression vs Variable Source Type

SQL Shack

In this article, I will give an overview of Execute SQL Task in SSIS and I will try to illustrate some of the differences between writing an expression to evaluate SqlStatementSource property or writing this expression within a variable and change the Execute SQL Task Source Type to variable.

Non-privileged mode for OneAgent on Linux: best in class security that doesn’t compromise functionality


Dynatrace news. Managing complex, heterogeneous infrastructure environments can be a real challenge for many organizations. Dynatrace provides great monitoring capabilities that help you identify and resolve problems with the software in your environment. Of course, Dynatrace itself is also software. This is why we invest continuous effort into making Dynatrace components as reliable and, more importantly, as safe as possible to use within demanding and dynamic environments.

How Performance Testers Can Help Protect and Secure IT


In August of 2018 Bob Diachenko, Director of Cyber Risk Research at found that over 2 million Mexican citizens had their healthcare data leaked due to a security vulnerability in a system's database.

Experiences with approximating queries in Microsoft’s production big-data clusters

The Morning Paper

Experiences with approximating queries in Microsoft’s production big-data clusters Kandula et al., VLDB’19. I’ve been excited about the potential for approximate query processing in analytic clusters for some time, and this paper describes its use at scale in production.

How It Works: SQL Server LOGIN_STATS (sys.dm_exec_sessions)

SQL Server According to Bob

To track the login statistical information, enable the sp_configure value ‘common criteria compliance enabled ‘ setting and restart SQL Server. The sys.dm_exec_sessions exec_sessions DMV is one way to query the statistical login information.

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.175


Dynatrace news. OneAgent. Support added for reactor-netty version 0.8. Support for gRPC end-to-end tracing. Node.js. Database tracing using Couchbase Node.js client is now generally available. Support for gRPC end-to-end tracing. General improvements. We’re continuing our investments into OneAgent for AIX. In this release, we’ve prepared two important enhancements: backport support for AIX 6.1

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Accommodating Human Behavior in Automated Testing


Human error needs to be accounted for. I'm a big fan of test automation. To me, it's the best way to get software out the door. For the most part, automation brings a degree of speed and accuracy to the testing process that in many cases surpasses human capability.

First Contentful Paint (FCP), Start Render, First Paint. How to properly measure the beginning of page rendering?


How to properly measure how fast a web page starts to display its content? Several Web performance metrics exist to answer this question, including First Paint, Start Render and one of the newest: First Contentful Paint (FCP). How does FCP stand out, what are its limitations?

APM — Production Monitoring With New Relic


Monitors for.monitoring! The next major thing for application teams after a software release is production monitoring. Production monitoring is broadly classified as. Application Monitoring. Infrastructure Monitoring.

Why Is Load Testing Significant?


Load Testing can monitor the response times of the system for every single transaction during a set period of time.

Why IT Needs to Look at the Network Through a 4-D Lens


Someone trying to look at the network through a 4-D lens. While ‘digital transformation’ and ‘cloud migration’ are two concepts with relatively broad definitions, they’re both rooted in the modernization of enterprise networks.

Improving Code Readability


Readable code is usable code. The world’s greatest chefs never put anything on the plate that will never be eaten, this rule corresponds to the YAGNI principle in Software Engineering.

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