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Handling Multiple Windows With Protractor For Selenium Testing


Every day is a challenge for newbie automation testers! Just when you learned how to perform automated browser testing on a single window, you now come across the challenge of handling multiple windows. Isn’t this a nightmare! Well, no need to worry, I've got you covered.

Scale your API operations with our version 2 APIs


Dynatrace news. Autonomous Cloud Programmability. Dynatrace v2 APIs transform your entire organization by making it as easy as possible to get started with monitoring automation and to solve your business problems with data-driven answers.

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Comparing PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Performance & Pricing – ScaleGrid vs. DigitalOcean Managed Databases


DigitalOcean is a cost-effective cloud provider that caters to, and is widely adopted by the developer community. ScaleGrid is a fully managed DBaaS that supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis™, along with additional support for MongoDB® database and Greenplum® database. Along with many popular cloud providers, DigitalOcean also provides a Managed Databases service. They support PostgreSQL, MySQL and Redis, but for the sake of this article, we are going to focus on their PostgreSQL product.

The basics of Parallel Execution Plans in SQL Server

SQL Shack

In this article, we will learn the basics of Parallel Execution Plans, and we will also figure out how the query optimizer decides to generate a parallel query plan for the queries. Let’s first look at how a query is executed and the role of the query optimizer in this process.

Karate Framework: Let's Make API Tests Green Again


I’ve recently talked about a testing framework called Cypress. In this article, I will talk about another one: a pretty simple testing framework for REST API Automation called Karate.

What is APM?


Dynatrace news. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) in its simplest terms is what practitioners use to ensure consistent availability, performance, and response times to applications. Websites, mobile apps, and business applications are typical use cases for monitoring.

Cucumber vs Testsigma| Behaviour Driven Development Compared


Headed to BDD? Is Cucumber a cool way to go? Let’s explore. A software development organization may decide to move its development process to Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) because of 2 main reasons: 1.

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How to Enhance User Experience by Improving Mobile App Performance


What’s one of the biggest predictors of a mobile app's success? Performance. performance web dev mobile apps black friday ecommerce app development mobile app performance

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Scale enterprise BizDevOps collaboration by easily automating hundreds of user accounts in Dynatrace SaaS


Dynatrace news. With role-based governance for large global teams, automatic enterprise-wide deployment and full-stack coverage across infrastructure, cloud platforms, and applications, Dynatrace is made for the most demanding enterprise environments.

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NEW: Compare ALL the things!

Speed Curve

One of the huge benefits of tracking web performance over time is the ability to see trends and compare metrics.

Mobile Page Speed Testing


Do you know how fast your site loads on a mobile device? Mobile use surpassed desktop use years ago, but all too often websites are still being built desktop first and mobile second. In fact, failing to run a mobile page speed test is the number 1 speed testing mistake we see our users make!

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Top 27 Best Practices For Selenium Test Automation


In recent years, you’d hardly see an organization who had not transitioned to automation testing. After All, with quick feedback on new features, who’d want to miss out on Selenium testing. Even then, a few testers complain of the automation tests being unstable and unreliable.

Massively speed up OneAgent lifecycle management with the enhanced REST API (Preview)


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace OneAgent lifecycle management allows you to control your OneAgent instance operations, configure core settings, and get answers to questions like: “What are the health statuses of my OneAgents?”, ”, “Are my OneAgents and ActiveGates performing well?”,

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React Security Vulnerabilities that Should Not be Ignored


The Javascript has had a long history of common security risks associated with it and Reactjs is no exception. The library, React, exhibits a few security vulnerabilities in some of its components boasting millions of downloads, some of which can be fatal for your web application.

European SAFe® Summit 2020: A Reminder of What Agile Really Means


“If you don’t understand the customer’s journey, or you don’t really understand the customer, or you’re not really solving the user’s problem, you’re not going to achieve business agility.” Dean Leffingwell, Co-founder and Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile® 1.

11 Ways To Manage Distributed Testing Teams Effectively


With the outbreak of COVID-19, organizations all over the world are forced to ask their employees to work from home. It’s likely that you haven’t worked with a completely distributed team, let alone manage one.

More visibility into user experience with new web performance metrics and enhanced Visually Complete


Dynatrace news. To deliver outstanding customer experience for your applications and websites, you need reliable benchmarks that measure what good customer experience looks like.

Angular vs Vue: Best 10 Comparisons you Need to Know


Starting from jQuery, a Javascript library released in 2006 for building interactive web apps, Javascript frameworks have evolved very quickly over the past few years. And ever since, there has been a trend for developing organized frontend frameworks.

