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Optimizing the Aural Experience on Android Devices with xHE-AAC

The Netflix TechBlog

By Phill Williams and Vijay Gondi Introduction At Netflix, we are passionate about delivering great audio to our members. We began streaming 5.1 channel surround sound in 2010, Dolby Atmos in 2017 , and adaptive bitrate audio in 2019.

Getting Hands-on Training into more hands in 2021


Dynatrace news. We’ve all had to Transform Faster this past year. Not just with our technology, or in business, but in all areas of our lives.


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The Top 9 Web Application Testing Tools in 2021


The modern commercial enterprise’s demands make it obligatory for every single organization to have an optimized and high-performing web application and website. The application or website quality plays a significant role in how users perceive the organization, and, in turn, how much faith they have its products. In this circumstance, rigorous testing of the application and the website becomes crucial.

A Performance Heads-Up Display (HUD) for Chrome

Addy Osmani

Introducing a new Performance Heads-Up Display (HUD) to Chrome and Chrome for Android

Synchronize logins between Availability replicas in SQL Server Always On Availability Group

SQL Shack

In this 40th article on SQL Server Always On Availability Group series, we will discuss logins synchronization between replicas. Introduction SQL Server Always On Availability Groups provides high availability and disaster recovery solution for SQL databases.

Dynatrace extends distributed tracing for serverless on AWS Lambda (GA)?


Dynatrace news. With our enhanced AWS Lambda extension , we bring the power of Dynatrace PurePath 4 automatic tracing technology to serverless function observability.

Lambda 156

A Comprehensive Guide to Deal With XPath in Selenium


Selenium has always been the first choice for automation developers to automate their web applications. Locating dynamic web elements has historically been dolorous for automation testers, which brings the scope of XPath into the picture. XPath is one of the most preferable locators provided by Selenium. Locators are Selenium commands used to locate a GUI web element present in the web page Document Object Model (DOM) structure.

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How to do web performance testing with Google Lighthouse and Cypress

TechBeacon Testing

Our attention span has decreased over time. Online, if a page loads slowly, people are quick to go to a competitor’s site. They have no patience for slow websites. Businesses that fail to realize this can lose a lot of money after racking up negative reviews from customers.

New Product Release: Tasktop Hub 21.1 – Jira, Leankit, VersionOne, Tricentis Tosca Integration


The latest product release from the Tasktop Value Stream Management platform —Tasktop Hub 21.1—is is out today, making end-to-end enterprise toolchain integration even easier and impactful. New exciting features include: The ability to take action on specific artifacts pairs.

ASPICE 101: What You Need to Know About Automotive SPICE


Wooden panels and beltless bench seating have gone the way of the dinosaurs, and vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated with every passing year. A major part of that? Embedded systems and automotive software. So, why have functional safety requirements become more standardized while automotive software standards remain touch and go?

8 Challenges of mobile app testing and how to solve them?


In 2019, the worldwide sales of mobile devices were 1524 million units. In 2020, in the first nine months, we were already hitting 1590 million units and this trend has been growing every year. The number was just 296 million units ten years back in 2010 ( [link] ).

10 Effective Tips for a Better Software Testing Process


Despite what most of us might assume, software testing is not simply a matter of conducting a string of tests and evaluations, and getting the. Test Management Software Testing

Performance of sys.partitions

SQL Performance

sys.partitions appears to be a UNION ALL of two result sets (row store and columnstore) and most of my queries are resulting in two scans of sysrowsets. Is there any filter I can put on a query of sys.partitions if I know the row I’m looking for is rowstore?

I/O Waiting CPU Time – ‘wa’ in Top


CPU consumption in Unix/Linux operating systems is broken down into 8 different metrics: User CPU time , System CPU time , nice CPU time , Idle CPU time , Waiting CPU time , Hardware Interrupt CPU time , Software Interrupt CPU time , and Stolen CPU time. In this article, let us study ‘waiting CPU time’. What Is ‘Waiting’ CPU Time? Waiting CPU time indicates the amount of time the CPU spends waiting for disk I/O or network I/O operations to complete.

How to Get Started With Browser Testing at the earliest


Web Developers frequently come across issues where the developed website or web application does not work as expected on certain combinations of browsers and operating systems. Does this mean that enough effort was not spent in the automation testing process?

Xamarin vs Ionic: Ending the application frameworks debate


Xamarin and Ionic are two popular frameworks for building hybrid applications. Both the frameworks have been a point of debate for developers, for the past few years. The difference ranges from Application size, UX/UI experience, Code reusability, third-party SDK, etc.

Autosave for your business

Particular Software

If you’re a long-time video game player like me, your muscle-memory vividly remembers the F5 key’s location on your keyboard. For everyone else: F5 is a common key-binding for “quicksave” in computer-games. And like many others, I learned how to use it the hard way.

Games 60

XUnit Testing Tutorial: Running A First Script in XUnit


In our earlier blog under the xUnit testing tutorial series, we had a look at setting up the framework (further referred to as xUnit) in Visual Studio 2019 (VS 2019). Today our core focus is on Selenium test automation with C#. So, we would also need to install the Selenium WebDriver. Irrespective of the test framework being used, Selenium tests can be executed on a local Selenium Grid as well as remote or cloud-based Selenium Grid.

C++ 109

Most common issues encountered during browser compatibility testing


With the rise in the usage of internet and smartphones, the number of browsers too have increased over the last two decades. Currently, there are multiple browsers across the world and different users use different browsers.

Serverless Security- What are the Security Risks & Best Practices?


Take one more step towards securing your serverless application. Here's an in-depth analysis of serverless security where we are discussing what exactly serverless security means, what are the risks involved and how you can mitigate it using the best practices. The post Serverless Security- What are the Security Risks & Best Practices? appeared first on Insights on Latest Technologies - Simform Blog. Cloud

How We Improved SmashingMag Performance

Smashing Magazine

How We Improved SmashingMag Performance. How We Improved SmashingMag Performance. Vitaly Friedman. 2021-01-21T14:00:00+00:00. 2021-01-21T16:39:57+00:00. Every web performance story is similar, isn’t it? It always starts with the long-awaited website overhaul.

Multi-Cloud Management Tools, Challenges and Best Practices


“2021 expected to be the Year of Multi-Cloud.”. International Data Corporation (IDC). “By By 2022, about 75% of enterprise customers using cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will adopt a deliberate multi-cloud strategy, up from 49% in 2017.”. Gartner Research.

Flutter vs Ionic: Which one should you choose for your next project?


The latest mantra in the IT industry is “Code Once, Use Everywhere.” Businesses nowadays prefer hybrid mobile applications more than their native counterparts, because it dramatically cuts down the development time and costs.

Ionic vs Nativescript: 13 Differences Between the two Frameworks


Here's the best part about technologies, you get to explore a host of options, each offering a different set of features and benefits. However, it could be tiring for many PMs and CTOs to put a finger on which framework best suits their business needs. .