Mon.Jan 11, 2021

Podcast: Ann Lewis Discusses the Political Tech Landscape, MoveOn’s Architecture, and Scaling Challenges


For this podcast, Ann Lewis, CTO at MoveOn, sat down with InfoQ podcast co-host Charles Humble. Topics discussed included: the political tech landscape; MoveOn’s architecture and scaling challenges; MoveOn’s open-source text banking platform Spoke; and advice when stepping into a CTO role.

A use case for sp_prepare / sp_prepexec

SQL Performance

There are features many of us shy away from, like cursors, triggers, and dynamic SQL. There is no question they each have their use cases, but when we see a trigger with a cursor inside dynamic SQL, it can make us cringe (triple whammy).

Cache 56

Front-End Performance Checklist 2021

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Front-End Performance Checklist 2021. Front-End Performance Checklist 2021. Vitaly Friedman. 2021-01-11T15:30:13+00:00. 2021-01-11T16:06:07+00:00.