October, 2021

Scaling indexing and search - Algolia New Search Architecture Part 2

High Scalability

What would a totally new search engine architecture look like? Who better than Julien Lemoine , Co-founder & CTO of Algolia , to describe what the future of search will look like. This is the second article in a series. Here's Part 1.

Introduction to auto_explain: How to Log Slow Postgres Query Plans Automatically


Do you want to know why a PostgreSQL query is slow? Then EXPLAIN ANALYZE is a great starting point.


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AWS serverless services: Exploring your options


Dynatrace news. For many companies, the journey to modern cloud applications starts with serverless. While these serverless services provide strong business benefits due to their flexible on-demand usage and pricing model, they also introduce new complexities for observability.

5 Types of Software Testing Models


One of the critical aspects of the software development life cycle is software testing. Today, there are a plethora of different software development models to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Open-Sourcing a Monitoring GUI for Metaflow

The Netflix TechBlog

Open-Sourcing a Monitoring GUI for Metaflow, Netflix’s ML Platform tl;dr Today, we are open-sourcing a long-awaited GUI for Metaflow. The Metaflow GUI allows data scientists to monitor their workflows in real-time, track experiments, and see detailed logs and results for every executed task.

Fundamentals of Table Expressions, Part 12 – Inline Table-Valued Functions

SQL Performance

This article is the twelfth part in a series about named table expressions. So far I covered derived tables and CTEs , which are statement-scoped named table expressions, and views , which are reusable named table expressions.

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For October 4th, 2021

High Scalability

Hey, HighScalability is here again! The circulatory system of the internet. tylermorganwall. Love this Stuff? I need your support on Patreon to keep this stuff going. Sorry for the long gap in posting, but I’ve been building a new app.

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What is observability? Not just logs, metrics and traces


Dynatrace news. As dynamic systems architectures increase in complexity and scale, IT teams face mounting pressure to track and respond to conditions and issues across their multi-cloud environments.

Hyperlambda is twice as fast as Entity Framework


I remember when.Net originally came out some 20 years ago and Microsoft had created a website called "pet shop" or something, where they were able to "prove" that.Net and SQL Server was faster than the Java and Oracle equivalent.

Interpreting A/B test results: false positives and statistical significance

The Netflix TechBlog

Martin Tingley with Wenjing Zheng , Simon Ejdemyr , Stephanie Lane , and Colin McFarland This is the third post in a multi-part series on how Netflix uses A/B tests to inform decisions and continuously innovate on our products. Need to catch up?

Quality Engineering Discussions: 5 Questions with Rahul Parwal


Rahul Parwal is a software engineer, speaker, mentor, and writer out of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has dabbled in software development, testing, and automation, and often shares his learnings in his blog.

Bad Habits: Avoiding NULL in SQL Server

SQL Performance

A long time ago, I answered a question about NULL on Stack Exchange entitled, “ Why shouldn’t we allow NULLs? ” I have my share of pet peeves and passions, and the fear of NULLs is pretty high up on my list.

Top Startups to Watch in Dallas in 2022: A List of Next-generation Innovators


Dallas has been at the forefront of startup culture in the US due to its booming tech space. With plenty of powerful unicorns emerging in the city, this article walks you through the best startups that have established their foothold with the right mix of technology and innovation.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow integration transforms how teams work


Dynatrace news. This past year, we’ve seen organizations rapidly transform and the digital future shows no sign of slowing down. Both Dynatrace and ServiceNow are committed to supporting organizations during this time of transformation.

The Ultimate JSON Library: JSON.simple vs. GSON vs. Jackson vs. JSONP


JSON is the accepted standard these days for transmitting data between servers and web applications. We often don’t think about the JSON libraries we use, but there are some differences between them. JSON is often used to transport and parse big files.

Interpreting A/B test results: false negatives and power

The Netflix TechBlog

Martin Tingley with Wenjing Zheng , Simon Ejdemyr , Stephanie Lane , and Colin McFarland This is the fourth post in a multi-part series on how Netflix uses A/B tests to inform decisions and continuously innovate on our products. Need to catch up?

VSMC Launches First Value Stream Management (VSM) Course


As a founding member of the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) , Tasktop is always seeking to support the industry and the growth of Value Stream Management (VSM) in as many ways as we can. We believe that VSM is critical for companies to not just survive but thrive in the Age of Software.

A Guide To CSS Debugging

Smashing Magazine Graphics

A Guide To CSS Debugging. A Guide To CSS Debugging. Stephanie Eckles. 2021-10-06T10:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-06T10:38:09+00:00. We’ve all been there, at the end of completing CSS for a layout and — what’s that? An extra scrollbar! Or maybe an element is an unexpected color.

