Tue.Feb 11, 2020

Easily migrate your OneAgent from one tenant or server to another


Dynatrace news. Deployment of OneAgent is really easy. You just run the installer—no parameter configurations required—and OneAgent takes care of the rest.

Let's Encrypt: an automated certificate authority to encrypt the entire web

The Morning Paper

Let’s encrypt: an automated certificate authority to encrypt the entire web , Aas et al., CCS’19.

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Should I use microservices?

O'Reilly Software

Considerations for when—and when not—to apply microservices in your organization. Despite the drive in some quarters to make microservice architectures the default approach for software, I feel that due to their numerous challenges, adopting them still requires careful thought.

Reinvigorating the PMO to Support Your Organization’s Transition from Project to Product


The allure of the project to product movement is that it offers real hope to global enterprises that they can master software delivery at scale and compete with the tech giants. According to Gartner, 55% of organizations surveyed are looking to move to a product-centric mentality.