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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For February 28th, 2020

High Scalability

Wake up! It's HighScalability time: The Smithsonian has million of pieces of delicious open access content. I ate up this 3D representation of the 1903 Wright Flyer. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Without your support on Patreon this kind of Stuff won't happen.

Dynatrace Managed is now certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux software


Dynatrace news. We’re very excited about this week’s a nnouncement from? Red Hat , one of our? technology alliance partners , that Dynatrace Managed is certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.x distributions. For details, see the listing in the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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Exploratory Testing: A Detailed Guide


What Is Exploratory Testing? In exploratory testing, testers check a system without a plan in mind to discover bugs that users may face when navigating a website or app. It tries to mimic the personal freedom and choices of individual end-users.

Meaningful availability

The Morning Paper

Meaningful availability , Hauer et al., NSDI’20. With thanks to Damien Mathieu for the recommendation.

Socratic vs. Euclidean Forms of API Documentation

High Scalability

I was emailing a service about their documentation and while their doc was good, about one particularly tricky concept they told me that once you use it for a while, that’s when you’ll understand it. In other words: you’ll only understand it after you understand it.

Digital Business Analytics: Let’s get started!


Dynatrace news. We introduced Digital Business Analytics in part one as a way for our customers to tie business metrics to application performance and user experience, delivering unified insights into how these metrics influence business milestones and KPIs.

How To Decide The Entry and Exit Criteria For Regression Testing


What is Regression Testing? Regression testing is the process of verifying that if a change is made in one component of the product, the other components of the product continue to behave like it was before.

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AnyLog: a grand unification of the Internet of things

The Morning Paper

AnyLog: a grand unification of the Internet of Things , Abadi et al., CIDR’20. The Web provides decentralised publishing and direct access to unstructured data ( searching / querying that data has turned out to be a pretty centralised affair in practice though).

Google Lighthouse Audits – How to use Chrome’s built-in speed testing tool


If you’re not a developer/designer, you may not be familiar with the Chrome DevTools and the extremely powerful Google Lighthouse Audits that can be found inside. However, you have likely used the Web UI that Google uses to allow you to test websites for speed – Google PageSpeed Insights.

Speed 56

Azure SQL Managed Instance Performance Considerations

SQL Performance

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance became generally available in late 2018. Since then, many organizations have started migrating to Managed Instance for the benefits of a managed environment.

Azure 56

BlocklyJMX Review


Reviewing JMeter’s new online editor BlocklyJMX is a web-based alternative to JMeter for viewing and editing test plan files. If you aren’t familiar with JMeter, it’s an open. The post BlocklyJMX Review appeared first on Abstracta Software Testing Services.

Gandalf: an intelligent, end-to-end analytics service for safe deployment in cloud-scale infrastructure

The Morning Paper

Gandalf: an intelligent, end-to-end analytics service for safe deployment in cloud-scale infrastructure , Li et al., NSDI’20. Modern software systems at scale are incredibly complex ever changing environments.

A Day in the Life of a… Solution Consultant


Meet Matt Tilney, a Solution Consultant at Tasktop, and our only employee located in Australia! We spoke to Matt about his favourite Tasktop memory, which includes Rock Band, and what it’s like to work in a completely different timezone. . How do you start your day before work?

Your technology architecture and engineering organization should coevolve as your startup grows

Abhishek Tiwari

The evolution of your technology architecture should depend on the size, culture, and skill set of your engineering organization. In fact, they should coevolve.

3 Key Performance Testing Metrics Every Tester Should Know


Making sense of the average, standard deviation and percentiles in performance testing reports There are certain performance testing metrics that are essential to understand properly in order to.

Nodejs vs React: Comparing Learning curve, Performance, Use-case


“What is better, Node js or React js? Which one should I prefer to build my web app development?” These are some commonly asked questions by many. This is why we’ve come up with this new post that’ll help you understand the in-depth comparison between these two powerful technologies.

The #1 ServiceNow Integration Use Case for Enterprise Software Delivery Efficiency


Organizations rely heavily on ServiceNow for their IT operations and software delivery activities. But on its own, a single tool is never enough.

Introducing Axioms

Abhishek Tiwari

I am thrilled to announce the early availability of Axioms - a financial-grade identity and trust management platform. Axioms enables organizations to protect their apps, devices, and APIs against unauthorized and untrusted access using our fully-managed SaaS offering.

Mobile App Usage Behavior Statistics 2020 (Updated)


The post Mobile App Usage Behavior Statistics 2020 (Updated) appeared first on Insights on Latest Software Technologies - Simform Blog. Mobility

Why use React? A case-by-case manual for your next application project.


Choosing the best front-end technology nowadays is a big deal. Today's web development era has witnessed quite a few technologies in the market, each designed to meet different needs. React is one such technology that has been utilized by almost each and every company. But why is that? What is Reactjs used for? What kind of projects can be built with React? Let's figure out what are some use-cases of Reactjs and how can you use it in your next web application project. The post Why use React?