Thu.Feb 25, 2021

Measuring Network Performance in Mobile Safari

CSS Wizardry

So far this year, all but one of my clients have been concerned about Google’s upcoming Web Vitals update. The client who’s bucking the trend is great, not least because it’s given me something a little different to focus on—they’re more interested in how their site fares on iOS.

A look behind the scenes of AWS Lambda and our new Lambda monitoring extension


Dynatrace news. Since its introduction by AWS in 2014, AWS Lambda has revolutionized the compute space and boosted the entire serverless movement.

Lambda 210

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Beyond REST

The Netflix TechBlog

Rapid Development with GraphQL Microservices by Dane Avilla The entertainment industry has struggled with COVID-19 restrictions impacting productions around the globe.

What is synthetic monitoring?


Dynatrace news. To give your customers a top-quality digital experience, it’s important to make sure your applications are always working properly.

Packaging award-winning shows with award-winning technology

The Netflix TechBlog

By Cyril Concolato Introduction In previous blog posts, our colleagues at Netflix have explained how 4K video streams are optimized , how even legacy video streams are improved and more recently how new audio codecs can provide better aural experiences to our members.

Performance Metrics of Your QA Team


QA performance metrics are essential for eliminating inefficient strategies and improving internal processes. They also enable managers to track the progress of their QA team over time and make data-driven decisions about future projects. Your QA performance metrics process should identify if goals are being met as and analyze resources to make sure they are producing to their maximum capacity.

What programming languages does HammerDB use and why does it matter?


HammerDB is a load testing and benchmarking application for relational databases. All the databases that HammerDB tests implement a form of MVCC (multi-version concurrency control). This helps to minimise locking allowing multiple sessions to access the same data at the same time.

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Web Performance for Product Managers

Speed Curve

I love conversations about performance, and I'm fortunate enough to have them a lot. The audience varies. A lot of the time it’s a front-end developer or head of engineering, but more and more I’m finding myself in great conversations with product leaders.

Software Testing and QA: Learning Through Humor


We all make mistakes. Even the most experienced and professional software developers do let a couple of bugs slip through once in a while. However, it's not making mistakes that is the issue, but having no one to point them out for you to fix them. Instead of getting serious about the importance of software testing & QA for the success of your product or service, let’s rather indulge in a little bug-hunting humor. “QA QA engineers can have little a bug, as a treat.”.

Skeptics Who Recommend Cross Browser Testing


Who recommends cross browser testing to their organizations? In this series, we discuss the results of the Applitools Ultrafast Cross Browser Hackathon. Today, we will explain how those who were skeptics about cross browser testing would recommend that their organizations run Applitools Ultrafast Grid for cross browser testing. testing test automation testing tools cross browser testing cross browser testing tool cross browser testing app