Wed.Jan 12, 2022

Most Complete MSTest Framework Tutorial Using.Net Core


With the advent of programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, etc., there is thinking amongst the developer community that the C language is losing relevance.

C++ 183

New analytics capabilities for messaging system-related anomalies


Dynatrace news. Messaging systems can significantly improve the reliability, performance, and scalability of the communication processes between applications and services. An example of a critical event-based messaging service for many businesses is adding a product to a shopping cart.


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5.5 mm in 1.25 nanoseconds

Randon ASCII

In 2004 I was working for Microsoft in the Xbox group, and a new console was being created. I got a copy of the detailed descriptions of the Xbox 360 CPU and I read it through multiple times and suddenly I’d learned enough to become the official CPU expert.

Cache 107

Matching Supply With Demand — Solutions, Part 1

SQL Performance

Last month , I covered Peter Larsson's puzzle of matching supply with demand. I showed Peter's straightforward cursor-based solution and explained that it has linear scaling.

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DevOps Lifecycle: 7 Phases Explained in Detail with Examples


The advanced knowledge of the DevOps lifecycle guides the organization towards its correct implementation. This article outlines the significance and tools for each of the 7 phases with examples to help your enterprise achieve high-quality software and faster delivery times.