Thu.Mar 26, 2020

Get quick alerts and avoid false positives with the new baseline setting


Dynatrace news. We’re happy to announce that with Dynatrace version 1.189, you can give your baselining routines more time to evaluate short-lived performance conditions.

Clean Unit Testing


It's easy to write "unit test" tests that use JUnit and some mocking library. They may produce code coverage that keeps some stakeholders happy, even though the tests aren't even unit tests and provide questionable value.

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Download our free Dynatrace branded Zoom backgrounds


Dynatrace news. Turns out, working from home doesn’t have to be too bad – or boring. People all over the world are discovering the fun of using Zoom. Here at Dynatrace, we’ve had fun playing around with backgrounds, from the beaches of Barbados to city life in NYC.

An approach to index tuning – part 1

SQL Performance

A performance tuning engagement can end up taking many turns as you work through it – it all depends on what is showing up as the problem and what the data tells you.

Tuning 104

Update of SSL certificate for Mission Control on April 1, 2020


Dynatrace news. The SSL certificate for Mission Control will be renewed on April 1, 2020. The updated certificate will be issued by Amazon Trust Services in the context of our strong partnership with AWS, thereby ensuring the highest possible reliability for our customers around the globe.

AWS 159

Software Unit Testing: What Is That? Why Is it Important?


Software Unit Testing: What Is It? Why Is It Important? It is hard to overestimate the importance of software quality. A single error can have a huge negative impact on your entire business.

Easily change OneAgent metadata, host name, and monitoring mode


Dynatrace news. If you have thousands of hosts to monitor, changing the configuration of some of the hosts can be challenging. With the Dynatrace OneAgent command-line interface (CLI), you can easily reconfigure your hosts or host groups anytime after installation.