Mon.Nov 16, 2020

Gain broader applicability for Session Replay through easier, automated and GDPR-compliant masking presets


Dynatrace news. Whether you run a multinational hotel group or a global ecommerce business, you need a 360-degree view of each end-user journey through your application to make sure that your customers have a perfect experience every time.

Webinar Summary: The State of Test Automation in 2020


In June, our friends at Testim surveyed end-to-end test automation. So, what were the results? Watch this webinar recording where Abstracta COO, Federico Toledo, joined Testim CEO Oren Rubin to uncover what developers, QA, and managers are saying about test automation.

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Explore dynamic management views for monitoring SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

In this 36th article for SQL Server Always On series, we will explore various dynamic management views (DMV’s) for monitoring the AG replicas.

Making the Switch to Apica Synthetic Monitoring


Application Performance Management (APM) is a maturing field, full of innovative vendors. Users of APM tools thus have a range Read More. The post Making the Switch to Apica Synthetic Monitoring appeared first on Apica.

Everything you need to know about the new GTmetrix Report (powered by Lighthouse)


We’re excited to present a detailed look at the new GTmetrix Report – powered by Lighthouse! Overview GTmetrix has undergone its biggest change yet, replacing the PageSpeed/YSlow libraries with Lighthouse, the industry standard in web performance.

I was scoring well with the Legacy GTmetrix before but now my grades have dropped. Why?


Learn why your grades may have dropped on the new GTmetrix Report even though you were scoring well on the Legacy Reports. Overview Following our Lighthouse update, some users with good scores for PageSpeed/YSlow on the Legacy Reports may now be seeing poor grades on the new GTmetrix Report.


Why is my GTmetrix Performance Score different from PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest, and


We explain why your GTmetrix Performance Score may be different from other Lighthouse-based tools. Overview The GTmetrix Performance Score is generated using Google Lighthouse and should be broadly similar to the Performance scores reported by other web performance tools.

Glossary of Web Performance Terms


Familiarize yourself with web performance and GTmetrix terms! Overview The world of web performance (and indeed GTmetrix) uses many technical terms and web-performance jargon that many users may not be familiar with.