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Address Kubernetes-observability configuration chaos with unparalleled automation


Dynatrace news. Kubernetes can be a confounding platform for system architects. Microservice design principles force people to think along a spectrum of loose coupling. Configuration headaches for Kubernetes observability are no different.

Protractor Tutorial: Handling Timeouts With Selenium


A lot of times while performing Selenium test automation, you’ll come across certain scenarios when your test fails because the webpage or the web element takes some time to load completely.

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Machine Learning for a Better Developer Experience

The Netflix TechBlog

Stanislav Kirdey , William High Imagine having to go through 2.5GB of log entries from a failed software build?—?3 3 million lines?—?to to search for a bug or a regression that happened on line 1M. It’s probably not even doable manually!

Native lazy-loading for iframes is here!

Addy Osmani

Native lazy-loading for iframes is now supported in Chrome and Chromium browsers


Easily monitor your entire infrastructure with Dynatrace Synthetic monitors


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace OneAgent is great for monitoring the full stack. However, you can’t install OneAgents on every single type of device. There are certain situations when an agent based approach isn’t possible, such as with network or storage devices, or a very old OS.

51 Best Tools for Small Businesses in 2020 (Free and Inexpensive)


It is an exciting thing to start your small business or to work for one. However, working without modern tools at your disposal can render your performance to a slow halt. This post will highlight the best tools for small businesses that are free and not so costly.

Introducing Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture

Uber Engineering

Introduction. Recently there has been substantial discussion around the downsides of service oriented architectures and microservice architectures in particular.

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Transform mainframe applications into z/OS Java services with end-to-end transaction visibility and anomaly detection (Preview)


Dynatrace news. Business, finance, and administrative applications written in the common business-oriented language (COBOL) have run tirelessly on IBM Z systems since the early 1960s.

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Protractor Tutorial: Handling iFrames and Frames in Selenium


While performing Selenium test automation, you’d often come across scenarios where you’d need to handle frames or iframes. Frames are used to split the content into horizontal and vertical splits, while iframes are used to embed content on a web page.

We've improved image lazy-loading in Chrome!

Addy Osmani

We improved image lazy-loading in Chrome! The new thresholds for when we lazy-load images offer much better data-savings, are closer to JavaScript lazy-loading libraries and are rolling out to Chrome 79


Configure Managed Service Accounts for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

This article is a 6th article in the series for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups. It covers the configuration of the group managed service account (gMSA) for SQL Services. Introduction DBA uses services accounts to run the various SQL Services.

Dynatrace innovates again with the release of topology-driven auto-adaptive metric baselines


Dynatrace news.

From Caching to CDN: How To Decide Which Way to Go


In an attempt to speed up their websites, owners are ready to take various measures. When we talk about the speed of a website, most often we mean the speed of its content loading. There are two effective methods to improve the load time — data caching and using a content delivery network (CDN).

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Desktop Application Testing vs Web Application Testing


There are lots of applications that users use these days. Some are accessed via the internet while some of them are installed on the user’s computer. The former being categorized as the web-based applications while the latter falling into the desktop applications category.

Monitor the growth of SQL databases using the Default Trace

SQL Shack

Monitoring the growth of the SQL Database is one of the essential tasks of the SQL Server DBA. In this article, I am going to explain how we can monitor the growth of the SQL database using the default trace. First, let me explain the default trace in SQL Server.

Management of synthetic monitors using the credential vault is now easier than ever


Dynatrace news. The credential vault is an invaluable enhancement to Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring , especially as more and more websites, applications, and API endpoints are protected with authentication/authorization solutions.

MSTest Tutorial: Running First Selenium Automation Script


MSTest is the default test automation framework which comes bundled with Visual Studio. It started as a command-line tool for executing tests and was referred to as the Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework; however, the name MSTest is more synonymous with the developers.

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Legacy Architecture Modernisation With Strategic Domain-Driven Design

Strategic Tech

Most organisations go through an architecture modernisation effort at some point as their systems drift into a state of intolerable maintenance costs and they diverge too far from modern technological advances. I’ve seen some organisations deliver hugely impressive modernisation programmes.

