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Dynatrace continues to grow and opens new development Lab in Vienna


Dynatrace news. Founded in Linz, Austria, Dynatrace now has more than 50 offices around the world and is continuing to grow. With this growth, a new global R&D headquarters was opened in Linz in late 2019.

Performance Testing with Open Source Tools – Myths and Reality

Alex Podelko

Some time ago Federico Toledo published Performance Testing with Open Source Tools- Busting The Myths. While Federico definitely has good points there, there is some truth in these myths too. Otherwise we wouldn’t see so many commercial tools built on the top of open source including BlazeMeter (it is ironic that the article is posted on the BlazeMeter site), Flood, and OctoPerf.

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Most Practical Selenium WebDriver Tutorial With Examples


Selenium is one of the most widely used automation frameworks for web-application testing. It automates browser testing and eases redundant test efforts for the QA Community. Most of the organizations are switching to using Selenium to automate their test suites which are often run regularly.

Seamlessly Swapping the API backend of the Netflix Android app

The Netflix TechBlog

How we migrated our Android endpoints out of a monolith into a new microservice by Rohan Dhruva , Ed Ballot As Android developers, we usually have the luxury of treating our backends as magic boxes running in the cloud, faithfully returning us JSON.

Mastering chaos engineering experiments with Gremlin and Dynatrace


Dynatrace news. Very often, I heard that chaos engineering is only a technique used by larger companies (like Netflix) or in cloud native environments.

Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 6 – Recursive CTEs

SQL Performance

This article is the sixth part in a series about table expressions. Last month in Part 5 I covered the logical treatment of nonrecursive CTEs. This month I cover the logical treatment of recursive CTEs.

C++ 103

Top 10 Mobile Performance Testing Tools in 2020


According to App Annie , in 2019, consumers averaged 3 hours and 40 minutes per day on mobile (up 35% from 2017), highlighting the fact that companies from all industries stand to benefit from putting mobile at the center of their digital transformation strategy.

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Frictionless retail: A pandemic imperative for IT


Dynatrace news. For most who work in the retail sector, the pandemic has been an unwelcome test of our ability to cope with disruption. Shops closed, shifting apparel and home goods shopping to online marketplaces.

Retail 158

An Introduction To Running Lighthouse Programmatically

Smashing Magazine

An Introduction To Running Lighthouse Programmatically. An Introduction To Running Lighthouse Programmatically. Katy Bowman. 2020-09-11T08:30:00+00:00. 2020-09-11T12:09:13+00:00. Lighthouse is Google’s suite of website quality analysis tools.

E2E Test — Use Probe Attribute As Element Locator


If you have experiences to create an E2E test project on a web application, you should be familiar with codes like this. JavaScript. xxxxxxxxxx. 1. // Manipulate browser to enter text to an input box. const fooInput = await getElement ( '.fooInput' fooInput' ); 3. fooInput.

Deploy MSDTC for distributed transactions in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

In this 19th article for SQL Server Always On Availability Groups, we configure MSDTC for distributed transactions in an availability group.

Living legend Steve Wozniak announced as Dynatrace Go Keynote.


Dynatrace news. This could be the world’s shortest blog post, because really what else is there to say? Steve Wozniak is the keynote.

Node.js vs Django: Key differences, popularity, use cases and more


Web applications have become an essential part of every business today. Everybody looking to build a web application wants a fantastic framework to work with. Node.js vs Django is a common confusion when you think about choosing a high performing and scalable technology for web development. In this blog, we will give you a detailed comparison of Node.js and Django. You will understand how these are different from each other, and it will help you get out of the "Node.js vs Django" thought loop.

5 Best Techniques for Automated Testing


New technologies and techniques are shaping the future at the same pace. The fast technological advancements in the software development and software testing industry strike the testers to improve their skills analytically.

Restore an existing availability group database participating in SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

In this 20th article for the SQL Server Always On Availability Group series, we will cover the steps to restore an existing availability group database. Requirement Suppose we have multiple database environments for a critical application.

How To Install TestNG In Eclipse: Step By Step Guide


As you already know, TestNG or Test Next Generation is one of the most frequently used automation testing frameworks in Java. Inspired by JUnit and NUnit, Cedric Beust created TestNG with the idea of covering almost all types of testing models, be it functional or end-to-end.

Java 163

Why Selenium Grid Is Ideal For Automated Browser Testing?


Manual cross-browser testing is neither efficient nor scalable as it will take ages to test on all permutations and combinations of browsers, operating systems, and their versions. Like every developer, I have also gone through that ‘I can do it all phase’.

How to Do API Testing?


Nowadays API testing is an integral part of testing. There are a lot of tools like postman, insomnia, etc. There are many articles that ask what is API, What is API testing, but the problem is How to do API testing? What I need to validate.

Using Feature Flags During Incident Management


Whether you call it an Incident, outage, surprise, or unplanned work, your application isn't working as expected, and you need to deal with the problem. Your aim during incident resolution is to minimize the impact and get services restored as quickly as possible.

How Do I Build A Culture of Quality Excellence?


How Do You Build A Culture of Quality Excellence? Greg Sypolt , VP of Quality Assurance at EverFi , led an hour-long webinar for Applitools titled " Building A Culture of Quality Excellence — Understanding the Quality Maturity Rubric." " Let's review his key points and his core slides.

Test Driven Development Using TestNG, Gradle


What Is TDD? Test Driven Development is a process where developers write the test case first and then run the test case to fail. Then, they gradually write the minimum corresponding code needed to successfully execute the test cases and then finally refactors the new code to acceptable standards.