Tue.Aug 20, 2019

Unit and Integration Tests in Spring Boot


Overview. In this post, we'll have a look at how to write tests unit and integration in a Spring Boot environment. You can find tons of tutorials online on this topic but it is very difficult to find all the information that you need in just one page.

Improved content validation for Synthetic browser and clickpath monitors


Dynatrace news. With the release of Dynatrace 1.175, we’ve improved the content validation capabilities of synthetic browser and clickpath monitors. The contains text content validation option now mimics the Find (Ctrl+F/Cmd+F) functionality of a web browser.

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What Does Continuous Testing ACTUALLY Mean?


Continuous Testing. Recently someone pointed me to a Twitter thread that contained a link to an article about “Continuous Testing”.

Statistical foundations of virtual democracy

The Morning Paper

Statiscal foundations of virtual democracy Kahng et al., ICML’19. This is another paper on the theme of combining information and making decisions in the face of noise and uncertainty – but the setting is quite different to those we’ve been looking at recently. Consider a food bank that receives donations of food and distributes it to those in need.

Easy and Accurate Performance Testing With JUnit/Maven


Introduction. This article will demonstrate how easily we can do performance testing with the help of JUnit, Zerocode and an IDE (IntelliJ, Eclipse, etc). We will cover the following aspects. tutorial performance maven performance testing junit load testing

sp_updatestats overview and usage

SQL Shack

In this article, we will learn usage details of the sp_updatestats built-in store procedure which helps to update all statistics in a SQL Server database. First of all, we will take a glance at the statistics concept in SQL Server. Understanding the statistics in SQL Server Statistics are database objects which involve the detailed statistical […]. Performance SQL commands

Debug Your Container by Overriding the Command


The main problem with docker on debugging has to do with images that already have the CMD command specified. If something goes wrong and has to do with the filesystem, or some commands that should have taken effect and they did not you need to do some troubleshooting. tutorial docker container


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Architecture For Humans


I run across the following on Twitter: for legacy systems/monoliths, if you want to understand the real business processes, look for the fields named: - "Comments" - "Description" - "Notes" and any generic data field of type text/nvarchar(max). performance architechture human error

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High Scalability

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