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Giving data a heartbeat


Dynatrace news. I love data. I have spent virtually my entire career looking at data. Synthetic data, network data, system data, and the list goes on.

How It Works: SQL Server Lock Partitioning

SQL Server According to Bob

Previous posts have discussed partitioning, for example, a partitioned memory object [link] and how a latch maintains the desired access (exclusive, shared, …) [link]. Quick Refresher Over Partitioned Protection/Locking.

Java Performance: For-Looping vs. Streaming


How well does your Java perform? Iteration Performance. There are many views on how to iterate with high performance.

Java 141

SQL Server Index Fill factor with Performance Benchmark

SQL Shack

In this article, we will study in detail about the how SQL Server Index Fill factor works. Index Fill factor SQL Server Index Fill Factor is a percentage value to be filled data page with data in SQL Server. This option is available in index properties to manage data storage in the data pages.

How Performance Testers Can Help Protect and Secure IT


In August of 2018 Bob Diachenko, Director of Cyber Risk Research at found that over 2 million Mexican citizens had their healthcare data leaked due to a security vulnerability in a system's database.

How It Works: SQL Server LOGIN_STATS (sys.dm_exec_sessions)

SQL Server According to Bob

To track the login statistical information, enable the sp_configure value ‘common criteria compliance enabled ‘ setting and restart SQL Server. The sys.dm_exec_sessions exec_sessions DMV is one way to query the statistical login information.

17 Best Tips To Write Effective Test Cases


A place to write effective test cases. Test cases are the first step in any testing cycle and are very important for any project. If anything goes wrong at this step, the impact gets proliferated in the entire software testing process.

Why IT Needs to Look at the Network Through a 4-D Lens


Someone trying to look at the network through a 4-D lens. While ‘digital transformation’ and ‘cloud migration’ are two concepts with relatively broad definitions, they’re both rooted in the modernization of enterprise networks.