May, 2022

How to Deploy MySQL on Ubuntu and Fully Managed


In this blog post, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to install and set up a MySQL server both manually on the Ubuntu 20.04 operating system, as well as by using ScaleGrid’s managed database service.

Flexible, scalable, self-service Kubernetes native observability now in General Availability


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace Cloud Native Full Stack injection for Kubernetes, now officially released, provides unparalleled flexibility and scale for onboarding teams to AI-powered observability.


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9 Strategies to Improve Your Software Development Process


Are you looking to beat your competitors and win the race in today's market? Well, the ultimate solution would be fast software development. Whether your company is small or big, having fast software development will always keep you ahead of the competition.

A Survey of Causal Inference Applications at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

At Netflix, we want to entertain the world through creating engaging content and helping members discover the titles they will love. Key to that is understanding causal effects that connect changes we make in the product to indicators of member joy.

T-SQL Windowing Improvements in SQL Server 2022

SQL Performance

Microsoft recently released the first public preview of SQL Server 2022. This release has a number of T-SQL improvements. In this article I focus on windowing and NULL-related improvements. These include the new WINDOW clause and the windowing NULL treatment clause.

Single threaded DB performance on Nutanix HCI


tl;dr A Nutanix cluster can persist a replicated write across two nodes in around 260 uSec (4KB IO using diskspd) which is critical for single-threaded DB write workloads.

How to build HammerDB from source


With pull requests Dependency build automation for Linux #323 and Dependency build automation for Windows #362 HammerDB has enabled the user to build their own full distribution of HammerDB from source on Linux x64 and Windows x64 with a single command.

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Functional vs. Non-functional Testing: Can You Have One Without the Other?


Functional and non-functional tests are the most popular approach to categorizing the different types of software testing. These two categories refer to the very essence of the testing process and what exactly is being tested.

What Adrian Did Next?—?Retire

Adrian Cockcroft

What Adrian Did Next?—?Retire Retire Moonrise?—?photo photo taken by Adrian Cockcroft After a long career working at the leading edge of technology, I retire from full time work on June 3rd 2022.

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Are You Sorted? Tips Concerning T-SQL Window Ordering

SQL Performance

A supporting index can potentially help avoid the need for explicit sorting in the query plan when optimizing T-SQL queries involving window functions.

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Database for Your Application


With so many offerings available, it's a challenge for mobile app developers to select the right database for the right application. This blog consists of general criteria and some use cases based criteria to help developers to build scalable and fast mobile apps.

Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022

Smashing Magazine

Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022. Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022. Adrian Bece. 2022-05-23T09:30:00+00:00. 2022-05-23T15:33:32+00:00.

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Dynatrace with industry consortium submits OpenFeature standard as CNCF sandbox project


Dynatrace news. Dynatrace, together with an industry consortium including top feature flagging management solutions , has submitted a new open standard for feature flagging as a CNCF sandbox project.

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What Is the Future of Manual Testing?


Manual testing is considered the preliminary testing phase which generally evaluates the behavior of the app developed, by performing the step-by-step assessment of the requirement specification analysis record.

What Adrian Did Next?—?Part 1?—?Starting Out

Adrian Cockcroft

What Adrian Did Next?—?Part Part 1?—?Starting Starting Out Adrian playing bass with Black Tiger, 1982?—?Picture Picture by Peter Kostelnik My bio starts with this phrase “Adrian Cockcroft has had a long career working at the leading edge of technology, and is fascinated by what happens next.”

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Article: A Recipe to Migrate and Scale Monoliths in the Cloud

InfoQ Articles

In this article, I want to present a simple cloud architecture that can allow an organization to take monolithic applications to the cloud incrementally without a dramatic change in the architecture.

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Tasktop joins Planview!


Landmark moments do not happen overnight. Getting Tasktop to where we are today took 15 years of company-building on top of multiple years of research. With today’s news, our ability to deliver transformation outcomes will go through a step-function change nearly overnight.

How To Use Google CrUX To Analyze And Compare The Performance Of JS Frameworks

Smashing Magazine

How To Use Google CrUX To Analyze And Compare The Performance Of JS Frameworks. How To Use Google CrUX To Analyze And Compare The Performance Of JS Frameworks. Dan Shappir. 2022-05-12T09:30:00+00:00. 2022-05-12T10:16:36+00:00.

Dynatrace supports Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra


Dynatrace news. As part of our partnership with Microsoft, Dynatrace is excited to announce our new Prometheus Extension for Apache Cassandra. This extension provides fully app-centric Cassandra performance monitoring for Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra.

