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Enhance user experience with full insight into your React Native apps


Dynatrace news. React Native is a development framework for native iOS and Android apps. With its basis in modern web technologies, React Native enables you to leverage existing web development experience and significantly reduces development time for cross-platform mobile apps.

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Complete Guide To Selenium Locators In Protractor (Examples)


While testing the functionality for your website, especially web elements such as radio button, text boxes, drop-down, etc., you need to make sure that you can access these elements.

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Building A Web App With Headless CMS And React

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Building A Web App With Headless CMS And React. Building A Web App With Headless CMS And React. Blessing Krofegha. 2020-04-01T11:30:00+00:00. 2020-04-01T14:46:06+00:00. In this tutorial, you’ll learn what Headless CMS is, and the pros and cons of Headless CMS.

Web Performance Checklist

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The other day, I realized that web performance is an enormous topic covering so very much — from minimizing assets to using certain file formats, it can be an awful lot to keep in mind while building a website. It’s certainly far too much for me to remember! So I made a web performance checklist. It’s a Notion doc that I can fork and use to mark completed items whenever I start a new project. It also contains a bunch of links for references. This doc is still a work in progress.

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