Mon.Apr 05, 2021

What is AWS Lambda?


Dynatrace news. The 2014 launch of AWS Lambda marked a milestone in how organizations use cloud services to deliver their applications more efficiently, by running functions at the edge of the cloud without the cost and operational overhead of on-premises servers. What is AWS Lambda?

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Control Flow: try-catch or if-else?


Introduction. Lately, while working on a new project, I had a chance to think about the proper way to handle control flow. As all developers might know well, the most common approaches used are try-catch and if-else. So far, I haven't thought deeply about the difference between these two.


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What is Azure Functions?


Dynatrace news. What is Azure Functions? Similar to AWS Lambda , Azure Functions is a serverless compute service by Microsoft that can run code in response to predetermined events or conditions (triggers), such as an order arriving on an IoT system, or a specific queue receiving a new message.

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Query Optimization in SQL Server for beginners

SQL Shack

This article intends to give some details about the query optimization process in SQL Server. Introduction The query optimization is very grinding work for the database professionals who desire to overcome performance issues of the queries.