Thu.Jun 17, 2021

Davis Security Advisor extends Dynatrace Application Security with automatic vulnerability prioritization


Dynatrace news. In recent years, the volume of reported security vulnerabilities in enterprise software has increased exponentially. At the same time, cloud-native technologies and open-source software have introduced a new level of speed and complexity.

Foreign Keys, Blocking, and Update Conflicts

SQL Performance

Most databases should make use of foreign keys to enforce referential integrity (RI) wherever possible. However, there is more to this decision than simply deciding to use FK constraints and creating them.


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Have You Lost Sight of Your Agile Transformation?


In a time when business agility is legacy-defining , today serves as the perfect time for technology leaders to revise their Agile practice. For many organizations, the ability to absorb and adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic is a leading indicator of how Agile they really are.

Geolocation Testing: How can I test my website in different locations?


A few years back, I gave my friend a keyword to search on Google and asked him to open the third link that pops up in the results. After five minutes of confusion, I realized we are not talking about the same website and even though the keyword was the same, the results appeared in a different order.