Wed.Mar 25, 2020

Is working-from-home affecting productivity? Use Dynatrace to find out and optimize!


Dynatrace news. Since governments around the world are asking people to work-from-home in order to fight COVID-19, I keep hearing questions from colleagues, customers, and partners alike: Are people being as productive as they would be if they were working from their office desk? Are people changing their working patterns? Are the systems we rely on every day as reliable via the home internet connection? Is working via VPN as good as working from the office?

Remote Team Flow EventStorming for Retrospectives

Strategic Tech

An example of a short Team Flow EventStorm (this is not based on any real teams) Visualise your team’s process and you’ll uncover a higher quantity and higher quality opportunities for improving how you work as a team compared to relying on traditional retrospective formats. If your team works remotely, you can achieve this by EventStorming your team’s flow using the digital collaboration tool Miro.