Mon.Jan 18, 2021

The Top 9 Web Application Testing Tools in 2021


The modern commercial enterprise’s demands make it obligatory for every single organization to have an optimized and high-performing web application and website. The application or website quality plays a significant role in how users perceive the organization, and, in turn, how much faith they have its products. In this circumstance, rigorous testing of the application and the website becomes crucial.

How to Get Started With Browser Testing at the earliest


Web Developers frequently come across issues where the developed website or web application does not work as expected on certain combinations of browsers and operating systems. Does this mean that enough effort was not spent in the automation testing process?


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10 Effective Tips for a Better Software Testing Process


Despite what most of us might assume, software testing is not simply a matter of conducting a string of tests and evaluations, and getting the. Test Management Software Testing

Most common issues encountered during browser compatibility testing


With the rise in the usage of internet and smartphones, the number of browsers too have increased over the last two decades. Currently, there are multiple browsers across the world and different users use different browsers.

Autosave for your business

Particular Software

If you’re a long-time video game player like me, your muscle-memory vividly remembers the F5 key’s location on your keyboard. For everyone else: F5 is a common key-binding for “quicksave” in computer-games. And like many others, I learned how to use it the hard way.

Games 60

Ionic vs Nativescript: 13 Differences Between the two Frameworks


Here's the best part about technologies, you get to explore a host of options, each offering a different set of features and benefits. However, it could be tiring for many PMs and CTOs to put a finger on which framework best suits their business needs. .