Tue.Apr 06, 2021

Test Orchestration and Its Need For Successful Automation


Introduction. We all know that the biggest challenge for any organization is the changing needs of the customers and finding a way to address these quickly without any compromise on quality.

Export indexes and constraints from SQL Server graph databases to Neo4j

SQL Shack

In our previously published article in this series, we explained how to migrate SQL Server graph tables into Neo4j and why migration could be beneficial. We only mentioned how to migrate node and edge tables, and we did not mention indexes and constraints.


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What Is the Travelling Salesman Problem?


Why should I care? There are many real-life problems that are very similar to the Travelling Salesman Problem. performance software development programming computer science traveling salesman problem

Space Jam

CSS - Tricks

It’s certainly worth noting that the Space Jam website, which made its way into umpteen conference talks for being fabulous evidence of the web’s strength in backward compatibility, has been replaced. We could have saw that coming. Everything is remake.

Deploying Real-Time Digital Twins On Premises with ScaleOut StreamServer DT

ScaleOut Software

With the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service , an Azure-hosted cloud service, ScaleOut Software introduced breakthrough capabilities for streaming analytics using the real-time digital twin concept.

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