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How to leverage mobile analytics to ensure crash-free, five-star mobile applications


Dynatrace news. Organizations around the world are increasingly adopting mobile applications. Customers want mobile apps but place a heavy weight on an app’s reviews when installing.

Mobile 184

Regression Testing: Significance, Challenges, Best Practices and Tools


Minor changes can have huge consequences. As the wants and choices of customers and markets are dynamic, so is expected the software to progress in parallel with the varying trends.


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HammerDB for Managers


This post is targeted towards the questions most often asked by non-technical management who want to get up to speed on what HammerDB is (what it isn’t) and how it can benefit their organization. What is HammerDB? HammerDB is a software application for database benchmarking.

Beware of tiny working-set-sizes when testing storage performance.


I was recently asked to investigate why Nutanix storage was not as fast as a competing solution in a PoC environment. When I looked at the output from diskspd, the data didn’t quite make sense.

OneAgent release notes version 1.243


Dynatrace news. We released Dynatrace OneAgent version 1.243. To learn what’s new, have a look at the release notes. The post OneAgent release notes version 1.243 appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Product news Release notes OneAgent What's new


Caching Across Layers in Software Architecture


The purpose of this article is to help readers understand what is caching, the problems it addresses, and how caching can be applied across layers of system architecture to solve some of the challenges faced by modern software systems.

Top 7 SaaS frameworks to build products that everybody loves


Building a product takes a considerable effort, even more so if it’s SaaS. If you are looking for direction about picking a suitable SaaS framework, then we've got you covered. Here’s a detailed overview of the top seven SaaS frameworks that can help you bring your product into reality.

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Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.244


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Operating systems support. Centos 6.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, Oracle Linux 6.x are no longer supported since October 1, 2021. However, we still maintain existing deployments and allow upgrades.

Hyperautomation: The Beacon for Your Digital Transformation Journey


The concept of automation is constantly expanding as time passes. IT executives have already seen the potential of automation and how it makes the entire process smoother. They are now looking for new methods to use hyperautomation to fulfill digital transformation goals. As per a market study done by Global NEWSWIRE , in the next few years, the global hyperautomation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 18.7 percent, attaining a value of more than US$ 32,632 million by 2030.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a SaaS Application? (In-Depth Guide)


SaaS applications have transformed the software industry in the last decade. It has boosted a startup culture that can develop a product within a limited budget.

Story Points and Flow Metrics: What’s the Difference?


Ron Jeffries, who helped coin the concept of story points back in the 2000s, said recently that he “deplore[s] their misuse.”. In the early days of story points, developers “really only used the points to decide how much work to take into an iteration,” says Jeffries.

Dynatrace ensures continuous software quality by combining synthetic monitoring and automatic release validation


Dynatrace news. Organizations can now accelerate innovation and reduce the risk of failed software releases by incorporating on-demand synthetic monitoring as a metrics provider for automatic, continuous release-validation processes.

The New New New Normal

The Agile Manager

My blogs in recent months have focused on macroeconomic factors affecting tech, primarily inflation and interest rates and the things driving them : increased labor power, supply shortages, expansion of M2, and unabated demand.

SaaS Security: CISO’s Guide to Principles, Challenges, and Best Practices


Most SaaS products reside in cloud environments, and multiple people across the globe access them anytime, anywhere. That’s where SaaS security concerns come into the picture.

How to obtain SQL Execution Plans using different methods

SQL Shack

In this article, we will learn various methods of how to get an SQL execution plan of a query. Introduction A SQL Execution plan is a very helpful query analysis tool that helps to diagnose the query performance issues and to understand the backside of the complex operation details.

Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.244


Dynatrace news. We released Dynatrace version 1.244. To learn what’s new, have a look at the release notes. The post Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.244 appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Product news Release notes


Get the Most out of Video Streaming with Apica


Who doesn’t love sitting down to binge the latest great show? And with streaming services increasing all the time, more and more providers are embracing technologies that allow them to provide video content through browsers and a variety of dedicated apps.

CI/CD Process: 6 Efficient ways for Continuous Improvement in SDLC


CI/CD processes can be tricky to implement if you don't have a strategy to overcome different challenges. Organizations face cost management, security integrations, automation, and performance consistency challenges.

The Structure and Process Fallacy

Strategic Tech

“If our teams were just organized in the right way, and we adopted the agile process, we’d be so much more efficient.” What’s your feeling when reading that quote? Are you strongly in agreement, generally in agreement, or perhaps you’re shaking your head in disagreement?

The role of service-level objectives (SLOs) in SRE


Dynatrace news. Site reliability engineering (SRE) has taken center stage. As companies turn to cloud automation and digital transformation to improve business operations, site reliability engineering has taken center stage. But effective SRE is a team effort.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure explained: Weighing the pros, cons, and complexities


Dynatrace news. More than 90% of enterprises now rely on a hybrid cloud infrastructure to deliver innovative digital services and capture new markets. That’s because cloud platforms offer flexibility and extensibility for an organization’s existing infrastructure.

Real user monitoring vs. synthetic monitoring: Understanding best practices


Dynatrace news. In today’s competitive business environment, customers demand seamless user experiences. As businesses compete for customer loyalty, it’s critical to understand the difference between real-user monitoring and synthetic user monitoring.