Wed.Nov 13, 2019

Row numbers with nondeterministic order

SQL Performance

The ROW_NUMBER window function has numerous practical applications, well beyond just the obvious ranking needs. Most of the time, when you compute row numbers, you need to compute them based on some order, and you provide the desired ordering specification in the function's window order clause.

Improving Spark Memory Resource With Off-Heap In-Memory Storage


Improve your Spark memory. In the previous tutorial , we demonstrated how to get started with Spark and Alluxio. To share more thoughts and experiments on how Alluxio enhances Spark workloads, this article focuses on how Alluxio helps to optimize the memory utilization of Spark applications.

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Latest Software Testing Trends in 2020


2020 is certainly going to push the Information Technology industry to greater heights. Hence, the advancement in all engineering fields including the software is sure. Technologies Test Management Software development

IaaS vs PaaS: Infrastructure as a Service VS Platform as a Service


Infrastructure as a service. To begin with, many businesses are going online. They are relying heavily on the cloud to facilitate their clients, which demands to collect, storing, and processing a vast amount of data before it can be presented to the end-user as information.