Fri.Feb 26, 2021

Easily migrate to PHP 8 and leverage its power with Dynatrace observability


Dynatrace news. If you’re already using PHP 8.0 or you’re eager to start using it, this blog post is for you. PHP 8 is a major version release of PHP, with breaking changes and excellent features.

Types Of Performance Testing and When to Use Them


Today, every business wants high-performing and high-quality software. But usually, it is seen that most of the applications fail to deliver expected performance under peak load or fluctuating network conditions. To ensure that users get high-performing software that works seamlessly under all load conditions, performance testing is necessary. This test helps to measure the speed, scalability, reliability, and stability of software under varying loads, thus it ensures stable performance.


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30 test automation leaders to follow on Twitter

TechBeacon Testing

Test automation plays a critical role in software delivery today. There are emerging open-source tools, native mobile tools, and new binaries for web apps. AI and high-volume automation are beginning to enter the mainstream as well. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Automation

How To Handle 100k Rows Decision Table in Drools (Part 1)


Introduction. When handling large rows of decision tables, one of the biggest pains is performance. In this article, I prepared a prototype setup to a simple scenario to simulate the large decision table use case and provided three solutions to utilize drools (a rules-oriented application framework). I focus on the decision table rule execution performance.

Fuel management system: An efficient way to manage fuel consumption using telematics


Managing a fleet is a challenge. You need to take care of insurance, vehicle maintenance, compliance with government regulations, etc. Amongst all these challenges, the biggest one is - monitoring your fuel costs. You may ask, why?