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Quality Engineering Discussions: 5 Questions with James Espie


In this series, real (and really good) QA practitioners use their experience to support—or debunk what you might know about software quality. James Espie is a test specialist, a quality engineering proponent, and a continuous learner from Auckland, New Zealand.

What is chaos engineering?


Dynatrace news. Testing for mishaps you can predict is essential. But with the complexity that comes with digital transformation and cloud-native architecture, teams need a way to make sure applications can withstand the “chaos” of production.

Writing Clean Code: Naming


When you start learning how to code your main focus is writing code that works correctly for the problem you are solving. Yes, code needs to work correctly and that is a good place to start learning. However, in a real work environment, you also want to ensure you write clean code.

Code 201

Safe Updates of Client Applications at Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

By Minal Mishra Quality of a client application is of paramount importance to global digital products, as it is the primary way customers interact with a brand. At Netflix, we have significant investments in ensuring new versions of our applications are well tested.

Top 13 Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Tools


The role and responsibilities of a site reliability engineer (SRE) may vary depending on the size of the organization.

Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges

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Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges. Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges. Cosima Mielke. 2021-10-14T12:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-14T16:11:06+00:00.

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Who's Hiring? Wynter is looking for system administrators, engineers, and developers to join its research panel. Participate in research surveys, get paid ($90-$180/hr) for your feedback and comments. Super low key commitment, 10-15 mins per survey. Learn more and sign up. DevOps Engineer : At Kinsta , we set out to create the best managed hosting platform in the world.

What is Google Cloud Functions?


Dynatrace news. In recent years, function-as-a-service (FaaS) platforms such as Google Cloud Functions (GCF) have gained popularity as an easy way to run code in a highly available, fault-tolerant serverless environment.

Google 190

Real Devices vs Emulators: Where Do You Test App Performance?


When testing the performance of a native Android or iOS app, choosing the right set of devices is critical for maximizing your chances of success. Differences in OS, screen size, screen density, and hardware can all affect how an app behaves and impact the user experience.

Mobile 199

CAMBI, a banding artifact detector

The Netflix TechBlog

by Joel Sole, Mariana Afonso, Lukas Krasula, Zhi Li, and Pulkit Tandon Introducing the banding artifacts detector developed by Netflix aiming at further improving the delivered video quality Banding artifacts can be pretty annoying. But, first of all, you may wonder, what is a banding artifact?

What is a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)?


A site reliability engineer, or SRE, is a role that that encompasses aspects of both software engineering and operations/infrastructure. It also encompasses a strategy and set of practices and principles across service offerings and is closely tied to DevOps and operations.

A Deep Dive Into `object-fit` And `background-size` In CSS

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A Deep Dive Into `object-fit` And `background-size` In CSS. A Deep Dive Into `object-fit` And `background-size` In CSS. Ahmad Shadeed. 2021-10-25T13:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-25T16:37:15+00:00. We’re not always able to load different-sized images for an HTML element.

C++ 103

Automatic Index advisor in Azure SQL database

SQL Shack

This article will explore automatic index advisor (CREATE_INDEX, DROP_INDEX) for Azure SQL Database. Introduction Azure SQL Database enables its users to focus on database objects, tuning queries without managing the underlying infrastructure resources.

Azure 85

What is? OpenTelemetry??An open-source standard for logs, metrics, and traces


Dynatrace news. OpenCensus, OpenTracing, and OpenTelemetry. These are just a few of the open-source technologies you may encounter as you research observability solutions for managing complex multicloud IT environments and the services that run on them.

Modernizing Computer Vision With Deep Neural Networks


As studied earlier, computer networks are one of the most popular and well-researched automation topics over the last many years.

Data Engineers of Netflix?—?Interview with Pallavi Phadnis

The Netflix TechBlog

Data Engineers of Netflix?—?Interview Interview with Pallavi Phadnis This post is part of our “ Data Engineers of Netflix ” series, where our very own data engineers talk about their journeys to Data Engineering @ Netflix. Pallavi Phadnis is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix.

Why I support the IATSE strike

Adrian Cockcroft

Discussing university with Rae went something like: “I’d like to go to film school”, “That’s a tough business to get into, but if you ever get invited to an award ceremony, we get to come, OK?”.

The Autofill Dark Pattern

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The Autofill Dark Pattern. The Autofill Dark Pattern. Alvaro Montoro. 2021-10-11T10:00:00+00:00. 2021-10-11T11:05:07+00:00. A newspaper sign-up form had fields for name, email, and password. So, I started typing on the name field, and the autofill suggested my profile. But there was something funky.

SQL Server Extended Events Causality Tracking

SQL Shack

This article explores the Causality tracking option in the SQL Server Extended Events session(XEvents) and its usefulness in troubleshooting performance issues.