Tue.Nov 17, 2020

Dynatrace PurePath 4 integrates OpenTelemetry and the latest cloud-native technologies and provides analytics and AI at scale


Dynatrace news. Optimal customer experience and faster time to market are key to a successful digital transformation of any enterprise.

Robot Framework With Selenium and Python: All You Need to Know


With 5000+ stars and 1500+ forks on GitHub, the Robot framework has been a go-to option for many organizations who are aiming for Agile and Test Driven Development (TDD) where developers should write functional code only when there is a test that has failed. The robot framework allows acceptance testing, behavior-driven testing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). It offers an extensible keyword-driven approach to perform automation testing.

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OTel contributor Q&A: Dynatrace works to ensure enterprise readiness for OpenTelemetry


Dynatrace news. The OpenTelemetry community is working hard towards a first GA release of the OpenTelemetry project. Reaching another milestone in their journey, last month the OpenTelemetry community announced the freeze and first release candidate of the tracing specification.

Proxying Cloudinary Requests with Netlify

Tim Kadlec

My site (and several other side projects) is hosted on Netlify, so I had been eagerly awaiting access to Netlify Edge. I’ve been pretty vocal about my excitement for edge computing solutions , and having access to one right within Netlify would be very handy.

Celebrating partnerships and excellence with the Dynatrace 2020 Partner Awards


Dynatrace news. We’re not going to let a global pandemic come between Dynatrace and our partners.

Measuring Core Web Vitals with Sentry

CSS - Tricks

Chris made a few notes about Core Web Vitals the other day, explaining why measuring these performance metrics are so gosh darn important: I still think the Google-devised Core Web Vitals are smart. When I first got into caring about performance, it was all: reduce requests! cache things!

Ushering in the Age of Value Stream Management (VSM)


“Value stream management has come of age because it’s impossible to do a large-scale digital transformation without it.” – Dr. Mik Kersten, founder and CEO of Tasktop, author of Project to Product.

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