Fri.Jan 10, 2020

Easily check configuration changes or environment sign ins with the new Audit logs API


Dynatrace news. We’re happy to announce that with the release of Dynatrace 1.183, audit logs are now available for Dynatrace SaaS customers. In keeping with our API-first approach, the logs are accessible via REST API.

Understanding Software Quality Metrics With Manual and Automated Testing


Learn more about manual and automated testing! Quality is the true measure of product success. Poor user experience or application performance negates any advantages you achieve in delivery speed or production cost. Put simply, if it does not work, it is not worth producing.

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Easier user management with improved invitation workflow and user-group overview


Dynatrace news. To make user management easier for our customers, we’ve improved the invitation workflow and made it simpler to see which groups a user is assigned to. Resend invitation.


Productivity hacks for testers: 4 ways to get more done

TechBeacon Testing

Ever wonder how some people achieve so much in their lives while others accomplish only a fraction, even though we're all given the same amount of time in which to work? App Dev & Testing, Testing, Careers

Using SQL CREATE INDEX to create clustered and non-clustered indexes

SQL Shack

The SQL CREATE INDEX statement is used to create clustered as well as non-clustered indexes in SQL Server. An index in a database is very similar to an index in a book. A book index may have a list of topics discussed in a book in alphabetical order. Therefore, if you want to search for […].

React vs Vue – The CTOs guide to Choose the Right Framework


Choosing the correct javascript framework for a project is an essential task for a CTO and Project Manager. However, the scope of choice largely depends on several factors like project timeline, learning curve, framework performance, and team size.

SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update #1

SQL Performance

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced SQL Server 2019 Cumulative Update #1. The build number is 15.0.4003.23 and there are 83 fixes !

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For January 10th, 2020

High Scalability

Wake up! It's HighScalability time: Forrest Brazeal warns you not to spend your limited innovation credits building bespoke, complex systems that provide no direct value to your business, instead position yourself at the top of what heI calls the Wisdom/Cleverness Curve. Do you like this sort of Stuff? Your support on Patreon is appreciated more than you can know. I also wrote Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10 for everyone who needs to understand the cloud (which is everyone).

Cloud 35

What I Read in 2019

Tim Kadlec

For the second year in a row, my reading trended down. In fact, this year marks the fewest books I’ve read since 2012! There are several reasons for that, I suppose. Partly, my brain felt pretty overloaded and distracted much of the year for various reasons and I found it harder to enjoy what I was reading. I took a look and I started and put down 13 books this year. I don’t keep track of that, but it’s gotta be close to a record.