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Designing Instagram

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Ankit Sirmorya. Ankit is working as a Machine Learning Lead/Sr. Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon and has led several machine-learning initiatives across the Amazon ecosystem.

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Ways to Avoid Dependencies: Tips for Product Engineering Teams


Dependencies cause chaos on delivery and destroy predictability. Use the "independent executor" model. These are weightless conditions that can increase your plans. Independent Executor Model. We need things from other teams because they are the owners of the area we need to do work in.


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Automating DevOps practices fuels speed and quality


Dynatrace news. Takeaways from this article on DevOps practices: DevOps practices bring developers and operations teams together and enable more agile IT.

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Experimentation is a major focus of Data Science across Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

5.5 mm in 1.25 nanoseconds

Randon ASCII

In 2004 I was working for Microsoft in the Xbox group, and a new console was being created. I got a copy of the detailed descriptions of the Xbox 360 CPU and I read it through multiple times and suddenly I’d learned enough to become the official CPU expert.

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Most Complete MSTest Framework Tutorial Using.Net Core


With the advent of programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, etc., there is thinking amongst the developer community that the C language is losing relevance.

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How Dynatrace uses Dynatrace to combat the Log4j vulnerability (Log4Shell)


Dynatrace news. On December 9, 2021, the first indicators of the Log4j vulnerability (Log4Shell) began to reverberate across the world.

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Matching Supply With Demand — Solutions, Part 1

SQL Performance

Last month , I covered Peter Larsson's puzzle of matching supply with demand. I showed Peter's straightforward cursor-based solution and explained that it has linear scaling.

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How To Use NUnit Annotations For Selenium Automation Testing [With Example]


When it comes to using object-oriented programming languages for development & testing, C# is still considered a good choice by the developer community. MSTest/Visual Studio,, and NUnit are some of the top-most frameworks that can be used for automated browser testing. While using NUnit, you can further leverage the capabilities of NUnit Annotations to build a more robust framework. Any discussion about testing is incomplete without the mention of the Selenium framework.

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OneAgent release notes version 1.231


Dynatrace news. Rollout starts January 10, 2022. With this release, the oldest supported OneAgent versions are: Dynatrace ONE. Dynatrace ONE Premium. 1.213. 1.207. Dynatrace extension framework upgrade notice.

A Deep CSS Dive Into Radial And Conic Gradients

Smashing Magazine Graphics

A Deep CSS Dive Into Radial And Conic Gradients. A Deep CSS Dive Into Radial And Conic Gradients. Ahmad Shadeed. 2022-01-10T12:30:00+00:00. 2022-01-10T17:34:35+00:00.

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Using the CSS Me Not Bookmarklet to See (and Disable) CSS Files

CSS - Tricks

Stoyan is absolutely correct. As much as we all love CSS, it’s still an important player in how websites load and using less of it is a good thing. He has a neat new bookmarklet called CSS Me Not to help diagnose unnecessary CSS files, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Customer Support Makes Better Software

Professor Beekums

Early in my career, I had the incorrect impression that interacting with customers was beneath me. I had this perception because I was at a large company and standard corporate hierarchies encourage that mentality. Photo by Petr Machá?ek.

Optimizing your Kubernetes clusters without breaking the bank


Dynatrace news. Organizations across the world are fast adopting Kubernetes. That is because Kubernetes provides several benefits from a performance perspective. Its ability to densely schedule containers into the underlying machines translates to low infrastructure costs.

Top 9 web development trends to expect in 2022


The Top web development trends in 2022. Quick Summary:- Upgrading your website as per the current trend in the web development industry is crucial to get an edge over your competitors in the digital world. Let’s dive deep into the top website development trends to expect in 2022.

Negative Blocking Session Ids (-5 = Latch ANY TASK RELEASOR)

SQL Server According to Bob

Negative Blocking Session Ids ​​ (-5 = Latch ANY TASK RELEASOR) SQL Server may report a blocking session id as a negative integer value. SQL Server uses negative sessions ids to indicate special conditions. ​​ Value Description -1 Orphaned lock, ​​ commonly ​​ a bug in SQL Server ​​ where lock ownership has been incorrectly ​​ lost. -2 2 Pending DTC ​​ transaction.

The best software QA and testing conferences of 2022

TechBeacon Testing

Attending software testing conferences offers you an opportunity to improve your software testing skills and techniques and allows you to hear about real-life use cases and solutions that you can apply in your organization.

New analytics capabilities for messaging system-related anomalies


Dynatrace news. Messaging systems can significantly improve the reliability, performance, and scalability of the communication processes between applications and services. An example of a critical event-based messaging service for many businesses is adding a product to a shopping cart.

Top Frontend Frameworks to use in 2022


Quick Summary : Frontend Frameworks are ubiquitous with web development. With a myriad of options available out there, we have compiled a list of top frontend frameworks out there to help you out.

DevOps Lifecycle: 7 Phases Explained in Detail with Examples


The advanced knowledge of the DevOps lifecycle guides the organization towards its correct implementation. This article outlines the significance and tools for each of the 7 phases with examples to help your enterprise achieve high-quality software and faster delivery times.

Dynatrace SaaS release notes version 1.232


Dynatrace news. Kubernetes monitoring. If until now you could only connect your Kubernetes clusters to Dynatrace via a public Kubernetes API, you now have an easier alternative: connect your clusters via a local Kubernetes API endpoint. Application Security.

What is real user monitoring (RUM)?


Dynatrace news. A customer’s interaction with your online services sets the stage for their experience of doing business with you. If your digital experience is slow, unavailable, or difficult to work with, your risk of losing a customer to a competitor increases.

State of Test Automation Survey 2022: Statistics That’ll Surprise You!


The most common answer to the need for test automation is to reduce the time for a software release. And while this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many obvious benefits of choosing test automation as organizations transition from traditional to agile software development approaches. .

Top Tech Companies to Watch in Minneapolis in 2022


Minneapolis, along with Saint Paul, also known as the “Twin Cities,” has emerged as one of the leading tech hubs of the United States. This article brings you to the top tech companies in Minneapolis that recently made their mark.