Wed.Aug 07, 2019

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters

CSS Wizardry

End-to-End Testing Tutorial: Learn in Three Minutes!


Software systems nowadays are complex and interconnected with numerous subsystems. If any of the subsystems fails, the whole software system could crash. This is a major risk and can be avoided by end-to-end testing.

Fast Websites Are Good for the World


Did you realize that making your site faster is not just great for your sales, it’s also good for the world?

Best Practices In Appium


Many times, in Appium we face uncertain issues with the AVD Manager, ADB, Emulators, uiautomatorviewer and with MobileWebScript execution. Common Reasons for Errors. Configuration Errors. Environment Variable. Installation Setup. Browser Driver version and Binary Path. Project Setup: 1) JDK - [link].

Migrating Functionality Between Large-scale Production Systems Seamlessly

Uber Engineering

A common axiom among Uber engineers states that building new features is like fixing a car’s engine while driving it.