March, 2022

Optimising Largest Contentful Paint

CSS Wizardry

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]. link] [link] --> Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is my favourite Core Web Vital. It’s the easiest to optimise, and it’s the only one of the three that works the exact same in the lab as it does in the field (don’t even get me started on this…).

PostgreSQL EXPLAIN – What are the Query Costs?


Understanding the Postgres EXPLAIN cost EXPLAIN is very useful for understanding the performance of a Postgres query. It returns the execution plan generated by PostgreSQL query planner for a given statement.


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Dynatrace stance on the crisis in Ukraine


Dynatrace news. In response to the Russian government’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, triggering a tragic humanitarian crisis, as well as U.S., and worldwide government sanctions, we are suspending all business in Russia and Belarus.

QAOps: A Software Testing Trend


Talking about development these days, streamlining the entire software development lifecycle turns out to be an extreme hustle.

Matching Supply With Demand — Solutions, Part 3

SQL Performance

[ Jump to: Original challenge | Solutions: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]. In this article, I continue exploring solutions to the matching supply with demand challenge.

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How to Choose the Right Open Source Test Automation Tool


Organizations worldwide are adopting open-source software to drive technological innovations. Testers look beyond the obvious benefit of cost while embracing open-source test automation tools.

Curious about automated reasoning

All Things Distributed

Diving into Automated Reasoning and Formal Verification with Dr. Byron Cook in this new video series for those Curious about new technologies

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Managing hybrid cloud infrastructure with an observability platform


Dynatrace news.

Who Needs GameDays? Resilience Testing Using Testcontainers


As you may agree, it is important to test your code. The resilience patterns implemented in your application are code (even if they're just a bunch of annotations). Often I saw that this is not tested thoroughly or not at all. With Testcontainers , writing integration tests has become a commodity.

Docker Use Cases: A Demonstrative Guide with Real-world Examples


Docker containers, being portable, light-weight, and self-contained, fast-track development, testing, and server deployments. Find out the best Docker use cases that are revolutionizing the IT world across the board.

A testers guide to deal with missed bugs


Even with the increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps, many organizations still consider testers the gatekeepers of quality and are solely held responsible for the quality and approving releases. Such organizations blame testers for a missed production bug.

What technology stack to choose for your project?

Tech News Gather

Before you consider building a web or mobile app, one must know the different tools developers use while developing them. The reason is that the technology stack affects the pace of creating the app or digital product. It also controls the scalability and the overall cost of the project.

Bring Your Own Cloud Available for DigitalOcean


Since our release of our fully managed dedicated database hosting on DigitalOcean, we have gotten many questions regarding the potential support for Bring Your Own Cloud on DigitalOcean. Today we can proudly announce that full support for BYOC on DigitalOcean is available in our console.

AIOps observability adoption ascends in healthcare


Dynatrace news. Every day, healthcare organizations across the globe have embraced innovative technology to streamline the delivery of patient care. During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend was undeniably apparent.

Understanding the Importance of Cross-Browser Testing


Introduction. Too often, software developers neglect cross-browser compatibility testing. It happens because developers put in a lot of effort into building an application that seems perfect to them, but cross-browser testing is essential if they want it to look the same on different machines.

React Native vs Ionic: Comparing Performance, User Experience, and much more!


React Native vs Ionic is the biggest point of debate when it comes to the evaluation of cross-platform frameworks. In this article, we will evaluate React native vs ionic performance, user experience, and much more.

Ten years of page bloat: What have we learned?

Speed Curve

I've been writing about page size and complexity for years. If you've been working in the performance space for a while and you hear me start to talk about page growth, I'd forgive you if you started running away. ;).

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Simple Parameterization and Trivial Plans — Part 2

SQL Performance

Parameter Data Types. As mentioned in the first part of this series , one of the reasons it is better to explicitly parameterize is so you have full control over parameter data types.

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Open Source for Testers – What, Where, Who, Why, When, and How- 5W1H


The open-source movement has become the most talked-about topic in the tech industry for the past two decades. We see a huge demand, inclination, and adoption of open-source software by organizations as well as software workers.

Dynatrace can provide a 274% return on investment over three years


Dynatrace news. Other benefits include faster software innovation, continuously improved user experiences, and increased operational efficiency, achieved with automatic and intelligent observability.