Role of a Developer in Software Testing


Do you like working with computers? I hope, yes. Maybe you appreciate diving deeper into a system to find out how it works. Perhaps, you. Test Management Software Developer

Selenium C# Tutorial: Handling Multiple Browser Windows


A common scenario in a website (or web application) is opening up a new browser (or tab) on the click of a button. With these multiple browsers, windows can be automated using Selenium test automation.

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What is Application Performance Monitoring?


Dynatrace news. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) in its simplest terms is what practitioners use to ensure consistent availability, performance, and response times to applications. Websites, mobile apps, and business applications are typical use cases for monitoring.

Why use Node.js for building web apps? Node.js Advantages & Disadvantages


Ever wondered why Node.js is the first choice when it comes to developing web apps? If yes, then you are in the right place! In this blog, we’ll walk you through node.js advantages and disadvantages and explore use cases that’ll help you understand how it can add value to your projects. The post Why use Node.js for building web apps? Advantages & Disadvantages appeared first on Insights on Latest Technologies - Simform Blog. Web App Development

In uncertain times, product quality is key: 4 ways to amplify QA

TechBeacon Testing

As your engineering team settles into the routine of working from home and operating in the current climate, your strategy might be changing. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Pandemic, Quality Assurance (QA

How Do You Catch More Bugs In Your End-To-End Tests?


How much is it worth to catch more bugs early in your product release process? Depending on where you are in your release process, you might be writing unit or systems tests.

Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.194


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Managing a few Azure nodes is easy, managing observability for thousands is unique to Dynatrace. Other improvements. General. Allow user to terminate all their existing sessions at sign-in. License-related notifications for quotas that are nearly exhausted are now displayed only to cluster administrators. Cluster Management Console. Support for HTTPS proxy servers has been added.

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Getting NServiceBus ready for the cloud

Particular Software

More and more companies are realizing that it’s in their best interest to move to the cloud. As software consultants at Headspring , we’re often tasked with helping organizations migrate their highly complex legacy systems to modern cloud environments.

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The Agile Manager

Last month, I wrote that the COVID-19 crisis has created prime opportunities for investing: depressed prices create opportunity to acquire assets that are likely to appreciate rapidly once the crisis passes.

Top UI Automation Tools You Should Try


As applications are designed and developed for varied platforms, spanning mobile, desktop, and cloud, testing user interfaces has turned into an increasingly complicated and risk-prone job. While having its series of challenges and loopholes, automated UI testing is gaining traction.

OneAgent release notes version 1.193


Dynatrace news. With this release, the oldest supported OneAgent versions are: Dynatrace ONE. Dynatrace ONE Premium. 1.175. 1.169. Make sure you update soon. New features and enhancements. Further improvements to OneAgent security for Windows and Linux. Added support for Mule (HTTP Listener) 4.1.1. The post OneAgent release notes version 1.193 appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Product news Release notes OneAgent What's new

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Quality Sense Podcast: Paul-Henri Pillet — Why We Made Gatling


What It’s Like to Build a Company Around Developer-Driven Performance Testing.

Quality Sense Podcast: Rob Sabourin ? Testing Under Pressure (Part 1)


This Unique Methodology Will Help You Test Software in Times of Turbulence. Welcome to the Quality Sense Podcast’s first episode! At Abstracta, we are thrilled to explore a new avenue for bringing you fresh content from some of the brightest minds in software!

What Is Parallel Testing and Why to Adopt it?


With the advancement in technology, testing solutions have become more scalable than ever, as organizations moved to Selenium test automation from manual testing. But, one area that most organizations are still struggling with is the scalability to run multiple tests in parallel.

Quality Sense Podcast: Rob Sabourin (Testing Under Pressure Part 2)


Listen to this episode of the Quality Sense Podcast in which Federico Toledo continues his two-part interview with Robert Sabourin , Adjunct Professor of Software Engineering at McGill University and President of AmiBug.Com. What’s the Episode About?

How Is Testing Community Performing Web Testing Remotely In COVID-19?


With the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic, most of us are forced to work from home. From working at our desks, we had to make a switch to couches.

Work at Peak: Why Should an 8-Hour Working Day Be Given Up


An 8-hour working day is an outdated and inefficient approach to work. If you want to be as productive as possible, you should leave this relic and find a new way.

49 Most Common Selenium Exceptions for Automation Testing


A developer will always write code keeping different scenarios in mind but there could be cases where the implementation does not work as expected.

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Overview of C# Async Programming With Thread Pools and Task Parallel Library


I recently found myself explaining the concept of thread and thread pools to my team. We encountered a complicated threads-problem at our production environment that led us to review and analyze some legacy code.

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