Tue.Nov 29, 2022

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How to Choose Mobile Devices for Testing in 2022


With the rapidly increasing popularity and complexity of mobile apps, you need to make sure your app works as intended across various device models, operating systems, and browsers.

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Dynatrace for AWS Compute Optimizer


Today, AWS Compute Optimizer has expanded its metric ingest beyond Cloudwatch, which will be announced at the Amazon re:Invent 2022 conference in Las Vegas November 28-December 2.

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Selenium With Python Tutorial: Adding Extensions in Firefox for Testing


Modern browsers are equipped with all sorts of functionalities, i.e., from bookmarks to GPS location tracking, developer tools, and more. Almost all modern web browsers have immense capabilities – Firefox has built-in screenshot capabilities, Opera has a free VPN, and Edge comes with built-in support for displaying ebooks with the EPUB extension.

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Path to NoOps part 2: How infrastructure as code makes cloud automation attainable—and repeatable—at scale


Infrastructure as code is a way to automate infrastructure provisioning and management. And it’s a crucial step toward achieving cloud automation on the path to NoOps.

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A coach, a mentor and a sponsor

Addy Osmani

A coach talks to you, a mentor talks with you, and a sponsor talks about you. Each can play a valuable role in your career growth

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AI’s ‘SolarWinds Moment’ Will Occur; It’s Just a Matter of When

O'Reilly Media

Major catastrophes can transform industries and cultures. The Johnstown Flood, the sinking of the Titanic, the explosion of the Hindenburg, the flawed response to Hurricane Katrina–each had a lasting impact.

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KeyCDN Launches New POPs in Latin America


We are excited about the newly established points of presence (POPs) in Latin America! So far, we could cover Latin America through Mexico City, Santiago, and São Paulo. Now Buenos Aires and Bogotá have been added.

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