Mon.Oct 07, 2019

PostgreSQL Trends: Most Popular Cloud Providers, Languages, VACUUM, Query Management Strategies & Deployment Types in Enterprise


PostgreSQL popularity is skyrocketing in the enterprise space. As this open source database continues to pull new users from expensive commercial database management systems like Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server, organizations are adopting new approaches and evolving their own to maintain the exceptional performance of their SQL deployments. We recently attended the PostgresConf event in San Jose to hear from the most active PostgreSQL user base on their database management strategies.

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Performance Capture I - Export HAR Using Selenium and BrowserMob-Proxy


Have you ever faced a situation to automate the way you inspect the network calls of a webpage? Have you ever thought about automating the process of capturing the HTTP content and export the performance data as a HAR file?

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SQL Server uses only one NUMA Node with HammerDB


Some versions of HammerDB (e.g. may induce imbalanced NUMA utilization with SQL Server. This can easily be observed with Resource monitor. When NUMA imbalance occurs one of the NUMA nodes will show much larger utilization than the other. E.g. Imbalanced NUMA usage by SQL Server.

Efficient Enterprise Testing — Unit and Use Case Tests (Part Two)


Multitasking is the MOST efficient. In the first part of the series, we saw some generally applicable principles and constraints that effective tests should fulfill. In this part, we will have a closer look at code-level unit tests and component or use case tests.

Fixing malformed messages with ServicePulse

Particular Software

Did you ever look at a failed message in ServicePulse and think "I wish I could just edit this quickly and dump it back in the queue" ?