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Web Performance Testing — What, Why, How of Core Web Vitals


A website needs to be constantly tested and optimized to be in line with Google's web and SEO guidelines. As a result, it has an advantage over others in terms of visibility, brand image, and driving traffic.

Brendan Gregg

I'm thrilled to be joining Intel to work on the performance of everything, apps to metal, with a focus on cloud computing.

The Problem With Software Estimates

Professor Beekums

I’ve written about the technical challenges of coming up with estimates in software development before. What I’ve neglected to talk about is that one of the biggest problems with getting accurate estimates, particularly for large projects, isn’t technical.

The 7 Dimensions of a Project-to-Product Transformation


Our recently published Project to Product Maturity Assessment gives organizations a framework to assess the progress of this massive undertaking. By answering seven easy multiple-choice questions, they find out where they are in their journey and get recommendations on how to advance. .

Understanding Weak Reference In JavaScript

Smashing Magazine

Understanding Weak Reference In JavaScript. Understanding Weak Reference In JavaScript. Frank Joseph. 2022-05-25T09:30:00+00:00. 2022-05-25T14:33:15+00:00. Memory and performance management are important aspects of software development and ones that every software developer should pay attention to.

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Support of OpenTelemetry metrics with enhanced AI capabilities


Dynatrace news. With the most important components becoming release candidates , Dynatrace now supports the full OpenTelemetry specification on all runtimes and automatically adds intelligence to metrics at enterprise scale.

Upload Files to AWS S3 in k6


In my last post, we discussed how to upload files to AWS S3 in JMeter using Groovy. We have also seen Grape package manager on JMeter. Recently, k6 announced its next iteration with many new features and fixes. In this blog post, we will see how to upload files to AWS S3 in k6.

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Software Engineering Insights From 10 Years At Google

Addy Osmani

Lessons learned from 10 years at Google

DevOps Outsourcing: How it Works, Benefits & How to Get Started


Implementing DevOps comes with its challenges such as lack of right talent, increased costs, insufficient expertise, and more. It is where DevOps outsourcing comes to the rescue. This post talks about how DevOps outsourcing works, its benefits, and a step-by-step process to get started with it.

A Management Maturity Model for Performance

Alex Russell

Nobody wants to do bad work, but until they know what it is they're trying to do — or if they don't know why they're doing it — how do they know that they're doing good work? There's just this void. If you don't know why, you don't know you're good.

Simple Parameterization and Trivial Plans — Part 4

SQL Performance

[ This series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 ]. The Compilation Process. The most important things to understand about server-side parameterization are it doesn’t happen all at once and a final decision to parameterize isn’t made until the end of the process.

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RSA 2022 guide: DevSecOps transformation with runtime vulnerability management


Dynatrace news. How to build application security into DevSecOps transformation. As organizations undergo DevSecOps transformation and their IT complexity proliferates, security teams need their vulnerability management approach to be seamless.

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Top 7 Automated Testing Trends of 2022


In the past few decades, the QA testing world has witnessed great changes. Automated testing has evolved to accelerate speedy software releases at the highest quality. Test automation has always been an eye-catching trend, as it lowers the effort required for testing.

Single threaded DB performance on Nutanix HCI


tl;dr A Nutanix cluster can persist a replicated write across two nodes in around 250 uSec which is critical for single-threaded DB write workloads. The performance compares very well with hosted cloud database instances using the same class of processor (db.r5.4xlarge in the figure below).

30+ Leading DevOps Tools for 2022


Adoption of DevOps has increased significantly among enterprise, mid and small-scale organizations. However, you’ll need the help of the right DevOps tools to make this a reality. This article provides a thorough overview of 30+ top DevOps tools and their key features.

When it Comes to Transformation, it’s OK to Break the Rules.


Digital transformations often start with some common rules of thumb: “Start small.”. Lift and shift workloads to the Cloud.”. Create a proof of concept for your Agile initiatives, and then scale.”.

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Reactjs vs React Native – Differences, Advantages, and Disadvantages


Quick Summary: Are you confused about choosing between ReactJS and React Native for your upcoming project? Which one is better among them? Let’s explore the answers comparing two most popular frameworks, ReactJS vs React Native.

Celebrating game-changing partnerships with the Dynatrace Amplify 2022 Partner Awards


Dynatrace news. Last week we held our first two Amplify events of the year – our virtual sales kickoff across NORAM, LATAM, and EMEA.

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