Thu.Nov 14, 2019

Memory Wasted by Spring Boot Application


Spring chickens and spring boots! One of the widely wasted resources in the world today is Memory. Due to inefficient programming, a surprising (sometimes ‘shocking’) amount of memory is wasted. We see this pattern repeated in several enterprise applications.

Taiji: managing global user traffic for large-scale Internet services at the edge

The Morning Paper

Taiji: managing global user traffic for large-scale internet services at the edge Xu et al., SOSP’19.

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Dynatrace W3C Trace Context support provides more interoperability between monitoring environments


Dynatrace news. As the popularity of microservices architecture increases, more teams are getting involved with the delivery of individual product features.

HammerDB v3.3 event driven scaling


HammerDB v3.3 includes a new feature called event driven scaling to enable the scaling of virtual users to thousands of sessions running with keying and thinking time enabled.

AI-powered, automated observability and deep visibility into serverless apps running on Google Cloud Run


Dynatrace news. Cloud Run brings serverless to containers. You can run containers on Cloud Run for Anthos for consistency between on-prem and cloud environments, or in fully managed Cloud Run environments.