How do Product Visions Become a Reality? Tasktop Viz™, A Short Story.


I’ve always been curious about the stories behind some of the world’s most impactful technology. Always wondered how profound product visions came to be. Then I witnessed one happen with my very own eyes at Tasktop.

Introducing Davis data units (DDUs) for increased flexibility with custom metrics


Dynatrace news. Metrics are an essential functionality provided by the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform. Dynatrace OneAgent and ActiveGate extensions provide you with a multitude of metrics.

WebDriverIO Tutorial: Run Your First Automation Script


WebDriverIO framework is being widely used by the testing community to perform automation testing on both web applications and native mobile applications. The tests performed on WebdriverIO are simple and concise. Also, you can control browsers with just a few lines of code.

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The Power of Integrated Analytics Within an IMDG

ScaleOut Software

ScaleOut StateServer® Pro Adds Analytics to In-Memory Data Grids . In-Memory Data Grids for Fast-Changing Data. For more than fifteen years, ScaleOut StateServer® has demonstrated technology leadership as an in-memory data grid (IMDG) and distributed cache.

From Integrated Pipelines to Value Stream Management


The memory of meeting Tasktop CEO, Dr. Mik Kersten, is eternally sketched into my mind. It was just after I had given my talk at the initial Gene Kim DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco in 2014.

Dynatrace: Verbesserte AI-gestützte Observability für Microsoft Azure


Dynatrace news. München, 22.

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Improve Your Software Testing Strategy: A Testing Maturity Model


Does your development team feel stuck when it comes to knowing what specific things to focus on to improve your software testing and quality management? Need to figure out how to fill in the gaps and improve efficiency and results?

The Power of Integrated Analytics Within an IMDG

ScaleOut Software

ScaleOut StateServer® Pro Adds Analytics to In-Memory Data Grids . In-Memory Data Grids for Fast-Changing Data. For more than fifteen years, ScaleOut StateServer® has demonstrated technology leadership as an in-memory data grid (IMDG) and distributed cache.

New Product Release: Integrate Jira Align with Tasktop Hub 20.3


Tasktop’s latest product release from its Value Stream Management platform —Tasktop Hub 20.3—is is out today, making end-to-end enterprise toolchain integration even easier and impactful.

Azure 52

How to Implement React Migration And Increase Your Performance 3X?


How do we migrate a web application frontend to Reactjs and still maintain a responsive yet fast performance without compromising the existing SEO and authority?

Quality Sense Podcast: Mobile App Performance With Sofia Palamarchuk


In today’s Quality Sense episode, Federico Toledo sits down for a chat with a colleague and friend, Sofia Palamarchuk. She’s a Director and Board Member of Abstracta and the co-founder and CEO of Apptim , a tool that helps you to test and analyze native mobile app performance.

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What your team can learn from traffic mega-surges like Amazon Prime Day

TechBeacon Testing

This year's Amazon Prime Day may be delayed (reportedly until August or September), but when it does arrive, it is certain to bring with it the usual flood of web traffic from hungry shoppers looking for killer deals. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Performance Engineering, Performance Testing

Site Reliability Is More Important Than Ever, Yet Challenges Persist


When Google originally defined the role of site reliability engineer (SRE), they were looking to address an urgent problem: the mission-critical need for high availability and performance of digital services.

Google 130

10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony


Taking part in testing more than 50 projects we saw how tests can give confidence in the code base, begin to save time for the entire development team and help to comply with business requirements. For those who come from other ecosystems, let us first explain what the term “functional tests” means in Symfony. The following definition is given in the documentation: tutorial performance testing symfony symfony framework testing tips

Defect differently: 4 defect management game-changers

TechBeacon Testing

You'll find a lot of advice on the Internet on how to organize the flow of defects your team has to deal with—which bug tracker to use, how to divide responsibilities, which statuses to track. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Quality Assurance (QA

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