Thu.Nov 07, 2019

How to Perform Cross-Browser Automated Testing Using Protractor


Abstract. This article is targeted to the users who wish to know the necessity of doing cross-browser automation testing for the web application. This article explains to us how Protractor works and how it automates for cross-browser testing. I assume you might have a basic knowledge of protractors.

The inflection point hypothesis: a principled approach to finding the root cause of a failure

The Morning Paper

The inflection point hypothesis: a principled debugging approach for locating the root cause of a failure Zhang et al., SOSP’19. It’s been a while since we looked a debugging and troubleshooting on The Morning Paper (here’s a sample of earlier posts on the topic ).

CPDoS Attacks: Why Global Monitoring Is Essential for Web Performance Management


Cache 52

Location, Privilege and Performant Websites

CSS - Tricks

Here’s a wonderful reminder from Stephanie Stimac about web performance.

Image Processing supports Watermark!


We’ve extended our Image Processing service with a new feature: Watermark ! This new option allows to add an image on top of another image. It seamlessly integrates into our existing service. The image overlay process consists of 2 parts: the base image and the overlay image.

Reflections from DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 + Day Three Recap


It’s been just over a week since this year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 in Las Vegas came to a close.