5 Reasons Why Technologists are Optimistic About Full-Stack Observability


The world has become more app-centric, increasing the demand for always-on, seamless, and secure digital experiences.

Exploring the Ecosystem of Serverless Technologies


Understanding the ecosystem of serverless technologies. Explore and understand serverless platforms, FaaS, BaaS, serverless security platforms, monitoring platforms, tools, frameworks and authentication & authorization services.

Should I combine CSS/JS Files on my Website?


We discuss when you should and shouldn’t combine your website’s CSS/JS files. Overview Many caching plugins and themes on WordPress (or any other CMS) offer the option to combine your website’s CSS/JS files.

Introducing Ballast: An Adaptive Load Test Framework

Uber Engineering

As Uber’s architecture has grown to encompass thousands of interdependent microservices, we need to test our mission-critical components at max load in order to preserve reliability.

7 Fresh Links on Performance For March 2022

CSS - Tricks

I have a handful of good links to articles about performance that are burning a hole in my bookmarks folder, and wanna drop them here to share. The new WebPageTest website design.

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Leverage Dynatrace AIOps in GitHub CI pipelines to prevent critical incidents


Dynatrace news. GitHub Actions offer a great way to automate, customize, and execute your software development workflows. A fully automated software release pipeline helps you release new functionally faster and frees up precious developer resources to focus on innovation.

Top Benefits of Automation Testing for a Successful Product Release


Introduction. Businesses rely on automation testing to keep up with faster and higher-quality processes that agile development demands. There are many benefits of automation testing, such as reducing costs, avoiding delays, and helping to create a great customer experience.

Simple Parameterization and Trivial Plans — Part 1

SQL Performance

This is the first part of a series about simple parameterization and trivial plans. These two compilation features are closely connected and have similar goals. Both target performance and efficiency for workloads frequently submitting simple statements.

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Rethink Sliders And Carousels


Do you use a slider/carousel on your homepage? Learn why this polarizing feature may not be the most optimal solution for your website. Overview Sliders and carousels are ubiquitous on the internet as they represent a great visual feature to display content on your homepage.

Signals For Customizing Website User Experience

Smashing Magazine

Signals For Customizing Website User Experience. Signals For Customizing Website User Experience. Barry Pollard. 2022-03-07T10:30:00+00:00. 2022-03-07T15:33:30+00:00.

Tenacity Makes Great Developers

Professor Beekums

Programmers often joke that our job is mostly copying and pasting stuff from Stack Overflow. If that were true, we wouldn’t be one of the most highly paid professions. And the hiring market wouldn’t be as insane as it is right now. More often than not, the answer is not out there.

Dynatrace announces major partnership with Girls in Tech Australia


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace’s purpose to help software work perfectly would not be achievable without the support of our passionate teams across the globe.

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The Dangers of Fatal Logging


I want to talk about fatal logging. It’s practically always a bad idea. Let me explain…. I was recently reviewing some code written in Go , where I saw this pattern in a constructor function: performance logging solid single responsibility principle control flow

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Cache and Prizes

Alex Russell

When you work on a browser, you will often hear remarks along the lines of, Why don't you just put [popular framework] in the browser? This is a good question — or at least one that illuminates how browser teams think about tradeoffs. Spoiler: it's gnarly. Before we get into it, let's make the subtext of the proposal explicit: Libraries provided this way will be as secure and privacy-preserving as every other browser-provided API.

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8 Automation Testing First Principles you Need to Adhere to


Views: 26 The success of any software product depends on comprehensive testing. Buggy or inconvenient software always gets discarded sooner or later. Testing for bugs. Test Management Software Testing Test Automation

11 Best Practices Every Node.js Developer should follow in 2022


Quick Summary: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer using Node, it is necessary to go along with the best practices of Node.js programming while developing applications. In this post, we are going to discuss 11 best practices every Node developer should follow in 2022. Node.js

Side Projects Make You Better At Your Full Time Job

Professor Beekums

In 2014, I had been hearing a lot of talk about Go. It sounded like a really exciting language that I wanted to try. Having learned to code in Java and spending my early career working in Java, I was used to complex inheritence hierarchies and many many layers of abstraction.

Java 54