Tue.May 19, 2020

The Fastest Google Fonts

CSS Wizardry

* The Wiz: [link] 200518_2J_70c5f6c1c92a1cd436e525ac2b895f51 200518_AY_290d20f93c0e4b469e0bbe60a63f678e 200518_8F_49cb76e22485f51fad729e085a8bd08e 200518_4W_7d70995268b4aa4f495304063d449ae3&thumbSize=150&ival=100&end=all * harry.is: [link] --> For the most part, web fonts nowadays are faster than ever.

Google 281

Benefits of Using an Online Bug Tracking System


When a software program or an application does not work the way it is created or designed to perform, it is called a software bug. In most cases, these errors are caused by developers or designers.

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Dynatrace Sales Engineers build 3D printed PPE for frontline professionals


Dynatrace news. During the current global pandemic of COVID-19, the team at Dynatrace are helping out the community in the best way we can.

Common Software Testing Mistakes Beginners Make & How To Avoid


Introduction. Software testing is the process of finding bugs or discrepancies in a software. It is a process put in place to check that an application, set to be released in the market for users, has a minimum number of errors.

Announcing the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™

ScaleOut Software

Today ScaleOut Software announces the release of its ground-breaking cloud service for streaming analytics using the real-time digital twin model. It’s called the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service , and it’s now available for production use. Sign up to use the service here.